Monsanto Weed Killer Poison Found in U.S. Baby Food*

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Monsanto Weed Killer Poison Found in U.S. Baby Food*

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said Friday it found residues of biotechnology giant Monsanto’s weed killer in oat products for babies, according to consumer advocate U.S. Right to Know.

The testing showed residue of glyphosate, the main ingredient in Monsanto’ Roundup herbicide, the most widely used weed killer in the world.

Glyphosate was detected in oat cereals with ‘cinnamon spice’ instant oatmeal; ‘maple brown sugar’ instant oatmeal and ‘peach and cream’ as well as plain and flavoured oatmeal.

The sample results ranged from no detection to 1.67 parts per million of the weed killer.

The World Health Organization said in 2015 a team of international cancer experts determined glyphosate is a probable human carcinogen, and many scientists say it impacts human health and the environment.

Monsanto currently operates in 61 countries and has more than 22,000 employees. One third of…

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Kerry admits USA has no legal basis to be in Syria and then claims Russia doesn’t care about International Law: Confused?


But Kerry blamed the failure of the ceasefire deal on Russia, saying the US had no legal grounds to attack Assad. “The problem is the Russians don’t care about international law and we do,” he said.

Speaking on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York, the top US diplomat admitted that the administration’s lawyers had determined that any and all American intervention in Syria is illegal.

Experts have long criticized the legality of the US intervention in Syria under the tenets of international law given that the legitimate government of President Bashar al-Assad has patently refused to welcome American intervention and has, in fact, repeatedly called on the United States to stop meddling in the ongoing civil war to which Washington is not a party to.

“We don’t have a basis (to intervene), our lawyers tell us…

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The Coming Collapse of Western Civilization: The shocking reason why liberal Americans are WEAK, but Islamic soldiers are STRONG

Western civilization

(NaturalNews) Ready to have your worldview blown away with a shocking realization? Consider the following. You know how bombarding bacterial populations with antibiotics actually makes them stronger? Turns them into superbugs that can survive almost anything? Now consider this stunning realization: As western civilization becomes weak and pathetic with P.C. “safe spaces” and fragile, useless college crybullies and excuse makers, all the military attacks on Muslim populations in the Middle East are killing off their weak people and turning their survivors into SUPER soldiers.

Today, your typical weak-minded American weenie couldn’t survive 30 days in Syria. While western civilization becomes more weak, incompetent and pathetically politically correct, radical Islamic operators are growing up as hard core survivalists, and in the process they are quite literally demonstrating the power of natural selection to shift the gene pool toward stronger, more resilient individuals who can survive anything… just like the superbugs being created by antibiotics.

As a result of all this, western civilization has great technology and monetary wealth, but the objective human quality of western people is collapsing by the year. Today, most of Western Europe isn’t even capable of admitting to the existence of the problem of radical Islamic terrorism, much less actually doing anything to stop it. Because of that insanely weak and pathetic stance of self-destruction, Western Europeans have all but surrendered their continent to being occupied and overrun by worshippers of Islam.

While the majority of Americans are fat, lazy, self-deluded and living on entitlements, your average Syrian is lean, adaptable and capable of overcoming extreme obstacles that would kill a typical American. While Americans are obese, diabetic and dropping dead from processed food and glyphosate herbicide, the typical Muslim in the Middle East is eating unprocessed, nutrient-rich food staples (like chickpeas, lentils and anti-cancer spices) while adhering to a calorie-restricted diet that drastically reduces the risks of cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

While Americans are worshipping and excusing mass weakness among an entire generation of children — known as “generation snowflake” — entire regions of Muslims are growing up under harsh, murderous conditions that kill off the weak and give rise to strong, determined individuals who will stop at nothing to achieve their stated aims. It isn’t kind. It isn’t pretty. But it produces a vastly superior gene pool of capable human survivors.

What we can all learn from nature, predators, natural selection and Darwinism

This is basic Darwinism (i.e. natural selection) at work. If you observe any animal population in nature, you’ll find that animal populations that lack predators become weak, pathetic and diseased. Any group of deer, for example, that doesn’t have wolves trying to eat them will eventually end up with an unhealthy, pathetic population of “deer losers.”

Add wolves to the mix and the deer gene pool drastically improves in just a few generations. The weak are killed off. The strong survive and reproduce. The deer get better at fleeing predators and surviving the harsh realities of a world where wolves are trying to kill them. As any naturalist will tell you, populations need predators to maintain their overall state of health and awareness. Without predators, they get lazy, stupid and dead.

America’s children grow up without predators (unless you count Anthony Weiner). They have no competition. Most politically correct schools no longer even allow children to keep score in sports activities. “Everyone’s a winner” results in every child being a pathetic loser because nobody has any reason to achieve anything. Instead of teaching children to be strong, capable and competitive, our progressive society of leftist “equality” demands we teach children to be weak, privileged and psychologically fragile. Specifically, the lunatic left has declared war on achievers and rugged individualism, hoping to stamp out any idea of people standing out from the crowd of pathetic losers voting for Hillary.

America’s colleges and universities extend this insanity, producing generation snowflake crybullies and “safe space” f–ktards who are utterly incapable of surviving at all in the real world. These are young adults whose entire existence is Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook and engaging in the intolerant bullying of everybody else in society, whom they demand give them everything for free because they don’t want to have to work for anything. Go visit the MIZZOU campus during a Black Lives Matter rally if you want a taste of this delusional insanity.

The result of all this is that, with some notable exceptions, America’s youthful generations are more pathetic, useless and dumbed-down than ever before. They utterly lack any real world skills, physical stamina or the mental fortitude to accomplish anything at all. The exceptions to this are home schooled children, high-end private schooled children, kids who grow up on farms and ranches, and children involved in positive skills-building organizations like the Boy Scouts.

Compare all this to a typical child growing up in places like Syria, under constant military bombardment from Russia and the United States. Yes, these children are traumatized and many of them do not survive. But the ones that do are “super children” with extraordinary survival skills. The average surviving child in Syria has learned more survival skills by the age of 10 than the average pathetic American consumer will ever learn in a lifetime. (I still meet people who don’t know how to change a tire.)

By the age of 20, these young Syrian survivors are super fit, lean, determined individuals who are psychologically able to do anything necessary to survive (not just for themselves but for their culture). This is why they have no problem migrating into Western Europe (or America) and carrying out mass stabbings, shootings or bombings if they are convinced that is the best way to defend their homeland and bring the war to their foreign enemies (America). I’m not saying all Syrians are terrorists, by the way. Most of them are not. What I’m saying is that a Syrian refugee who survives the war will emerge as a super determined, highly capable individual who can accomplish almost anything. That could mean running a successful business, or it could also mean successfully carrying out an act of mass terrorism in Berlin or New York City.

Meanwhile, the average pathetic American 20-year old is still afraid of spiders and is stupidly drilling holes in their iPhone 7s, thinking that’s how you add a headphone jack. While Syrian teens are learning how to patch wounds, gather explosives and go hungry for 2-3 days at a time, American teens are masturbating to online porn while sexting their friends to arrange another ecstasy-enhanced threesome before going to class the next day where the school allows them to cheat on all their tests in order to pass government mandated education exams written by cluless morons of the state. (Common Core)

CITY Americans are weak, while COUNTRY Americans have what it takes to survive

The descriptions I’ve used in this article so far apply mostly to Americans living in cities, where liberal insanity, P.C. language control and “progressivism” has turned the typical male into a metrosexual, transgendered lunatic aberration of nature just waiting to be removed from the gene pool by the forces of nature.

Country living Americans, on the other hand, are hard working, stout individuals who have real world skills and survival instincts. They know how to fix broken tractors, handle livestock, reload rifle rounds and raise children who aren’t pathetic losers.

Sadly, the pathetic city people vastly outnumber the highly capable country people… at least for now, until the big collapse comes and wipes out the vast majority of those who are unprepared to survive. But until that day comes, most of American society is run by voters and individuals who are so weak, pathetic, lazy and stupid that they wouldn’t last a month in a place like Syria, where they can’t buy Oreo cookies on government funded food stamps.

Meanwhile, American bombs and drones are, in effect, giving rise to generations of Islamic super soldiers in the Middle East. Through their suffering and pain, they are actually rising up as extremely resilient hard core survivalist warriors who could take on and literally kill with their bare hands any 50 – 100 pathetic American city dwellers (with nothing but an edged weapon, no less).

Only the gun owners in America have any real mettle these days. It’s police officers, soldiers and gun owners who are the last line of survival and defense for this nation, and we’re the ones who are constantly stopping the terrorists from killing huge numbers of pathetic city-dwelling weaklings who bow down to the attackers at the first sound of gunfire. (You can always tell who the liberal morons are in these events, because they’re the ones running AWAY from the gunfire, while the real Second Amendment heroes are running TOWARD it to solve the problem.)

If western civilization is going to survive the onslaught of radical Islam, it’s going to be achieved solely at the hands of the Second Amendment gun owners. As you ponder that realization, remember that nearly all of western Europe is a gun-free zone, meaning the Europeans — with a few notable exceptions like the Swiss — have all turned into pathetic, weakling, anti-gun dips##ts who are just begging to be overrun by Islamic soldiers posing as migrants. And guess what? The job is already half done. Followers of radical Islam have already occupied most of western Europe without even declaring war, thanks to the backward policies of dumb-as-horses##t elected officials like Merkel.

REMEMBER: An EASY life breeds weakness, obedience and servitude. A HARD life breeds self-determination, resilience, individualism and adaptability.

Historians will be floored when they write this chapter: How Islam conquered Europe without declaring a war

The last 2000 years of history has just taken a bizarre turn: Invasion and occupation of nations no longer requires swords, spears, cavalry or guns. All it requires is western nations becoming so wealthy, weak and pathetic that they have forgotten how to defend themselves. The aggressive push for political correct conformance and cognitive obedience has turned western citizens into worshippers of the very Islamic terrorists that are systematically working to destroy their civilization. (Wow, it just doesn’t get more bizarre in terms of human history and the power of self-delusion…)

Nigel Farage has been right all along. Angela Merkel is a weak, incompetent nincompoop. The European Union is run by a sniveling, clueless cabal of morons who I call the “High Governors of F–ktardia” — and every last one of them will sooner or later find themselves either extinct or headless as the determined super soldiers of Islam walk right into their cities and rip the institutions of Western civilization to shreds.

For those of you who still wish to survive all this, I’ve posted a detailed report on emerging threats and survival strategies. It’s called The Coming Collapse of Western Civilization.

The sooner you read it, the better you’ll understand why western civilization is collapsing and why raising children to be a protected, privileged class of incompetent “feel good” losers is the dumbest idea in human history.

I don’t have children, but if I did, I’d raise them to be hard core survivalists: No TV, no iPad, no mobile devices, no Coca-Cola, no public schools and no vaccines. They be strong, capable, adaptable, resilient and determined. And they just might survive the collapse of western civilization that’s coming.

Watch my video about political correctness and how it leads to war, genocide and collapse:

Kim Dotcom Urged Court to Rehear His Case

Back in August, the court of appeals rejected efforts by the MegaUpload founder to regain control over millions of dollars in assets seized by the American government many years ago. Now Kim Dotcom urges the Court to rehear his case and rehear en banc.

The popular file-sharing service was shutdown four and a half years ago, with authorities in the US, New Zealand and Hong Kong seizing Dotcom’s millions of dollars in cash and other property, claiming that they were the product of copyright infringement and money laundering. While Dotcom and his co-defendants continue fighting against the US government’s attempts to extradite them, the latter branded them fugitives from justice and won a legal battle to seize their assets.

Kim Dotcom tried to appeal these measures, but a three-judge panel handed down a decision against him. The court of appeals upheld the decision of the lower court, dismissing the argument that the seizure order had no jurisdiction. The court reiterated that as a fugitive, Dotcom had no standing to reclaim his assets of $67m. However, the MegaUpload founder is not going to give up. Now he announced that his legal team had filed a petition to the court of appeals for a rehearing of his case. The petition highlights the gravity of the matter – the largest criminal copyright case in the American history. It also points out that the American government acted aggressively by seizing property and then achieving forfeiture without a trial on the merits.

Dotcom points out that the decision of the panel was not unanimous and that the ruling conflicts with precedents of both the court of appeals and the Supreme Court. The petition also clarifies that the property in question is controlled by foreign courts that are not obliged to comply with a US forfeiture order. Therefore, Dotcom’s lawyers believe that en banc review is required to ensure uniformity in the court rulings and to avoid a conflict with Supreme Court precedent. Finally, Dotcom continues to insist that the American government is abusing its powers to gain unfair advantage over citizens of foreign countries.

It remains to be seen whether a rehearing will be granted, but Dotcom is ready to go all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary.

Thanks to TorrentFreak for providing the source of the article.

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Date:  Thursday, September 29th, 2016