More Voter Fraud! VOTER INTIMIDATION IN PHILLY, TRUMP OBSERVERS KICKED OUT! Voting machines not registering votes for Trump!

Report: Voter Intimidation in Philly, Trump Observers Kicked Out

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Reports of voter intimidation, voting machine problems and Trump-supporting poll observers being harassed and kicked out of venues are starting to come in from Philadelphia.

Poll observer Mike Roman has been tweeting about harassment of Trump supporters all day.

He also tweeted about how voting machines were “not registering votes for Trump”.

CBS News reports that Trump voters in Pennsylvania are seeing their votes switched to Hillary Clinton.

“I went back, pressed Trump again. Three times I did this, so then I called one of the women that were working the polls over. And she said you must be doing it wrong. She did it three times and it defaulted to Hillary every time,” Bobbie Lee Hawranko said.

James O’Keefe posted a video of voters in Philadelphia being bussed to polling stations.

A poll worker in Brooklyn was also pictured wearing a ‘Black Lives Matter’ sweatshirt, violating rules on impartiality. According to eyewitnesses, he also attempted to intimidate Trump supporters.



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