An “Anti-Establishment” Trump Would Pardon Edward Snowden

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During his first days as president, Barack Obama pledged to protect government whistleblowers. In fact, even highlighted this stance saying, “Often the best source of information about waste, fraud, and abuse in government is an existing government employee committed to public integrity and willing to speak out. Such acts of courage and patriotism, which can sometimes save lives and often save taxpayer dollars, should be encouraged rather than stifled.”

Oddly, or rather conveniently enough, this section of the webpage disappeared just days after the first round of Edward Snowden leaks.

President-elect Donald Trump has made his opinion on whistleblowers painfully clear in comments made on the campaign trail, even going so far as to suggest we “kill the traitor,” in reference to whistleblower Edward Snowden.

However, while calling for Snowden’s execution fits in with Trump’s caricature of a “right wing extremist,” if there is one thing we know for sure about Trump it’s that he often makes radical statements and then quickly changes his stance if he finds his popularity slipping. We have already seen this with his reversal on pretty much every issue, except of course his position on building a wall and making Mexico pay for it, which has stayed consistent throughout this entire 2016 circus.

Trump is not an ideologue, which means there may be a chance he can be influenced for good — if it will increase his favorability as president.

As a man who won the presidency by resonating with the anti-establishment and populist sentiment spreading throughout the country, it would be a foolish move for President Trump to turn his back on the very people who elected him into office.

For many Trump supporters — as well as the rest of the country — the surveillance state is one of the largest abominations to individual liberty seen in our lifetime, and that includes the passage of the Patriot Act and all the regulatory agencies that were conceived in the wake of 9/11. Without a firm anti-establishment stance against “big brother,” draining the swamp is not only unlikely, it is simply impossible.

There is, of course, also the issue of Julian Assange. It was not so long ago when Republicans were calling for the execution of Private Chelsea Manning and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

However, since Wikileaks committed itself to a campaign exposing Hillary Clinton in the final weeks of the election, these same Republicans now view Assange as a hero.

Trump has also praised Assange, which seems appropriate since it is clear he benefited from Hillary’s decreasing poll numbers. In fact, it is not entirely unreasonable to attribute at least a portion of Trump’s election night victory to the dozens of “Podesta Email” leaks that were released over the last several weeks.

Now that Trump has publicly called Assange a hero for essentially doing the same thing Snowden did — and won the presidency as a result of the leaks — is it possible that President Trump would consider pardoning Edward Snowden?

Again, at this point no one knows how this next administration will function. While names like John Bolton, Rudy Giuliani, and Chris Christie do not do much to lessen the fear of an overreaching foreign policy, a tyrannical police state, and typical government cronyism, pardoning Edward Snowden would be the ultimate stand against the establishment.

If President Trump holds true to his promise of restoring peaceful relations with Russia, where Edward Snowden has taken asylum for the past three and a half years, Snowden could very well become a bargaining chip. Of course, this is all speculation at the moment, but as non-interventionists seeking peace, we can only hope that improved relations with Russia do not come at the cost of the most heroic whistleblower of our time.

Trump’s legacy as president is a blank slate, it could go either way. If he wants to keep his current base of support and prove his skeptics wrong, he would be wise to pardon Edward Snowden, and dish out the first real blow to the establishment during his first days in office.

Brittany Hunter is a Mises University alumna, blogger, and creator of digital content for Generation Opportunity.

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EXCLUSIVE: Leftist forces planning takeover of U.S. Capitol Building on Inauguration Day to thwart Trump presidency

Donald Trump

(NaturalNews) Leftist revolutionaries infuriated by President-elect Donald J. Trump’s victory over Democratic rival Hillary Clinton are covertly planning the unthinkable: A takeover of the U.S. Capitol Building on Inauguration Day in a dramatic attempt to thwart his presidency.

Natural News has learned that the plan will have four stages:

1) It will begin with a concept known as “constructive apocalypse,” in which Left-wing agitators funded by groups financially linked to anarcho-terrorist billionaire George Soros will do everything they can to disrupt the economy. That will include nation-wide strikes, picketing and demonstrating at shopping malls, and interrupting any forms of commerce possible.

2) The hope is to cause so much chaos nationally and in Washington, D.C., that President Obama will be forced to delay the January 20 Inauguration Day. In this vein, there is already a Facebook page inviting people to “Protest at the Inauguration: Stand Against Trump, War, Racism and Inequality.” And on other social media, hashtags like #DisruptJ20 are trending.

3) The radical hard Left also plans to actually take over the U.S. Capitol Building and physically occupy and hold it until their demands – that Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence step aside and allow someone else to be president (like Hillary Clinton) – are met.

4. There has also been some actual discussion of trying to find someone who is willing to risk life in prison or the death penalty to assassinate Trump. In fact, Trump assassination threats are trending – and mounting – on social media as well.

Leftists are refusing to acknowledge the results of a lawful, legal election

Newsmax reports:

President-elect Donald Trump is being threatened following Tuesday’s election with calls through social media for his assassination, and the Secret Service will likely investigate all threats they deem to be credible ones, according to security sources. …

The posts are mounting, and also include calls for Vice President-elect Mike Pence’s death, and the use of an #AssassinateTrump hashtag has not been banned on Twitter, drawing outcry from many Trump supporters…

As incredible as all of this may sound, there can be no doubt that since Trump triumphed on Election Day, the perpetually angry Left has exploded with a vitriolic rage that has not been directed at a president-elect since Abraham Lincoln. In that vein, calls from activists in California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington State are already mulling ways to secede from the union rather than remain united through a Trump presidency – as the country did through two Obama terms and would have if Clinton had won.

As what we have learned suggests, there could be some very dark days ahead for our republic.

Security will be much heavier than normal

That said, inaugurations are always marked by extra-heavy security, and Trump’s will be no different. Natural News has learned that as many as 1,000 Marines, as well as members of other military branches, will be on station for the event. In addition, the bulk of Washington, D.C.’s approximately 3,800 police officers, as well as the Capitol Police, FBI, and other security personnel, will be on duty.

In fact, the number of security personnel is very likely expected to dramatically rise anyway, given the rancor and divisiveness of the just-ended presidential campaign. Now, expect that number to rise even more significantly.

Natural News has also learned there will be groups on hand ready to help support local law enforcement officials and troops in their efforts to keep the crowds under control and secure the inauguration. One of them, sources said, is Bikers For Trump.

Other patriotic Americans are also very likely to want to be on hand on Inauguration Day – if it happens. But insiders are urging that anyone who wants to attend the inauguration as a means of providing the president-elect with a ‘human shield’ should arrive unarmed – no firearms or other weapons at all – and in regular civilian clothing (no camouflage, gear, etc.).

As others have reported, groups that are funded in large part by Soros were responsible for disrupting Trump campaign events throughout his candidacy, by using paid thugs to harangue, harass and even attack Trump supporters.

But now that Trump has emerged victorious, it appears that American leftists are not about to accept the lawful results, and are planning not only to disrupt his ascension to the White House, but the democratic process altogether.

This is a developing story…



Google Declares War On Alternative Media: Plans to Punish “False News” By Halting Ad Revenue

Tales from the Conspiratum

Source: Google Declares War On Alternative Media: Plans to Punish “False News” By Halting Ad Revenue


Credit – CNN


Since the US Election’s “surprise” outcome, supporters of Hillary Clinton have been searching for who and what to blame. One of the more bizarre theories circulating has been that Google, Twitter, and Facebook, who WikiLeaks revealed were actually colluding with Clinton’s campaign to get her elected, were to blame for distributing “fake” and “false” news that painted Clinton in a bad light and “unduly” influenced public opinion against her. In order to take the heat off of themselves, Google and Facebook have now announced measures that will…

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Here’s an excerpt from Jean’s timely intelligence blog:


Defcon 5, as Russia blasts ISIS in Syria to smithereens! That’s worth a laugh, and it was lowered to the safest level because Trump won the election, and NORAD knows we won’t be going to war with Russia. When Hillary was still a prospect, we were at DEFOCON 3, and almost went to DEFCON 2, with DEFCON 1 being “launch”. We were at that defense level because if Hillary managed to steal it there definitely would have been war with Russia.

Instead, Putin talked to Trump a few hours before launching 1 sortie every 22 seconds(an unbelievable number) against “well vetted and confirmed ISIS targets in Syria”. That ought to finish quickly, when I did the report farther down this page, Russia had already launched 400+ sorties in the prior two and a half hours.

The details on this are farther down this page.

And THANK YOU TRUMP for making it possible for America to be at rest while Russia cleans up the mess Hillary and Obama made.


Russia was no doubt emboldened by Trump as POTUS and has launched massive carrier based airstrikes with heavy bombers, cruise missiles, artillery, and infantry in Syria to wipe out ISIS. This story just broke.

Now let’s see what Obama’s responses are, with U.S. warships within eyeshot of the Russian warships (the Mediterranean is not big enough for both navies).

OK, Here it is on RT

CONFIRMED: BEFORE LAUNCHING MASSIVE STRIKES ON ISIS IN SYRIA, PUTIN FIRST CALLED TRUMP AND DISCUSSED IT, [I want to be very careful here; I do not know for a fact that Putin and Trump specifically discussed this massive strike that began today. Neither article mentioned here says that this actually occurred during their phone call, although they do choose to leave that impression. I’m loathe to make such assumptions, and I rather think it might go against Putin’s grain. ~J] AND HE TOTALLY IGNORED OBAMA! HA HA HA HA HA and a half page full of laughs!

TRUMP WILL END THE WAR ON TERROR. All it will take is a little cleanup and a cutoff of American funding for the terrorists.


And now we witness the end of the Obama-Clinton legacy, before he’s even out of office!

* * *