REALPOLITIK: Russia Bombs 30 CIA, Qatari, Mossad Officers in Secret Allepo Bunker


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“…Most geopolitical analysts are in agreement that we are so close to a nuclear war as ever. But this scenario will never be allowed by level headed segments from both sides of the conflict….What they have done and continue to do instead is to inform the other side where these rogue intelligence operatives are holding up to coordinate their nefarious sabotage operations, and eliminate them quickly”:

(Russia Bombs 30 CIA, Qatari, Mossad Officers in Secret Allepo Bunker)

As the covert hybrid WW3 continues, Russian offensives can be felt both in the diplomatic fronts as well as in the battlefields of Syria.

Just as the Syrian ceasefire collapsed five days ago, Russia moved its primary aircraft carrier to augment the naval forces already in the area. Identified targets in Western Aleppo were then fired upon with Kaliber missiles resulting in the deaths of 30 Mossad/CIA/Qatari intelligence officers…

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NJ TRAIN WRECK: Is this a false flag to change the narrative or delay the election? Analysis says no, it’s just an accident

Train wreck

(NaturalNews) MY HEART GOES OUT to those injured in this morning’s NJ train accident. My hope for all Americans is that we can all live in a safer, more just and more free society.

On September 18th, I predicted the unleashing of a massive false flag attack against America’s transportation infrastructure. In this Natural News article, I wrote:

To make sure Hillary Clinton wins the nomination, I wouldn’t put it past James Comey to order the FBI to carry out an act of mass murder against the American people so they can blame Donald Trump. Watch for bombings of bridges, ports, airports, tunnels, railroads, ferries or other transportation infrastructure that the FBI just loves to target with its false terror plots.

This morning, a train slammed into the terminal in New Jersey, injuring over 100 people.

Many readers are asking me, “Is this the false flag you were warning about?”

My answer is no. It’s most likely just an accident. Although this could have very easily been carried out by the FBI in order to distract America from all the damning revelations about FBI head James Comey being a corrupt Clinton operative — see this articlethis train wreck is far too small for Obama to scrub the election. The kind of false flag I’m warning about would be much larger and would involve far higher casualties… in the thousands.

NJ train wreck just a tiny sample of what’s to come if the globalists try to stop the rise of Donald Trump

The NJ train wreck, although extremely tragic and sad to witness, simply did not reach the scale of carnage that globalists typically pull off to achieve much larger political goals. The attacks of 9/11, for example, were allowed to be carried out by the Bush administrationin order to push the Patriot Act into law (which legalized the police state surveillance of all Americans… which was covered up and denied by the entire media until the Snowden revelations exposed the truth).

We now know several things about 9/11 that were suppressed at the time: 1) The Saudis were the masterminds of the attack. 2) The third building (WTC7) was brought down with controlled demolition (meaning it was obviously pre-planned). 3) The Bush administration deliberately stood down America’s military defenses to allow the attack to succeed, then leaped on the attack as an excuse to roll out a surveillance police state.

The kind of scale that would have to pulled off in a false flag operation today would mirror the scale of 9/11. For corrupt government globalists to achieve their goals in such false flag attacks, they have to cause mass casualties and, importantly, also cause extreme disruption of economic activity for the nation. Only then can the government justify “big” things like passing the Patriot Act or delaying a presidential election.

As I’ve stated before, the risk of a large false flag attack against America rises inversely to the plummeting of Hillary’s poll numbers. The more likely Trump wins, in other words, the more likely the globalists activate their false flag plans to delay the election, execute candidates or unleash nationwide martial law. Watch the polls and you’ll instantly know the risk of a large-scale 9/11-class event being given a green light in another American city.

So the answer is NO, this NJ train wreck, as tragic as it is — and my heart goes out to all those Americans injured in this tragic event — is simply not on the scale of a “big” false flag event that would be used as an emergency resort tactic to interfere with the election. The realtrain wreck, laughably, is the Hillary Clinton campaign which is plummeting into oblivion by the day…

When the real false flag attack comes, you won’t have to ask, “Was that it?”

If the globalists really do attempt to halt this election in the next 40 days — and I think there’s a solid chance they will — the kind of false flag even they’ll pull off will be so huge and so deadly that you won’t have any doubt what you’re witnessing.

The characteristics of such a false flag event must meet certain theatrical criteria, of course. Here’s what to look for:

1) LARGE loss of life. At minimum, thousands of Americans lost.

2) GORY VISUALS: The event must provide gory visuals that can be repeatedly run on TV news, hammering the psyche of America with fear, fear and more fear. Basically, it must show mass suffering, explosions or destruction.

3) BLAMING TRUMP: The false flag event doesn’t really “work” for the globalists unless the entire thing can somehow be blamed on Donald Trump or his supporters. So watch for obvious narratives like “lone gunman” or “Second Amendment people” to be invoked. Any bombing that’s carried out will almost immediately be blamed on “patriots” or “militia,” and the FBI will bury whatever evidence they have to in order to support the false narrative. (Oklahoma City, anyone? Wow, what a farce…)

4) SEVERE ECONOMIC DISRUPTION: It must cause severe economic disruption of large enough scale that President Obama would be justified in delaying the presidential election until people can get back on their feet. This will be accompanied by Obama’s heartfelt speech about how he has to “protect democracy from terrorism” and thus reschedule the election to a later day.

5) BOMBERS STILL AT LARGE: To justify the martial law and police state presence after such an event, the narrative must claim “the bombers are still at large.” And by “bombers,” I mean whoever is claimed to pull off the event. It could be radiological terrorism, biological terrorism, chemical bombings, etc. But whoever is blamed for it all must remain “at large” for quite some time so that the American sheeple get used to police checkpoints all over the police in the so-called “hunt for the bombers.” Remember, when the totalitarian police state is really unleashed on the masses, most people will BEG FOR IT because they have been psychologically terrorized by the media into a state of obedient fear.

So those are the five things to watch for. If you witness an event that combines all five of those elements, you are witnessing a massive false flag operation.

If Obama starts talking about “protecting American democracy against terrorists” by moving the election date, you’ve just witnessed a false flag operation.

If you are told to “shelter in place” instead of going out and voting, you’ve just been punked by a false flag operation.

If you hear that the election has been postponed or rescheduled, you’re witnessing the aftermath of a false flag.

Don’t think for a minute that the globalists are going to sit back and watch Donald Trump win this election and toss the political elite out of Washington. There is nothing they won’t try to maintain power, including murdering Trump, murdering Clinton or bombing them both at the same time and calling it “domestic terrorism.” (For my part, I wish them both good health and safety. We NEED them both alive and well on election day so that we can hear the voices of the American people.)

WE ARE FORTUNATE SO FAR in the realization that the more dire predictions about catastrophic events have not yet come to pass. Some of my own sources are astonished that nothing dire has yet happened. As I’ve stated multiple times, if we make it to election day with our democracy intact and both candidates still alive, we should count our blessings (and then vote the crooks out of office).

Yet I’m also old enough, wise enough and experienced enough to know that the globalist puppets who really run this world almost never leave elections up to the voters. There is nothing they won’t try to halt this election if it looks like Trump is going to win.

This NJ train wreck, however, isn’t anywhere near the scale of attack that would qualify as an election disrupting false flag. It’s probably just an accident by another medicated train operator whose on antidepressant drugs. That’s all based on what we know so far. If new information comes to light that warrants a change in this conclusion, I will of course update my assessment. But based on what we know right now, this looks like nothing more than another unfortunate train operator accident.

IMAGE CREDIT: David Richman

1st Presidential Debate Rigged for Hillary Clinton #riggeddebate #Hillaryshealth #LadaRayPredictions

Hillary, like the scorpion, just can’t help being corrupt – it’s in her nature!

Futurist Trendcast

Those who listened to part 2 of my mid-September Cosmic Switchboard Show interview, know my prediction about #Hillaryshealth. If you recall, it was right after she collapsed at the 9/11 ceremony and speculation about her health went viral. Back then everyone was expecting Hillary to be replaced as nominee by Biden or someone else within Democratic Party.

In the interview I said that it wouldn’t happen. My prediction has been that Hillary will not allow to be replaced due to her diabolical ambition and overriding drive to be in the White House. I said that if need be, she’ll crawl to the debates from her death bed. I also said that Hillary was a chosen NWO candidate.

All about that interview, with links: 

Lada Ray Interview: Russia – The Great Balancer and Earth Shift (#Hillaryshealth)

Part 1 of the interview is FREE on YouTube: LISTEN HERE.

As we have…

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US Shut Off Water For 1.5 Million Syrians

Nwo Report

U.S.-backed rebels have turned off the water to 1.5 million Syrians, putting millions of lives at risk and sparking a humanitarian crisis.U.S.-backed rebels in Syria have turned off the water to 1.5 million Syrians living in West Aleppo, putting millions of lives at risk and sparking a humanitarian crisis. 

The harsh move comes in response to the Syrian Army airstrikes on East Aleppo that reportedly left 250,000 residents without water. reports:

The city of Aleppo is “dying” according to United Nations officials after a fierce wave of bombing last night by the Syrian Army in an attempt to break the stalemate in what once was the economic capital of the country but is now left to rubble after years of combat between the Assad government and rebels.

Last night’s airstrikes according to early reporting by the United Nations left 115 dead as hostilities have intensified following the collapse of the ceasefire earlier this week resulting in large part from a US-led coalition airstrike on a Syrian Army base in Deir…

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The Inconvenient Truth: Bashar al Assad’s Popularity Confounds NATO Propagandists



ASSAD-SYRIEFace it, NATO and its allies would have labelled Jesus Christ the Butcher of Damascus if this had suited their agenda of forced regime change in Syria. 

Anyone who saw the vilification of Alex Salmond during the run-up to the referendum on Scottish Independence, or of Corbyn during the British Labour leadership campaign, by ‘responsible organs of the Press’, must have come to full realisation of how totally unbridled, how totally unprincipled, the Establishment and its mouthpieces can be once they declare war.

The Establishment has been demonising popular leaders who threaten its hegemony for centuries.  If you believe Bashar al Assad evil, purely on the claims of the Establishment and its press, then you probably accept that Joan of Arc was a witch, Bonny Dundee was depraved, Napoleon ate babies, Ares Velouchiotis was a sick sadist, Arthur Scargill was corrupt, Alex Salmond is the new Ghengis Khan, and Jeremy…

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There’s only one candidate that can make a difference this election


I used to watch wrestling when I was a kid… I come from the age of Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, and Randy “Macho Man” Savage.

Huddling close to the television each weekend, my friends and I would cheer for our favorite stars and their signature moves.

My dad ruined it all one day when I was about 6 years old; he pulled me aside and said casually, “You know it’s all fake, right?”

I was stunned. It seemed so real… the matches, the hits, the drama.

Every time Hulk Hogan would be at the point of near-exhaustion, and then rally to victory from the chants and cheers of the crowd, I had believed it all.

When I actually started paying attention it became obvious that professional wrestling was a farce staged purely for entertainment purposes.

Funny thing– even though I knew it was fake, I continued to watch wrestling for several more years, until I was probably 10 or 11. It was, after all, still entertaining.

That’s how I felt last night watching the Presidential debate.

It was pure entertainment… a guilty pleasure that ranks somewhere between Wrestlemania and stuffed-crust pizza.

I know a lot of people feel the same way, that debates are meaningless vacuums of intelligent discourse which are simultaneously entertaining and awkward to watch, like witnessing two intoxicated lovers engage in a very public, dramatic breakup.

Sadly, this is what passes as a critical component of the political process in the most advanced economy in the world.

I recognize that people feel they have an important choice to make, whether to give the system a deserved enema or maintain the status quo… and that perhaps they’ll glean some insight into the candidates’ agendas by watching the debates.

In reality you’ll find more substance in a fourteen year old’s Twitter feed.

There’s no talk of actual plans, metrics, priorities, or details… just a bunch of zingers and platitudes.

That’s not how things are supposed to work in the real world.

I run several companies– agriculture, manufacturing, publishing, and now banking, with a total of roughly 350 employees.

Our management teams lay out concrete plans to the stakeholders articulating the specific goals and vision of each business, how we achieve those objectives, and what specific metrics can measure our performance.

Plus regular updates report on our progress, any deviations to the plan, and whether or not we are on-time and on-budget.

This isn’t rocket science or some radically innovative concept. It’s what any competent, ethical business manager does.

But that’s not how government works, and it’s not how the political system works.

Whenever I visit the US, people frequently ask me who I’m voting for.

It came up over dinner on Saturday night in Connecticut with Peter Schiff and his wife Lauren.

I typically joke that Trump is the only qualified candidate because he’s declared bankruptcy so many times… and with nearly $20 trillion in government debt, you want to have someone in office who knows which paperwork to file.

But my honest answer is that I don’t vote.

For starters, it doesn’t actually matter who’s in office.

The government spends nearly the entirety of the tax revenue it collects just to pay interest on the debt and cover mandatory entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare.

They could literally cut everything we think of as government, from the military to the Internal Revenue Service, and it would barely make an impact.

Plus, even the government’s own optimistic projections show that the debt will continue to grow at a much faster pace than the economy itself.

So any choice ultimately leads to the same set of extreme economic consequences.

But it’s more than that.

As I explained to my friends, voting only validates a rotten system that has not only abandoned its primary stakeholders, but is now rigged against them.

Besides, what are we really voting for anyhow?

People typically cast a ballot for the person they believe will bring the most prosperity.

But this is ludicrous when you think about it. Can we really expect that some politician thousands of miles away will magically increase our incomes?

No. WE are the ones who have the most influence to grow our own prosperity.

From learning new skills to making better investments, starting businesses, cutting taxes… we have nearly unlimited ways to become more prosperous and provide a better life for our families.

So the truth is that there’s only one viable candidate to make your dreams and ambitions a reality. That’s you.

#EarthShift at work: #Philippines Prez Duterte defects US for #China #Russia (#LadaRayPredictions)

The US parallels ancient Rome’s collapse: fiscally, socially, mentally, morally bankrupt! Trump is not the answer, at best he may slow the impending doom.
To paraphrase the Matrix: “You hear that America?… That is the sound of inevitability… It is the sound of your death… Goodbye, America… 😀

Futurist Trendcast

Slowly, but surely, The Great Global Balancer is rebalancing our formerly severely lopsided world away from the US Empire. Slowly but surely, the former hegemon is loosing its grip on former colonies and vassals. The latest and pretty resounding defection is the Philippines.

This is the reason US elites are so confused and not sure how to proceed, this is the reason the in-fighting among US elites will continue intensifying, as I explain in my latest Earth Shift Report 11: 2016 RUSSIAN ELECTIONS. Listen to Free Part 1 on YT. Order complete ESR11 HERE.

Incidentally, stay tuned for some really great future shows we plan on China and Hong Kong, Japan and Asia in general, as well as Russia’s & USA’s prospects with Asian countries!

RT VIDEO: Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has reiterated his intention to distance his country from the US, its former colonial master, saying he is…

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Futurist Trendcast


Lada Ray’s newest, jam-packed with rare & important intel

Earth Shift Report 11




is now live & available on!

(MP4/MP3 Video/Audio ESR 11 – Why video? Read more in the description!)


Complete report summary


For Lada Ray’s new listeners and followers: what is EARTH SHIFT REPORT (ESR) and where to find it? (LADARAY.COM, aka

Why after ESR14, did we go back to ESR11?

If you recall, I have saved ESR10 and ESR11 for Russia-related reports. ESR10: THE CRIMEA FACTOR is coming soon. This is ESR11: THE IMPORTANCE OF 2016 RUSSIAN ELECTIONS.

Why previously ESRs were primarily written and why ESR11 is done in an alternative radio show style?

I have been a prolific writer for years. Unfortunately, as a result of continued stress on my hands, I now have the famous condition of all painters, typists and writers, called 

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Libya 2.0? West demands Syria no-fly zone. Retaliation? Russian Kalibr Missiles strike US Intel Center

Lol, double standard much? Kerry should go the way of Nuland… passing burgers to ISIS on the way out. As for Russia’s military strike, DUH, that’s where the real terrorists’ at!!
Looking forward to ESR11 insider’s scoop. 🙂

Futurist Trendcast

West demands Syria no-fly zone, but only for Russians & Syrians

Yes, we have heard and seen this before. Remember what that fake no-fly zone did to Libya? Remember Qaddafi?

They tried to unseat Syria’s Bashar Al Assad in all ways possible: from accusations of chemical weapons, threats to bomb, arming ISIL and other terrorist groups, to insistence that ‘Assad must go.’ Nothing worked. Now they want once again to try to pull the same number they once did in Libya. Is anyone dumb enough to fall for it yet again?

A typical MO of a dying empire: they are so decadent, so stuck in the their imaginary ‘America is exceptional’ little world that they are unable to assess the reality on the ground. They don’t understand that the ship has sailed.

Listen to what Germany’s PM Frank-Walter Steinmeier and US Secretary of State John Kerry say at the UN: ‘We…

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