Thanks Jill! The Recount Just Created A HUGE Win For Republicans In Congress

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Bet They Didn't See This Coming!Alex Cooper

Jill Stein’s recount effort was not only a huge scam and a testament to the swamp that must be immediately drained, but also a huge success in pushing stricter voter ID laws.

Yes, you read that correctly. Stein’s whole recount fiasco just caused the Michigan state legislature to buckle down and institute tougher laws when it comes to voting. They have now instituted tough voter ID laws in response to Jill’s plea for “fairer” elections.

She probably didn’t see that coming and instead expected to open up an opportunity for more fraud to take place (it’s already been confirmed that Soros is the reason for much of her fundraising success).

In the end though, the Michigan legislative body was smart enough to see through the nonsense, stating that the only reason the recount is even being pushed is because “Democratic lawmakers representing substantial black district populations are more 

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