RIP Fidel Castro: Remembering Comandante (and how I met him)

RIP El Jefe Maximo. “Fidel” in Latin means faithful, which he certainly was to the cause.

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A long-time Cuban leader and one of the most iconic and controversial figures of the 20th century, Fidel Castro, died last night aged 90. The funeral is scheduled for December 4 in Santiago de Cuba.

I met Fidel Castro when I was 20. As a translator for the Soviet Ministry of Education and la Universidad de la Habana, I had the chance to interpret in the meetings of the Soviet scientific delegations with Fidel Castro.


Fidel Castro’s lifetime achievement was something no one believed possible: a tiny, poor and seemingly defenseless island, just a short distance from Florida, was able to withstand over 50 years of pressure and threats from the 500-pound gorilla next door. USA orchestrated a brutal 50-year Cuban economic blockade and multiple attempts at invasions and subversions. Castro himself survived over 500 CIA assassination attempts – more than any leader in recent human history.

Through all this…

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Jill Stein is the Clinton machine’s ‘recount puppet’… bilking liberal donors for millions in a last-ditch effort to steal the election for Hillary


(NaturalNews) Remember when Hillary Clinton said she was “horrified” by Donald Trump’s refusal to pre-announce his acceptance of the election outcome? His stance was “a direct threat to our democracy,” Hillary sternly claimed during the debate.

Now, she’s carrying out her own threat to democracy, using Jill Stein as a convenient puppet to question the election outcome and demand a recount in three states: Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan.

By “recount” they mean “steal the election,” of course. The same election fraudsters who plotted from day one to destroy Bernie Sanders when the timing served them best has now decided their best hope of stealing the election is to try to overturn the will of the voters in key battleground states.

Oh, and as all this is happening, the Washington Post is now claiming the entire election was stolen by the Russians… or Bigfoot… or aliens or maybe even the Loch Ness Monster. This is what it has come to: WashPost reporters donning tin foil hats and proposing conspiracy theories so loony that they would have been categorized as “derision” if the roles were reversed and Trump supporters were claiming election theft.

Jill Stein bilking gullible liberals for millions… and the donations keep pouring in

Now, in an effort to steal the election from the People, Jill Stein has become the new “front woman” puppet of the Clinton fraud machine, posting an online recount petition that originally stated they would need $2.5 million to conduct the recount:

But as Zero Hedge points out, once that fundraising goal was achieved, suddenly Jill Stein raised it to $4.5 million, magically claiming that attorneys’ fees had suddenly jumped 300% for some unexplained reason:

And then, when donations hit that goal, she raised the fundraising goal to $7 million:

It’s a whole new industry: Raise money by LOSING elections

What Jill Stein has stumbled upon here is a whole new way to scam voters out of millions of dollars: Just LOSE elections, call your opponent an evil monster, then rely on gullible, brainwashed loyalists to pay you millions of dollars while claiming you’re working on a “recount” for the “integrity of democracy” … even when you despise democracy.

If the money keeps flowing in, just raise the “estimated attorneys’ fees” and pocket the excess cash.

The donation page claims, “If we raise more than what’s needed, the surplus will also go toward election integrity efforts and to promote voting system reform.” But by “voting system reform,” they likely mean eliminating the electoral college, which would turn the U.S. election into nothing but a Los Angeles / New York popularity contest that completely ignores the rest of the country. (Which is exactly what the radical left wants…)

If they don’t win the recount, they will try VIOLENCE next

With Donald Trump already at 306 electoral votes, a recount effort would have to overturn the election results in all three states in order to deny Trump 270 electoral votes.

The odds of that happening are extremely remote. Sure, they’ll attempt some fraud during all this, and the radical left is already death-threating electoral voters to try to make them change their votes. I have no doubt a few electoral voters will succumb to the death threats and change their votes to Clinton, but it won’t be enough to matter… not even if they manage to overturn Michigan’s final count.

When the radical left realizes their efforts to steal the election won’t work, they will ramp up their next plan: Committing mass violence while attempting a popular uprising “takeover” on January 20, 2017.

I’ve been in direct contact with an investigator who has infiltrated the organizational meetings of the radical left. That person tells me the radical left is working diligently on multiple strategies, including an attempted assassination of Donald Trump and an attempted takeover on Inauguration Day (January 20). I fully expect they will swarm and occupy the U.S. Capitol on that day, after which the new President Trump will simply order the 1,000 U.S. Marines stationed there to “clean ’em out.”

Having already failed to steal the election, when the radical left fails in their efforts to overthrow the government, they will then resort to guerrilla terrorism tactics across America, joining with radical Muslim terrorists to bomb malls, government buildings and transportation hubs. They will carry out mass shootings and slayings of innocent Americans, hoping to cause maximum chaos to derail the Trump administration.

The radical left in America, in other words, is about to become the “Shining Path” of domestic terrorism. It wasn’t hard to see all this coming, and this is why I’ve already publicly predicted that not only will Donald Trump declare Martial Law, but that you will LIKE IT. (You will demand it, actually.)

It also suggests a whole new use for all the FEMA camps across the country: Use them to incarcerate the radical left-wing terrorists who are caught trying to instigate violence.

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