Call 911! Putin the Peacemaker Banner Mysteriously Appears on Manhattan Bridge

LMAO, luv it!!!
I’m writing in Putin for Prez, it’s either him or Garfield!
The whole point is to PREVENT another 9-11, so we need a real leader, HAPPY B-DAY Mr. President! 😀

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Putin banner mysteriously appears on Manhattan Bridge, hehe.

(Thanks to Akaida for the heads up.) I agree, very funny.

This bit is from – go to link to see the video:

“A giant poster of Russian President Vladimir Putin was draped along the side of the Manhattan Bridge on Thursday afternoon.

The massive banner featured the Russian leader in a suit and tie against the backdrop of the country’s flag along with the word “peacemaker” emblazoned at the bottom.

At least two people unfurled the politically driven banner around 1:45 p.m., witnesses said.

“We were just at our desks, we have some large windows from our office and we just saw it going up,” Quinn Formel, 27, whose office building in Dumbo faces the Manhattan Bridge, told The Post.

“These two guys … they were struggling for a little bit, but eventually got it [the…

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