GUNS SAVE LIVES: Rampaging knife murderer in Minnesota mall was stopped by… guess what? A man with a concealed gun

Minnesota mall

(NaturalNews) As yet more proof of the complete lunacy of “gun free zones” and the truly delusional argument that society would be safer if all the law abiding citizens were stripped of firearms by a totalitarian government, guess who just stopped the Minnesota mall murderer over the weekend? A man with a concealed gun.

The MN mall terrorist reportedly asked each person if they were a Muslim before stabbing them to death. If you were Muslim, you were spared, but if you were anything else, you were murdered in cold blood.

These are the kind of Muslims that our traitor-in-chief Obama is deliberately bringing into the United States as an invading, occupying enemy force to overthrow America, by the way. Just today, news broke that the feds just granted citizenship to 800 immigrants with security concerns, meaning they just deliberately let hundreds more terrorists into the United States (to build more radical Muslim terror cells on U.S. soil, of course).

As all this is happening, the same corrupt, criminal government — run by criminal traitors like Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama — is desperately trying to strip away Second Amendment rights of the American people. At the very moment all these terrorists are being deliberately brought into the country, in other words, the Obama regime is attempting to disarm all Americans and make sure they are helpless against the murdering rampage intentions of radical Muslim terrorists. No American citizen should have the right to defend herself against rape, murder or assaults, the democrats insist… all while people like Hillary Clinton are surrounded by armed guards with loaded guns (and the physical strength needed to chuck Hillary’s convulsing body into a waiting van like a side of beef).


It looks like terrorists have finally figured out where to go to inflict mass casualties on the most innocent of Americans.

On the same day as two separate improvised devices were detonated in New Jersey and New York, a knife wielding terrorist dressed in a private security uniform and claiming allegiance to ISIS walked into the St. Cloud Crossroads Mall in Minnesota, asked passersby if they were Muslim, and then proceeded to stab them.

The man slashed at least eight people and had planned to hurt or kill more but he was stopped dead in his tracks by a lone individual with a concealed handgun.

Off duty police officer or civilian is of no matter. What matters is that he had a firearm with him and used it to stop someone who had, up until his death, intended to injure, maim or kill as many people as possible.

While we understand that politicians like Hillary Clinton want to disarm Americans and believe that only they deserve protection, the fact is that guns in the hands of law abiding American citizens save lives.

Terrorists should not be given safe spaces like gun free zones to inflict damage at venues that are often patronized by families.

If you don’t yet own at least one gun, it’s time to arm up in defense of your life, your family, your community and your country

As Natural News readers know very well, I am a longtime firearms advocate for personal safety, which is probably one of the reasons why my name hasn’t yet joined the “dead doctors” list that keeps growing by the week, it seems. (If you’re a holistic doctor, you need to be carrying concealed at all times…)

Anyone who seeks to physically attack me knows that they’re going to have to dodge bullets first. It’s the right posture for a world that’s gone mad with government-incentivized violence against innocent Americans, carried out by radical Muslim terrorists who are fully supported by our very own America-hating, Muslim President (who still refuses to call bombings acts of terrorism).

If you don’t yet own a Glock 19, and it’s legal to own one where you live, get a Glock 19 right now. It’s a great starter pistol for both men and women.

The Glock 19: Your last line of defense against the terrorists being deposited all over the country by the Obama regime:

While you’re waiting for your FBI background check to clear, pick up this horizontal magazine carrier. It’s the most useful gun magazine carrier I’ve ever found, and it allows you to store an extra mag without that mag getting in your way. (NEVER carry just one magazine. Carry two minimum, because there might be more than one magazine’s worth of terrorists nearby, especially since Obama is bringing so many into the country all of a sudden…)

Finally, get trained in gun safety and gun combat. Without training, your Glock 19 is just an expensive paper weight. If you don’t know how to clear stovepipes, double feeds, F2Fs, misfires and other problems, then you have no business carrying a pistol in the first place.

When you get to the really advanced stages of handgun training, you’ll be able to reload and rack your pistol even with one arm injured. You’ll learn how to shoot with either hand and how to unleash extremely rapid pistol fire through proper trigger reset control. These are skills that every law abiding American needs to master to defend our nation against the invasion of terrorists who have been deliberately dumped at our doorstep, all across America, by the traitors in Washington D.C.

It is no coincidence that the Muslim terrorists bombings have wildly accelerated under the Obama regime. It was all part of the plan from day one. WAKE UP and smell the tyranny you’ve been living under. Stop being played by a government that considers YOU to be the enemy! Don’t you realize yet that YOU are now the designated enemy of your own government? Obama and the democrats care far more about Muslim immigrants and illegal aliens than black Americans or veterans, get it?

Why Socialism is Here to Stay

Why Socialism is Here to Stay

“[T]he government has to take resources from someone before it can dole them out to others. This act of taking destroys an economy. The more you take from the productive members of society, the less productive they become. That’s the primary lesson of the history of socialism.”

The above quote is from Porter Stansberry – from his book, America 2020: The Survival Blueprint. It states a concept I’ve described for years, but Porter states it more succinctly than I ever have. In particular, it negates the argument by many “progressives” that, even if they don’t recommend full-on socialism, they believe in getting “just the right mix” of socialism and capitalism to create the ideal system.

Unfortunately, as viable as this concept may sound, even moderate socialistic national policies result in moderate deterioration of the system. It’s not unlike being “just a little” addicted to heroin.

It may be argued that, “That’s different. With heroin, the addict will always end up wanting more and he’ll become even more dependent.” Exactly so – and that’s unquestionably true for socialism as well. Once the concept of “free stuff” is part of a nation’s governing system, the desire for more free stuff will inexorably rise.

And, of course, historically, we have seen that governments always step up to the plate whenever the demand for more free stuff is suggested. But why should this be so? Wouldn’t a more conservative government be less likely to proffer entitlements than a more liberal government?

Actually, no. To believe this is to misunderstand the very nature of governance. Those who are governed like to believe that their government exists to serve them, and all political leaders are quick to encourage this perception. However, amongst themselves, political leaders fully understand that they exist primarily to feed off of and dominate the electorate. Of course, they can’t actually admit this, but, regardless of party affiliation, that is their very raison d’tre.

In a free-market society, a government is not especially necessary. It may be needed to defend the country if it’s invaded, or, arguably, it may be useful in creating a national currency, building national highways, etc. (But even these needs may be argued.)

A free-market society is beneficial, as it creates prosperity. It enriches the population with money, goods, and services. It also rewards those who are most productive. However, it does tend to leave behind those who are less productive, and here’s where political leaders find their opportunity to cash in.

Let’s say we have a country that’s made up of five voters, with their respective net worth as follows:

Voter A:   $1

Voter B:   $10

Voter C:   $100

Voter D:   $1,000

Voter E:   $10,000

If I were running for office and declared that no one should own more than $10, I would not be elected, as most voters would quite rightfully regard me as a threat. But if I were to declare that “the greedy rich” have too much money and should be required to “give some back,” I might get all voters except Voter E to vote for me.

Why should this be so? Because no one thinks of himself as being amongst “the greedy rich.” For the man who is worth $1,000, the greedy rich are those who are worth $10,000 or more. But, likewise, the man worth $100 thinks of the greedy rich as those worth $1,000 or more. Human nature dictates that we don’t see ourselves as greedy, but it’s not too difficult for politicians to convince us that those who have more than us are greedy. Further, once we’re convinced of this, it’s not too difficult to fool us into believing that the greedy rich have, in some way, achieved this wealth by swindling us out of it. And, now that you mention it, yes, we would like to have some of it back, thank you.

So, any population becomes an easy target for leaders who promise to take from the rich and “give back” to the less rich, like a modern-day Robin Hood. But what of that claim that “just the right mix” of socialism could take some away from the rich, but leave prosperity intact? Well, here’s why that will never happen in any country…

Political leaders, as stated above, do not exist to serve the populace, they exist to feed off of and dominate them. They cannot do this without the wealth of the electorate passing through their hands. The more of the electorate’s wealth passes through their hands, the greater the amount that can be skimmed off to both enrich themselves and increase their power. (Only in Uruguay does the President leave office driving the same Volkswagen he did when he took office.)

And so, it’s the nature of governments (whether they claim to be conservative or liberal) to seek to increase the size of government annually (requiring ever-more revenue to pass through their hands) and to take an ever-greater part in the hands-on distribution of the nation’s wealth. All governments will do all they can to grow themselves, as it’s very much in their interest to do so. All governments will, regardless of their party rhetoric, continually pursue a greater level of socialistic policies. In this regard, political parties are interchangeable.

So, where does that leave the individual voter? Well, the vast majority will vote for the candidate whose rhetoric most closely follows his own ideals, but he will surely be the loser as a result. (Campaign rhetoric almost always proves to be a lie.)

The choice, really, is whether the individual is living in a jurisdiction where he believes the government has already become so socialistic that he’s a net loser, rather than a net recipient. Beyond this point, his future can only be on a downward trajectory.

This is a most unpleasant conclusion to come to grips with, as it informs the individual not only of his current situation, but the rest of his life. In standing back and observing his entire future from a greater vantage point, he realises that,increasingly, he will be beating his head against the wall if he remains where he is.

Those who internationalise do so with the understanding that, if they choose one country because it’s the most ideal to do banking in and choose another because it’s the most productive to invest in, they will prosper. At some point, they additionally realise that it’s also beneficial to apply that logic to their choice of country of residence.

Throughout the life of anyone who advances himself, there’s a tendency to change neighbourhoods from time to time to attain a better quality of life. Yet most people drop this logic as soon as they reach the borders of the country they were born in. In truth, the decision to move beyond national borders to choose a neighbourhood – one where the system has not deteriorated to the point that it’s dramatically usurping the wealth of the individual – is not such a great leap. In fact, it’s relatively easy to do.

In much of the former “free world,” socialism is here to stay, but the individual citizen needn’t be. He may vote with his feet and move to a better neighbourhood.

Editor’s Note: Socialism often leads to economic and societal collapse, hyperinflation, shortages, and shrinking personal freedom.

This has happened most recently in Venezuela.

The truth is, it can happen anywhere. The U.S. is not immune. In fact, it’s extremely vulnerable.

Increasing socialism, bad financial decisions, and massive debt levels will cause another financial crisis sooner rather than later.

We believe the coming crash is going to be much worse, much longer, and very different than what we saw in 2008 and 2009.

Unfortunately, most people have no idea what really happens when an economy collapses, let alone how to prepare…

That’s why Doug Casey just released a guide titled Getting Out of Dodge that will show you exactly how. Click here to download the PDF now.