Enjoy spectacular, controversial, authentic Uzbekistan in pics!

Beautiful, I really enjoyed this latest report. Incredulously outrageous how the US manipulates post- Soviet governments in order to “try” and dominate Russia. Your picture story and history of Uzbekistan puts it all in perspective, in truly spectacular fashion. Thanks for sharing your incredible knowledge of international events! Enthusiastically reblogging!!
PS: some of my favorite dishes are Uzbek, including plov (rice pilaf) and morkovcha (spicy pickled carrots with sesame seeds) deliciously featured here. ❤

Futurist Trendcast

Journey through authentic Uzbekistan in pics!


Pictures and excerpts from Lada Ray’s latest Earth Shift Report 14: 




Where Uzbekistan falls on the new Eurasian map (2014)


Map of the Soviet Union: Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic (SSR) is in purple, below Kazakh SSR



1. Uzbek SSR flag with Uzbek SSR crest superimposed (both based on the USSR flag and crest)


2. Today’s Uzbekistan flag (with decided influences from Muslim and US traditions) 


Uzbekistan was always famous for its cotton and its food: cotton harvest


Famed Uzbek Plov, a very delicious dish, consisting of rice, meat, garlic and spices; carrots, raisins or other dried fruit could be added as well.


Vibrant Central Asian / Uzbek bazaars haven’t changed much since the times of the old Silk Road: local breads, vegetables and spices are sold.
The only difference: now women sell produce, while…

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