rapidly rising as the independent search engine for REAL news… all sites penalized by Google are welcomed to get indexed

Good Gopher

(NaturalNews) As the radical, anti-free-speech left has declared all-out war on the independent media, people everywhere are waking up to as the alternative search engine for independent news and information., which I created and launched over a year ago, indexes all the independent media websites that are right now being targeted by radical left-wing totalitarians who despise America and want to silence the free press. A left-wing hate professor named Melissa Zimdars, of Merrimack College, a discredited institution reviled by its own students, is among the many totalitarians on the left who are right now trying to SILENCE conservative, independent websites like, and

The totalitarian left, which systematically traffics in false information, rigged news stories and highly deceptive social engineering tactics disguised as news, decided recently to label all independent news websites “fake news.” The only “real” news, they claim, comes from organizations like CNN, a group of unethical presstitutes who abandoned journalism long ago to push the election of Hillary Clinton, an international war criminal who sold out the U.S. uranium supply to the Russians.

To the totalitarian left, you see, the only news that’s “real” is their progressive propaganda. Everything else, no matter how well investigated or documented, is labeled “fake.” They’ve even labeled Project Veritas videos “fake” even though James O’Keefe is truly one of the few remaining real journalists in America. was designed from the start to be an independent search engine that’s free from corporate corruption and government propaganda. The site indexes thousands of independent news sites and scans them daily for new articles and posts.

News sites that are not yet included, but wish to be, can submit their site at this link. Being indexed is free.

Not an all-purpose search engine: Best for NEWS searches

Importantly, is not an all-purpose search engine. It doesn’t cover the entire web. Its focus is independent news and information, including conservative, libertarian and freedom-oriented sites.

It’s also important to note that all ranking criteria are universally applied to all sites in the index. In other words, there is no “bonus” in the rankings for my own sites such as or is a level playing field that ranks every included site using the exact same methodology, producing results that are based 100% on merit, not “search cronyism.”

Try it now with the following searches, all of which are banned, censored or artificially suppressed by Google:

Hillary Clinton seizures

Bayer war crimes

Vaccine injuries

All the sites being banned or punished by Google are welcomed to get listed in GoodGopher

Google hates the truth. Google is a corrupt, dishonest search engine run by fanatical leftists who directly colluded with Hillary Clinton to skew the election in her favor. They are literally forming an Orwellian “Ministry of Truth” propaganda machine that deliberately favors LIES over TRUTH. This is their intent!

Furthermore, Google has banned all truthful news sources from Google News, leaving it as nothing more than an index of leftist propaganda featuring all the mainstream media liars you’ve come to know: CNN, Huffington Post, MSNBC and so on.

Many people are already recommending as an alternative to Google, and I agree that’s a great alternative for a general purpose search. But DuckDuckGo, for all we know, may start censoring all the truthful, independent news websites at any day. To my knowledge, the site hasn’t committed anything to protecting free speech or truthful, independent news.

But is run by my company, and my credentials for protecting free speech and supporting independent media are unassailable. For almost two decades, I’ve battled against the unapologetic lies of the mainstream media, and since I take money from no one (no Google money, no government money, no investor money, no bank money), I can call all my own shots. That means I’m 100% dedicated to honest, independent media and the power of free speech to achieve universal freedom for humankind.

Alternatives to leftist totalitarianism are already on the rise

I run at a loss, by the way. It loses money every month. But I’m going to keep it running because it is rapidly becoming one of the very last remaining ways to search for truthful, independent news. As the totalitarian leftists increasingly censor independent media websites, Google will first cut off their revenues, then Google will simply blacklist them all from its search index. Facebook will ban them, and Twitter will delete all the “alt right” accounts it doesn’t like, all in an effort to stifle dissent and destroy the voices of reason in a society made half insane by lunatic leftists.

As that is happening, an “alternative” universe of internet technology companies will rise up, offering solutions for search, videos and social media. is one such example, and it already has something like 200,000 social media users. There’s also and other social sites coming online in 2017.

Here at Natural News, we’re working on an improved video solution to make Youtube irrelevant, and we’re also studying ways to improve GoodGopher’s search engine results.

The truth cannot be silenced. We the People shall overcome all the censorship, hate and lies of the totalitarian left. We will work together to defend the First Amendment, Second Amendment, and all the human rights described in the Bill of Rights.

In fact, we are now living in a society where the dishonest political left is imploding by the hour, with CNN losing viewership at an accelerating rate, and Google losing users by the millions. Even ESPN, which has adopted a lunatic leftist progressivism cultural stance, is losing subscribers by the millions as people drop cable subscriptions. The NFL is imploding, too, and nobody believes anything they read anymore in the NYT or Washington Post.

The revolution for human freedom has begun! And is your portal to information freedom. Use it daily. Bookmark now and make it your default search engine for truthful news on any topic.

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