“Sort of US-election-related” post 1 of 4… Futurist Trendcast 10-26-16… “ANALYSIS: Election outcome scenarios reveal…”

Let us pray for the best possible outcome from this election, yet we all must do our part to spread awareness and due diligence, co-create the future we all wish to experience – peacefully.

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lada_ray_photo_a_53Okay, I’m going to say, first off, that I am not in any way endorsing any person or place or thing in relation to the US elections coming up. This is data for consideration only. And I will repeat that prior to each part so everyone is very clear about that.

Now that’s not the full title. To me the remainder of the title is irrelevant… to me at least. I am only visibly posting the notes that Lada Ray has written about this article by FT contributor Maddie Walsh.

Bottom line, in my view, about this, this is an opportunity for each and every BEing to hold this entire US election process in the Light of and for the Highest for all concerned. We can transform any energies of “violence” into the energies of Peace. Perhaps it’s time to call in the Hundredth Monkey brigade of Peace.


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