Vladimir Putin: Words From the Horse’s Mouth Bust Western Propaganda

Outstanding assessment Makia!

Tales from the Conspiratum

Source: Vladimir Putin: Words From the Horse’s Mouth Bust Western Propaganda

If it’s not Islamophobia, it’s Russophobia. Tired of Western propaganda? Get Vladimir Putin’s perspective with words straight from the horse’s mouth.


Makia Freeman

Nov 1, 2016

Vladimir Putin in particular, and Russia in general,

have been the focus of an intensive high-drama propaganda campaign of late. Are you buying it? For the time being, Russophobia has replaced Islamophobia as the driving force behind the lies. Various US officials have been frantically warning Americans that the Russians are behind everything: hacking the DNC, controlling Trump, influencing the election and breaking the Syrian ceasefire agreement. They might as well add making your girlfriend break up with you, making your toast get burnt and making your car run out of fuel for all the evidence they have presented. Many of these totally unfounded allegations stem from (naturally) the Clinton campaign, home to career criminals Bill

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Putin Tired Of ‘Russian Hack Lies’ Sends A Message Directly To The American People

Tales from the Conspiratum

Source: Putin Tired Of ‘Russian Hack Lies’ Sends A Message Directly To The American People – Collective Evolution


Joe Martino

Dec 28, 2016

Ever since Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 US presidential election, we have seen some very interesting things happen. From sheer panic to claims of Russian hacks to blaming ‘fake news,’ everything under the sun has been pulled out to blame someone or something for why she lost.

The two apparent reasons that have seemed to raise to the surface the most, and the mainstream seems to be running with, are the idea that Russia hacked the DNC and caused the problem and that the spread of fake news got people so disinterested in Hillary that they voted for Trump.

We covered this years election cycle a lot and have discussed the DNC hack, Hillary’s campaign intentionally knocking out Sanders and more. Check it out here.


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$600 Million in CIA Funds at Work? WaPo Runs Another Fake Story on Russia Hacking US Power Grid

Perhaps Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy should watch that iconic red scare comedy “The Russians Are Coming!”, and educate himself about exceptional American paranoia and CIA’s Project Mockingbird. Happy New Year!!

Tales from the Conspiratum

The Washington Post published yet another fake news item, this time claiming Vermont’s electrical grid had been hacked by the Russians, but there might be a good reason for its Red Scare hysteria.

Source: $600 Million in CIA Funds at Work? WaPo Runs Another Fake Story on Russia Hacking US Power Grid


Dec 31, 2016

Anti-Russia and disinformation hysteria has reached new heights, and — after the Obama administration announced the expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats from the U.S., among other retributions for an ostensively hacked election — the Washington Post continued its foray into Fake News with an article suggesting Kremlin actors hacked the electrical grid in Vermont.

Perhaps because the outlet got away with citing unnamed officials twice before during this reinvigorated Red Scare, the Post again blared its Russia Did It alarm with an article titled, “Russian operation hacked a Vermont utility, showing risk…

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Obama trying to start WWIII before Jan. 20; feds “probe” Drudge Report with DDoS attack; NaturalNews and InfoWars targeted for cyber attack take downs

Image: Obama trying to start WWIII before Jan. 20; feds “probe” Drudge Report with DDoS attack; NaturalNews and InfoWars targeted for cyber attack take downs

(NaturalNews) Excuse the brevity of this entry, but there’s not enough time to detail all the evil that’s unfolding right now. Suffice it to say that Obama is right now attempting to start a raging war before he leaves office. There are two types of attempts he’s making: 1) War with Russia, and 2) War against the American people. He’s also hoping to be part of a successful Marxist coup on January 20, but that’s very unlikely to go anywhere.

Obama is trying to start World War III before Jan. 20

Check DrudgeReport.com and Breitbart.com to stay up to speed on this. Paul Craig Robertsalso has extremely important insight on what’s shaping up (he was part of the Reagan administration), and my own contacts inside the bureaucracy are signaling that Obama is “setting landmines across the bureaucracy” to function as sabotage trip wires that will blow up in President Trump’s face.

Barack Obama — who is quite literally a “sleeper cell” agent who has been trying to destroy America from day one — is now attempting to provoke Russia into military conflict. He has now begun expelling Russian diplomats from the USA as a cover story for the democrats’ completely fabricated “Russian hacking” conspiracy theory regarding the hacking of email accounts belonging to Jon Podesta and the DNC. (It was actually an inside job achieved by a Bernie Sanders supporter.)

Fortunately, it looks like Russia is mocking Obama for his incredible stupidity and not taking him seriously anymore. If cooler heads prevail in all this, Obama will be out of office in roughly 20 days, and a new President Trump will restore sane, stabilizing relations with Russia.

But until Jan. 20 comes, make no mistake that “traitor” Obama is trying to provoke Russia into an escalating conflict with the USA. This is deliberate, insane and deeply criminal. I’m already hearing whispers of desires to see Barack Obama arrested and charged with criminal acts of treason against the United States… yet it is doubtful that any such charges could really be leveled against a former President whose actions took place while he was in office (so don’t get your hopes up).

Nevertheless, it is increasingly apparent to an expanding number of people that Obama is an active traitor who has deliberately given aid to America’s enemies while destroying trust among America’s allies. (Just two words prove the assertion: 1) Iran. 2) Israel.)

DrudgeReport.com suffered 90 minute blackout due to DDoS attacks

Also today, the DrudgeReport.com website, which has remained a highly effective thorn in the side of the Obama regime, was taken offline for 90 minutes by a coordinated DDoS attack believed to have come from the U.S. government itself.

“A tweet from conservative media icon Matt Drudge’s verified Twitter account Thursday night appeared to accuse the government of interfering with his website, DrudgeReport.com, just hours after the Barack Obama administration announced new sanctions against Russia over election hacking,” reports IBtimes.com.

“Is the US government attacking DRUDGE REPORT? Biggest DDoS since site’s inception. VERY suspicious routing [and timing],” the tweet to Drudge’s 457,000 followers read.

Natural News warned it will be targeted for take down before President Trump is sworn in

A few weeks ago, InfoWars.com personnel received a threat that claimed their site would be taken down in a government censorship purge. Now, that same threat has been made to Natural News via channels I’m not yet ready to make public.

The threat asserts that many of the websites falsely labeled “Russian propaganda” by the fraudulent Washington Post story have been targeted for government take down action before President Obama leaves office — all while Obama signs hundreds of pardons to protect the criminals associated with the DNC and the Clinton crime family.

Right now, sites such as DrudgeReport.com and RT are being “probed” in what are called  “DDoS stress tests” to determine the level of DDoS traffic needed to bring down each site. This result is calculated into the “full assault plan” which will distribute government cyber attack resources across all the targeted sites in the most efficient manner, dedicating only the amount of DDoS traffic needed to bring down each site. This tactic, by the way, is something I’ve heard called “DDDoS” or “distributed-distributed denial-of-service” attack. It’s conducted at a scale that can only be achieved by nation states such as China, North Korea or the USA. In this case, it’s the USA, under Barack Obama, that would be engaging in cyber war against the independent media.

In effect, we may be looking at a situation where Barack Obama uses the full resources of the corrupt sectors of his regime to wage cyber warfare against independent journalism in order to halt the only remaining free press from warning Americans about what Obama is actually doing.

Natural News readers should prepare for our website to be subjected to heavy attacks, coordinated DDoS waves, and possibly even attempted DNS hijacking or (Obama) government confiscation of our hosting servers.

In case our DNS is taken over, you can access NaturalNews.com directly from any browser by typing in the following IP address:

You should write this down, physically, on a piece of paper and tape it to your monitor. If you ever notice that “NaturalNews.com” is not responding, try the IP address instead.

If Drudge, InfoWars and NaturalNews all go down, it means WAR has begun

Furthermore, if NaturalNews.com is deliberately taken down, you should interpret this as a sign that Obama is initiating a government war against the American people, and you would be wise to lock and load in preparation for the kind of Second Amendment activation that was designed to save the Republic from tyranny.

To be clear, yes, I am explicitly stating that a coordinated attack against independent media by the criminal Obama traitor should be interpreted as an act of WAR against America… the final stage of Obama’s long train of subversion to transform America into a Marxist police state under totalitarian control. Personally, I think he will fail in this effort, but like most radical leftists, he’s insane enough to try it! (FLASHBACK: Obama’s Department of Homeland Security purchases 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition, including sniper rounds.)

We are now entering the most dangerous time for America since World War II

I fully realize that to the uninformed, these warnings may sound unbelievable, but to those working inside the system right now as part of the “counter coup” operation to save America from Obama’s last, desperate effort to destroy this nation, what I’m writing here is very well understood and widely known to be true. Those of you reading this from inside the FBI, CIA, DHS and NSA know exactly what I’m talking about. If you’re on the side of America, I send you prayers for your strength and courage in protecting America for the next 20 days or so, after which things will significantly calm down.

If all goes well and the patriots inside the bureaucracy succeed in their mission, you will never know anything happened at all. There will be no take down of independent media websites, no war with Russia and no successful coup on Jan. 20. That is our desired outcome. We seek a peaceful transition of power to the Trump administration, where highly experienced and patriotic cabinet members will begin the arduous process of unwinding the Obama poison pills, time bombs and trip wires he has planted “across the bureaucracy.”

But make no mistake: Obama is an active, conscious traitor to America, and he’s not going to go away without sabotaging everything in sight on his way out. His targets absolutely include free speech websites that refused to surrender to his anti-American rhetoric and subversive actions. All legitimate free press publications in America — and their editors — are now at extreme risk for the next 20 days.

Check NaturalNews.com throughout each day. We are now publishing new stories several times throughout the day, and we’ll keep publishing as long as we are able. If we stop publishing or go offline for an extended period of time, you should quite rationally assume the worst.


Putin Dismisses Obama’s Actions Against Russia; Looks Forward to Trump

Source: http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2016/12/30/vladimir-putin-dismisses-obamas-actions-russia/

Trump and Putin AP

To quote Buckminster Fuller,

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

Sorry Obummer and neo-libs, you have been made irrelevant, slated for political deletion.


Russian President Vladimir Putin dismissed President Obama’s order that 35 Russian diplomats leave the country, in response to assertions by the intelligence community that Russia had hacked into Democratic email accounts.

In a statement, Putin said that Obama’s actions were a provocation, but said he would not respond in kind, in spite of Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s proposal that he expel 35 diplomats from Russia.

“Reserving the right to retaliate, we will not resort to the level of irresponsible ‘kitchen’ diplomacy,” Putin said in a translated statement, calling it “regrettable” that Obama was choosing to end his administration with the provocative action.

Putin said any attempt to further engage with the United States would take place in the upcoming Donald Trump administration.

He added that he would not expel any United States diplomats, but would allow them to enjoy their vacations in the usual locations. He also invited all the children of U.S. diplomats in Russia to the New Year and Christmas celebration at the Kremlin.

Despite the President’s actions, Putin wished the Obama family a Happy New Year, and wished President-elect Trump and the American people the same.


Vladimir Putin Won’t Expel U.S. Diplomats as Russian Foreign Minister Urged

MOSCOW — In a head-spinning turn of events on Friday, President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia announced that he would not retaliate against President Obama’s decision to expel Russian diplomats and impose new sanctions — hours after his foreign minister recommended doing just that.

Mr. Putin, betting on improved relations with the next American president, said he would not eject 35 diplomats or close any diplomatic facilities, rejecting a response to actions taken by the Obama administration on Thursday.

The switch was remarkable, given that the foreign minister, Sergey V. Lavrov, had just recommended the retaliation in remarks broadcast live on national television, and given the long history of reciprocal expulsions between the two countries. Russian officials have traditionally been sticklers for diplomatic protocol.

“While we reserve the right to take reciprocal measures, we’re not going to downgrade ourselves to the level of irresponsible ‘kitchen’ diplomacy,” Mr. Putin said, using a common Russian idiom for quarrelsome and unseemly acts. “In our future steps on the way toward the restoration of Russia-United States relations, we will proceed from the policy pursued by the administration” of Donald J. Trump.

Should Mr. Putin have chosen to retaliate harshly against the United States, he would most likely have deepened the rift between the two countries and left President-elect Trump with a nettlesome diplomatic standoff from the moment he arrived in the Oval Office. But by choosing to essentially disregard Mr. Obama’s punitive measures, Mr. Putin can try to disarm his American critics, including members of Congress who consider him an aggressive foe of the United States. That could give Mr. Trump more room to pursue the closer cooperation with Russia that he has advocated.

Mr. Putin has a flair for smart, unexpected tactics, and his announcement on Friday appeared to be in keeping with that. Despite all the statements from senior officials, including one from Mr. Lavrov, about the need to respect “reciprocity,” Mr. Putin essentially warned Washington that he was waiting for the Trump administration — a tactic not unlike that adopted by Israel in its recent rejection of a peace plan laid out by Secretary of State John Kerry.

“This is a perfect step because it makes Obama’s administration look very weak and it opens a new page in relations with Trump,” said Vladimir Frolov, an international affairs analyst and a columnist. “Moscow wanted Trump to have room to maneuver; this decision is a clear gesture of good will toward him.”

Mr. Putin called it “unfortunate” that the Obama administration chose to end its relationship with Russia in such a way, but he sent New Year’s greetings to Mr. Obama, his family, Mr. Trump and “all the American people.”

Just hours earlier, Mr. Lavrov had recommended that 31 American diplomats be expelled from Moscow and four from St. Petersburg. He also recommended the closing of two facilities: a wooded picnic area on a Moscow River island used by diplomats, as well as a warehouse in the southern, industrial part of the Russian capital.

“Of course, we cannot leave such mischievous tricks without a response,” Mr. Lavrov said. “Reciprocity is the law of diplomacy and of international relations.”


Russia’s Foreign Ministry Hoped to Expel U.S. Diplomats

Foreign Minister Sergey V. Lavrov recommended that Russia impose tit-for-tat measures against the United States, but President Vladimir V. Putin has rejected those suggestions.

By REUTERS. Photo by Pool photo by Natalia Kolesnikova.Watch in Times Video »

But then Mr. Putin said he did not want to deprive the diplomats’ children of access to the recreational area on the island. He went one step further, inviting all children of American diplomats accredited in Russia to celebrate the New Year and the Russian Orthodox Christmas with him at the Kremlin.

For decades, the Kremlin has held a series of parties for children in December and January. Tickets start around $82 and can be bought online — but they are usually limited to Russian children.

On Thursday, the Obama administration moved to eject 35 Russians suspected of being intelligence operatives “persona non grata”; imposed sanctions on two of Russia’s leading intelligence services; and penalized four top officers of one of those services, the powerful military intelligence unit known as the G.R.U., because of its efforts to influence the presidential election.

As part of the punishment, the State Department said that it would close two waterfront estates — one in New York, the other in Maryland — that it said were used for Russian intelligence activities.

The actions amounted to the strongest American response yet to a state-sponsored cyberattack.

United States intelligence agencies have concluded that the G.R.U., with the approval of the Kremlin, ordered the attacks on the Democratic National Committee and other political organizations, and that the Russian government enabled the publication of the emails it obtained to benefit Mr. Trump’s presidential campaign.

In addition to giving the diplomats and their families 72 hours to leave the country, the measures announced by Mr. Obama imposed sanctions on Russia’s two main intelligence services. Washington described the diplomats as intelligence agents working under the cover of diplomacy.

Previous sanctions by the United States and its Western allies were levied against broad sectors of the Russian economy and also blacklisted dozens of individuals, some of them close friends of Mr. Putin’s who were considered crucial in the annexation of Crimea in 2014 and in destabilizing Ukraine.

The economic sanctions covered three main areas, including blocking Russian access to international credit, cutting off cooperation in advanced oil field technology and stopping arms deals or the sale of dual-use technology.

Much of their effect stemmed from the fact that they coincided with a sharp drop in global oil prices, hitting Russia with a double blow. Companies had trouble obtaining credit, driving up the short-term cost of borrowing and compounding a deep recession. Over the long run, the effect is likely to be strongest in the oil sector because it dried up most exploration in difficult areas like the Arctic.

Russia responded with sanctions of its own, mostly banning agricultural products and certain foods imported from the West. Mr. Putin and other officials have repeatedly crowed that this resulted in a successful campaign of “import substitution.”

Russia also maintained a secret list of Western officials who were no longer allowed into the country. Most, like the former American ambassador Michael McFaul, discovered it only when they applied for visas to Russia.

Before Mr. Lavrov spoke, Maria Zakharova, a Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, took to Facebook to denounce the Obama administration, although she spared Mr. Kerry the bulk of her criticism.

Ms. Zakharova called the administration “a group of a foreign-policy losers, embittered and narrow-minded.”

“Today, America, the American people, were humiliated by their own president,” she wrote.

There is a long history of reciprocal expulsions and other measures between the United States and Russia, even after the Cold War ended with the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

While Mr. Obama framed the new American measures as a response to Russian hacking during the election, the expulsion of Russian diplomats from Washington and San Francisco was described as a response to continued harassment of American diplomats in Russia.

Mr. Putin’s spokesman, Dimitry S. Peskov denied that any such harassment takes place, but American diplomats tell a different story. Many travel around Moscow in cars with red diplomatic license plates that start with 004, denoting United States Embassy vehicles. That makes them easy targets for traffic stops.

Embassy employees said they were followed as they moved around the city, and that sometimes, when they were not at home, agents would enter and move the furniture around, just to show that they had been there.

Some find it unnerving, while others shrug it off as part of the job. One young father said he was just grateful that his children were too small to realize that the family was being followed.

Two of the world’s most evil people – Bill Gates and George Soros – behind Facebook’s news censorship agenda

Image: Two of the world’s most evil people – Bill Gates and George Soros – behind Facebook’s news censorship agenda

(NaturalNews) If there’s one thing the political Left hates more than anything else it’s an honest, open debate over ideals. Authoritarian to the core, Leftists shun debate and discussion because deep down, they know they cannot defend their positions—more and bigger centralized government, top-down government-imposed “solutions,” big expensive bureaucracy, limited freedom and individualism.

So what does the Left seek to do instead? It seeks to shut down debate, shout down opponents, wall off competing ideas and censor anyone who doesn’t toe the liberal line.

That’s what this business of rooting out so-called “fake news” by Facebook, Google, and other social media giants is really all about. After GOP presidential nominee Donald J. Trump mopped the floor with the Left’s anointed candidate, four-time loser Hillary Clinton, the insane Left began blaming “fake news” from alternative media sources (like ours) who dared to publish the truth about what Clinton stood for and how she, not Trump, was the one “unfit” for the Oval Office.

Now we are beginning to see just who is behind the effort to shut out our brand of honest reporting. As noted by the Free Thought Project, billionaire globalist George Soros—who has regularly funded anti-American political movements and causes—has his grimy fingerprints all over this effort.

Sleazy Soros and other Left-wing notables are behind all of this

Soros is among a number of Left-wing figures funding Facebook’s latest attempt to censor competing political ideology and reporting of ‘inconvenient’ facts. In recent days Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced a plan to combat ‘fake news,’ which was not something he was focused on until the mainstream Left began to put pressure on him following Clinton’s loss, the Free Thought Project noted. His decision was rightfully met with suspicion, consternation and angst from members of the alternative media who were not publishing “fake” news about Clinton and Democrats during the recent election cycle, but were doing the job of the old “mainstream” media in shining the light of scrutiny on all candidates.

What is especially onerous about the Facebook strategy is that the social media giant is partnering with “news” and “fact-checking organizations” who themselves have a history of Left-wing bias. The company said it would utilize fact-checkers form the ‘trusted’ Poynter Institute, a claim that should have raised red flags and alarm bells because the institute is a recipient of funding from Soros’ Open Society Foundation—as well as from Google, the Craig Newmark Foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Omidyar Network and other noted Leftist groups.

It should further be noted that Pierre Omidyar, founder of Ebay, has given more than $30 million to the Clintons and their so-called ‘charities,’ while the Gates’ have also contributedsome $25 million to the Clinton Foundation, the Free Thought Project reported.

Also, Soros—who spent some $27 million in a losing effort to defeat President George W. Bush in 2004—also ponied up more than $25 million to help Hillary Clinton and other Democrats this past election cycle.

In sum, this entire ‘rooting out the fake news’ effort is nothing but an incestuous Left-wing effort to censor competing political ideas and other factual reporting that hurts the “progressive” cause, because the entities charged with anointing news as “real” or “fake” are extremely biased.

As the Ron Paul Institute says:

Never fear. A group of selfless and unbiased philanthropists have stepped forward to offer millions of dollars to assist these “fact-checkers” in their efforts to ferret out and disappear anything they determine to be “fake news.” It seems rather curious, however, that these donors are all in fact in one way or other completely beholden to Hillary Clinton and the left-interventionists of the Democratic Party.

With the known Leftist players both funding and participating in this Facebook ‘effort’ to quell ‘fake news,’ don’t expect anything short of outright censorship of the alternative media, the only news organizations who do real, factual, and honest reporting these days.







RAKETA NEWS: Russia in Syria, Turkey Accuses US of Aiding ISIL, Obama vs. Trump

Futurist Trendcast

On December 18-19 I sent to many of you the email in which I wrote:


This promises to be an unusually tumultuous and uncertain Holiday Season. In the US the accusations and attempts to overturn the election results will continue. In the following 2017 and 2018 the divisions and fights of global elites and within various countries promise to escalate, becoming more complex and confusing. Please hold on to your chair as the ongoing GREAT EARTH SHIFT gains its momentum during the rest of this decade. 

These are the times when we all need a special infusion of light, peace and higher energy, as well as a reminder of our true mission on this planet. 

Not sooner I wrote this that the situation on various fronts of this complex global 4D hybrid war began branching out with new and more bizarre…

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Goodbye USA: Number of Americans retiring outside US surpasses 400,000

Futurist Trendcast

400,000 is the official number. God knows how many actually relocate quietly and forget to tell US State Dept.

…And Lada Ray prediction: this is just the beginning! The true avalanche of relocations is coming later. In other words, hold on to your chair, or rather to your passport!

As a quick reminder:

In 2017 we are starting a series of live Lada Ray Webinars, in one of which we’ll talk about global relocation vs. staying put in the US or EU, how to prepare for what’s to come, what to expect and what countries and continents are best for relocation. There will be valuable info on Russia, China, Asia, S. America, Lada Ray predictions and calibrations. I’ll have official announcements in January 2017 on FT and LadaRay.com. Stay tuned!

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