Happy Thanksgiving, America: A message from the Health Ranger

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(NaturalNews) When pondering what, exactly, we might give thanks for on this Thanksgiving holiday, it’s worth remembering that throughout human history, most people have lived under absolute tyranny. They were “subjects” of kings, or emperors or tyrants pretending to be gods.

Yet America is something different. This nation was founded on a revolutionary principle — that no ruler is above the law or above the common man. In America, there are no kings. No royalty. No “untouchables” (or, at least, there aren’t supposed to be). An innovative societal structure of distributed power and relatively free market economics meant that anyone could theoretically become President… or even become wealthy through innovation and hard work.

Our Founding Fathers ordained that those in power would be subject to the will of the people, and just a couple of weeks ago, we witnessed something that would have historically been a violent, bloody uprising and revolution if carried out almost anywhere else. Except in our case, it was a bloodless revolution at the ballot box. All across America, people rose up in defiance of a corrupt establishment, throwing them out of office in a democratic declaration of political accountability.

(For those who say Hillary won the popular vote, it’s not valid: Donald Trump campaigned to win the electoral college, not the popular vote, choosing to win where it counts under the current rules. If the victor were determined solely by the popular vote, Trump would have campaigned in high-population cities like Los Angeles and New York, and he would have targeted the popular vote instead of the electoral vote.)

Give thanks for the freedoms we still retain… and help us win back the ones we’ve lost

This Thanksgiving, we should all give thanks for the undeniable fact that we are not yet completely dominated by the tyrants that are trying to control America. We have just demonstrated that we can deliver shocking election results that are completely unexpected by the globalists, the establishment and the fakestream media.

This power of the people is extremely rare across our modern world; making it something worth protecting and valuing at every level. Consider the astonishing fact that because of the power of the ballot box, Republicans are right now strategizing how to make your life better, more prosperous and more secure so that they can win again in 2020 and 2024. Meanwhile, Democrats are taking inventory of why they lost and going through a reorganization phase to try to become a political party that’s once again relevant to the American people.

In essence, these two political parties compete to see determine which one can make your life better. Competition is good, as it leads to improved innovation and accountability. But I suspect that the bigger solution in all this will be found in living our lives with little or no government control at all. While Democrats and Republicans can compete to see who can hand out the most benefits, the ultimate truth is that government still exists as a “big lie” that claims we need them to protect us from ourselves. That’s the whole point of social security, by the way, which was built around the big lie that says workers are too stupid to save their own money, therefore the government should steal money from everyone and promise to someday give a little of it back in the form of wildly devalued fiat currency.

Nevertheless, despite the lies and failings of the federal government today, we still live in the freest country on this planet. We still have our sacred First and Second Amendment rights, for example, and American patriots fiercely defend them both. Think about it: In how many nations around the world could a guy like me openly criticize the President with words while privately owning a .50 cal Barrett rifle? Both of those would be considered criminal offenses in nearly every other country around the world, but in America, they are still respected freedoms. (Although, notably, the political left is desperately trying to wipe out both the First and Second Amendments…)

Now it’s time to fight for our freedoms so that our children can give thanks when they inherit this nation

Being thankful for our freedoms is not, by itself, sufficient. We must defend our freedoms by exercising them. If you love the First Amendment, start a blog or news site. If you love the Second Amendment, get a concealed carry permit and start carrying a loaded weapon for self-defense. And if you love America, defend America with your words, your passion and your actions.

Remember this: Every individual liberty is despised by tyrants, and they incessantly try to crush such freedoms at every opportunity. If you hope to live in a world where you can continue to give thanks for your liberties, your freedom of speech, your right to vocalize your dissent and your right to defend your life, liberty and communities with a firearm, please join me in fighting for America from this day forward.

Freedom isn’t something that’s “locked in.” It’s constantly being eroded by the lying “fake” mainstream media, corrupt government bureaucrats and wannabe socialists and communists who despise individual liberty. The “Tree of Liberty,” in other words, must be refreshed from time to time… Hopefully not with blood but with the words and actions of passionate, law-abiding American citizens who recognize the value of the nation we’ve been handed by our ancestors.

Now it’s our turn to keep these freedoms intact so that we have a country to hand to our own children. It won’t be an easy task. Political snakes and reptiles are trying to poison our Republic and seize it for their nefarious agendas. We must remain educated, vigilant and courageous in our defense of liberty. And we must speak out against injustice wherever we witness it.

That’s why this Thanksgiving, I give thanks for people like YOU… all my fellow brothers and sisters across America who recognize what we’re fighting for. It is you who make this country a place worth protecting, and it is your passion for truth, justice and individual liberty that ultimately allows us all to share citizenship in the greatest nation our world has ever known.

May you experience an abundant, joyful Thanksgiving this year, and I wish you all the deepest blessings for our future together in this great nation.

– Mike Adams, the Health Ranger



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