President Putin is hilarious,rational, logical – Exposes US “Elections”

Putin crushes CNN smartass Fareed Zakaria on Donald Trump and US elections!

Published on Jun 19, 2016

Credit to RT
Translation courtesy of Inessa S…
Fareed Zakaria, as a host on CNN, is known to misquote Putin as well as misrepresent Russia’s intentions to the world. At the St Petersburg Economic Forum 2016, Zakaria wasn’t going to get away with that very easily…



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Keith R

Damn never notice how such a good speaker Putin is. Very artful way of wording himself to prevail his listeners to being open to what he says. Masterful if you will. If I could only understand Russian, I’d bet his words would be even more profound. Would love to study the material he did to gain that skill.
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That would not be enough. It’s to speak the truth from his point of view and for the interests of his country. Same shit the Ami does. I have never heard about a Russian military base somewhere in america. Why were Obama and the Nato expecting Putin to let them establish a base at the Krim? It’s ok if Americans see themselves as superior, but they have to be prepared for a reality check outside their country.

Farid must have thought “oh boy how smart did I sound asking this sort of question – I’m gonna masturbate thinking about myself tonight.” A few seconds later he got demolished by Putin.
Nolan Gleason

u are probably correct.
Bluefin Tuna

Russia is not America’s enemy.America is not Russia’s enemy.Terrorism is the enemy to all. USA and Russia should join forces.
Useless Channel

lol putin fucked isis quite badly after they blew up a russian passenger plane
Bobert Gomes

Putin for global dictator! I mean, c’mon, the man wrestles bears in his leisure time.
tony flamingo chicken permission

that makes him a badass if anything

After watching Putin, I would fully support a Russian invasion. Just come here, kill all of our politicians, then we start from scratch but report to Putin. We keep our shit, but he benefits from it. Like a royalty. 😂😂
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Smartgaming its time for Donald Trump
Jeff W

When you hear and listen to Putin speak I do not know why any leader of a country would not want to work and have a positive relationship with Russia. The only reason I see is because they (not Putin) have their own agenda that does not include world peace and security.
First Last

I don’t like the western aggression against Russia or the mobbing or the fanatical side taking or the propaganda lies and fear mongering especially from our own press. However I’m not that enamoured by Putin’s speeches either. He speaks like a politician and is typically indirect. He plays the game they invented instead of simply saying screw that for a game of fish. Here he basically said, they personally have a better impression of Trump but they have no will to interfere with the elections and will accept the result and work with whatever they have to work with. That’s a good statement but he had to be overly long winded and indirect with it. He also took the opportunity to sow dissent between Europe and the USA while trying to flatter Italy to basically choose the Russian side. He’s really transparent in a bad way and sometimes by playing the political game he hurts his own cause. Sometimes it’s good to twist our game against us but you have to be careful. The game is not the reality and when reality is on your side you accept the game ultimately that’s going to work out against you.

The Caucasian world “The West” needs to get its shit together and fast. If it doesn’t Caucasians will find themselves in exactly the same situation that White South Africans are in today. Take a look at “White slums of South Africa” to see our childrens future if we don’t take action quickly. The West and Russia need to be in an alliance. It’s not just a solution it’s fast becoming the only solution.
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PE. 663

dob454545 Holy shit. The picture had now haunted me for life, especially reasarching and listening to documentaries about the situation. Anything, but that.

+PE. 663 That’s what happens when you allow an elite (any elite) to take control of your future). They did exactly the same thing in South Africa. I’m starting to believe it was really a testing ground for what may be coming down the road for Caucasian Nations. China, Japan, Korea, Thailand and most Asian Nations do not allow mass immigration. Neither does the Middle East. Or South America. Africa has spent the last 50 years working on the slow but certain genocide of White people in Africa. This has to stop now or the pictures you’ve seen will become reality for our children. Please make people aware of what is happening. And ask yourself which side Hillary and the elites are on in this debate?

to be honest i actually like this guy 🙂 he knows what he says and never speak bullshit 🙂

Id rather my country be pals more with Russia anyday of the week, America has always had its own agenda, they should keep their nose out of Europe!
samo caspian

what this Putler asshole talking about? Europe suffers from sanctions? haha)) So why then he ask to cancel sanctions against russian and reimburse losses? why rusia has already 22 million mendicants? WTF democracy he talking about if there NO election at all in rusia, total falsifications and corruption? You occupied independent state and now crying about sanctions now?:) eat it motherfucker:))
Alexey Pankov

Haters gonna hate. He says that sanctions hurt economy of both Europe and Russia, but not US, who should not be interfering in relations between Europe and Russia.
Chalis Myers

Does anyone know what two presidents he was talking about?
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+T-Money Stephens nope. :3 i didn’t notice it till you pointed it out. and what’s a Drumpf ?
Pierre Albi

It’s three now

Trump sure is a colourful person, I mean you don’t see someone as orange as him every day.
Juozapas Juozas

The majority of these commentators have NO idea of what is happening in Europe…Putin talks about US not interfering with other countries, however, he constantly interferes himself!!! Look at Georgia, Syria, Ukraine!!! He just wants the peace with the US so they would stop interfering and he would start interfering. As someone from a country that was under the former Soviet Union, I would much rather have America interfere than Russia. Go and read up before commenting and don’t be so egocentric as to only think about yourself and your own country…Putin is a shrewd man that you need to constantly have an eye on and doubt. He is a master at portraying one political image and doing the opposite

Putin, please, don’t say that we Italians should be proud of Renzi… come on…
Zachary Spriggs

I’ve always been fond of Putin
misaki kun

Why is an Indian asking Putin question about US elections ?
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misaki kun

They should send this dirty indian back to India to learn manners
Ayame Kajou

Fucking sand niggers

It sounds like putin is saying cuck, lol.
Hiếu Tô

Which was those elections that Putin talked about? One is Al Gore vs Bush which is the other?
Hachi Roku

putin just wants to restore russia the the power that it once was, you can tell all he wants is to bring people back to working with russia instead of others fearing them as hostile and on the brink of attack.

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