Putin and Co. Continue to Defy Khazarian Threats

Tales from the Conspiratum

Source: Putin & Co. Continue to Defy Khazarian Threats | Covert Geopolitics

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Nov 19, 2016


Only a few weeks ago, Vladimir Putin admitted that he’s too young to retire yet, and has recently expressed his unwavering opposition to any “attempts at disrupting the strategic balance around the world,” in what could be his and the Russian people’s continuing defiance to Khazarian threats worldwide.

Our goal is to effectively neutralize any military threats to Russia’s security, including those of the [NATO] strategic anti-ballistic missile defense system, the prompt global strike concept and information warfare,” Putin told the Russian military.

We will continue to do everything needed to preserve the strategic balance of power,” he said, adding that the balance was what had prevented a major military conflict between the opposing camps during the Cold War.

Putin was speaking to Russian generals and defense…

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