Top Google Trend: ‘Is Hillary Clinton Going To Jail?’

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Search engine users curious if Clinton crimes merit prison time

Top Google Trend: 'Is Hillary Clinton Going To Jail?' Image Credits: Gregory Hauenstein / Flickr

Adan Salazar

Most Google users searching for information on Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton are asking “Is Hillary Clinton Going To Jail?” the company reported Friday.

Google Trends’ official Twitter account relayed the information this afternoon indicating people across the globe are attempting to verify whether the candidate should instead occupy the big house rather than the White House.

The second most trending search topic in the past 24 hours asked which party Hillary represented.

The results follow a tough week for Clinton, after failed support for Britain to stay in the EU, in addition to a devastating speech by Republican contender Donald Trump Tuesday outlining the former secretary of state’s multiple failures during…

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US Court of Appeals: States and counties can ban GMO crops despite federal laws

This is huge: “Thanks to the Ninth Circuit US Court of Appeals and their recent interpretation of the Plant Protection Act, all U.S. states, counties, and local communities can actually ban (or regulate) the planting of any and all commercially-grown genetically engineered crops, no matter what the feds or Monsanto claims about GMO.”


Image: US Court of Appeals: States and counties can ban GMO crops despite federal laws
S.D. Wells
December 12, 2016

The entire organic community of the United States just won a massive victory that many may not yet even realize. Even though the DARK Act was passed by Obama and some Senate goons to prohibit labeling of GMOs nationwide, the US Court of Appeals just passed a law that enables states and counties to completely ban genetically engineered crops from ever being planted in the first place. Think about that for a minute. You see, back in the year 2000, Monsanto undermined all US organic and conventional farming by claiming that manipulating genomic material of plants did not introduce dangerous bacteria or even plant “pests” into the equation, but their noxious “Frankenfoods” prove otherwise. So biotechnology giants figured a way to not have their cancer-causing, Alzheimer’s-causing, pesticide-laden plants classified as a risk to the environment or humans. But now, none of that really…

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Trump destroys media stars face to face in his golden tower

Tales from the Conspiratum


Hehehe, up yours media whores!

“The media bubble is the ultimate symbol of what’s wrong with this country. It’s just a circle of people talking to themselves who have no f—ing idea what’s going on. If The New York Times didn’t exist, CNN and MSNBC would be a test pattern. The Huffington Post and everything else is predicated on The New York Times. It’s a closed circle of information from which Hillary Clinton got all her information — and her confidence. That was our opening.” Steve Bannon

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Jon Rappoport

Nov 22, 2016

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It was instant legend.

Trump met yesterday with the rancid cream of media in his golden tower. They were there thinking it was all about creating a structure for access to the next…

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