This Harvard Professor Wants To Legalize All Drugs. The Reason Why? Astounding…

Sadly “illegal” street drugs are big money for the ATF/ DEA/ CIA and prison industrial complex. Decriminalizing means gov’t criminals would be out of a job. Gov’ts are the biggest mobsters and protect their mafioso rackets at all cost. They may have to concede with weed, but will tax the hell out of it!

Tales from the Conspiratum

Source: This Harvard Professor Wants To Legalize All Drugs. The Reason Why? Astounding…

This economist believes that if all drugs – including cocaine, meth and heroin – were legalized, peoples’ sense of well-being would increase. Do you agree?

Credit: Alchetron / Live Science

Credit: Alchetron / Live Science

While one doesn’t normally think of legalized substances – such as coffee, beer, and pharmaceutical pills – as drugs, they most certainly are. The only difference between these and “street drugs” are that the former are legalized. And while prohibition might seem like a good idea to dissuade people from utilizing substances which may harm their body, it really only encourages people to source their drugs from questionable sources.

TheWeekpoints out that the main effect of prohibition is that it causes drug trafficking to go underground. In effect, crime and corruption involved in the market both…

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