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Merriam Webster Dictionary – 1- a  [count] :

A large area of land that is controlled by its own government :


The United States is a Nation.

Mexico is a Nation.

Canada is a Nation.

Cuba is a Nation

Brazil is a Nation


What do you suppose

the United States of America

would do if,for instance,

any of these Nations (Countries),

came across our Borders


started blasting our land

for a toxic, crude oil pipeline?

You can bet that we would be at war to stop them in a heartbeat!

Merriam Webster Dictionary

  2 – Nation [count] :

A tribe of Native Americans or a group of Native American tribes

that share the same history, traditions, or language

The United States of Americas idea of a Native Nation.

Get them off of Land Claims that we own them


the murdering of their old men, women and babies

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