Levers of Power: Flushing the Vote Down the Memory Hole


Electronic election fraud exposed!

David Knight | Infowars.com

Establishment politicians and press are outraged that Trump would question the integrity of their system.

They say it undermines public trust in political institutions.

Yet to see who is truly undermining public trust we need look no further than the people running the elections, who are shutting down election audit procedures, who stonewall and eject certified election monitors and who make any recording of malfunctioning voting machines a felony.

One such person is Texas Director of Elections, Keith Ingram.

This story is specific to Texas, but the same tactics are used nationwide by both parties to exploit vulnerabilities inherent in electronic voting.

I went to the Texas Secretary of State offices to ask Mr. Ingram about specific procedural changes he has made in his four-year tenure and the changes he attempted to make in August that would have gone into effect this…

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