10 Facts the Media Won’t Tell You About the War in Syria

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Syrian man carries the body of a victim out of the rubble of a destroyed building

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Source: 10 Facts the Media Won’t Tell You About the War in Syria


Darius Shahtahmasebi

August 3, 2016

Corporate media regularly attempts to present Bashar al-Assad’s regime in Syria as solely responsible for the ongoing conflict in the region. The media does report on events that contradict this narrative — albeit sparingly — but taken together, these underreported details shine a new light on the conflict.

10: Bashar al-Assad has a higher approval rating than Barack Obama

Despite Obama’s claims Assad is illegitimate and must step down, the fact remains that since the conflict erupted in 2011,Assad has held the majority support of his people. The elections in 2014 –which Assad won by a landslide with international observers claiming no violations – is a testament to…

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Death of #Paralympics: ALL Russian Paralympians banned from #Rio2016 #IPC #WADA #hybridwar

Banning the Russian paralympic teams make no sense, the ipc killing international goodwill, sportsmanship which is the foundation of Olympics. Of course geopolitically, western gov’ts goal is to destroy Russia, failing that they have to resort to petty, disgusting tactics like this. Boycott the Rio games!

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Russia’s Paralympians banned from competing in Rio (FULL PRESSER): The President of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Philip Carven is announcing the decision on whether Russia will be allowed to participate at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games.

All 200 Russian Paralympianss are banned – a decision with which they waited till last moment – for the pleasure of an executioner to inflict an extra torture on a victim, I can only assume. Only athletes with the most severe injuries or impairments imaginable compete in Paralympics, including missing legs and arms, paralysis, cerebral palsy or Down syndrome. In other words, those people who defeated insurmountable odds to survive and thrive. It seems especially diabolical to do this to such athletes.

For the full picture in this new low in the hybrid war against Russia, and on how Olympics have become an ugly proxy in the global geopolitical struggle to preserve the…

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