Enter Fake News as Replacement for Conspiracy Theory?

This is rich, lol!
President Barack Obama has spoken out about fake news on Facebook and other media platforms, suggesting that it helped undermine the US political process.

“If we are not serious about facts and what’s true and what’s not, if we can’t discriminate between serious arguments and propaganda, then we have problems,” he said during a press conference in Germany.



Source: TheDailyBell.com
November 17, 2016

Barack Obama on fake news: ‘We have problems’ if we can’t tell the difference The US president denounced the spate of misinformation across social media platforms, including Facebook, suggesting American politics can be affected. -Guardian

Is fake news the new “conspiracy theory.” We’ve read that it may be, and it seems likely to us.

That’s because “conspiracy theory” has seemingly lost credibility as a way of dismissing anti-mainstream critiques, and it can be argued that “fake news” is being substituted.

We recently wrote about the decline and fall of “conspiracy theory” as an effective denigration of Deep State critiques. You can see the article here.

This make sense to us because the CIA was apparently responsible for disseminating the initial “conspiracy theory” meme, and “fake news” could certainly have been developed to take its place.

Secondly, as reportedly some 50 percent of Americans now believe in so-called “conspiracies,” it’s…

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2 thoughts on “Enter Fake News as Replacement for Conspiracy Theory?

    • Exactly! Talking about the pot calling the kettle black! Esp CNN which is dubbed the Clinton News Network!
      Thank GOD for alt news networks that tell the truth, ironic that many ppl turn to Russian RT news and understand US news to be Washington’s propaganda lies.
      Damn, how corrupt must Hillary be to lose to Trump, when she has all of Hollywood, MSM, young brainwashed SJWs, special interests, Super PACs, corporations, Wall St., Saudi Arabian and Qatari terrorist money, Obama administration, Bernie, Washington elites, Intelligence Agencies and even some Republicans behind her! God damn she’s rotten to the core, and positively the worst candidate ever in the history of politics. HilLIARy’s SO fake that fake news can’t even make her smell good, reeks right thru our computer screen for all to smell!
      LOL, fake polls spewed thru the fake news networks also lulled those Dems into thinking thev’ve already won! They actually believed their own bullshit, that’s how delusional they’ve all become lol! Gotta quote Forrest, “Stupid is what Stupid does!”
      No worries, 8 years of Trump would just fly by, i swear…. bahahahahahaha.

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