Send Your Kids To College: Support The Surveillance State


Jon Rappoport
December 15, 2016

What are college students focusing on these days—apart from sex, booze, and drugs? Well, moral values, if you can call a deep desire for “free everything” a value. And maybe “feeling triggered” and “needing a safe space” is also, somehow, a value. As is demanding that many words be excised from the English language, because they might offend someone who is a member of a designated victim-class. College is quite a scene these days.

Once upon a time, college students were aware of the maxim: follow the money. They did research and discovered what kind of money was keeping their schools afloat. It was an instructive exercise, and it made professors and administrators very nervous, for the right reasons.

Therefore, a different kind of propaganda had to be sprayed on students; the most shallow kind of “social justice” possible—in order to divert these…

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TRUMP vs CLINTON: How Will Electors Vote on Dec. 19? (LadaRayLive18)

Great insights, also check out:
“Citing two senior officials with direct access to the information, NBC reports that “new intelligence shows that Putin personally directed how hacked material from Democrats was leaked and otherwise used. The intelligence came from diplomatic sources and spies working for U.S. allies, the officials said.” LOL Putin personally did it!

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LadaRayLive 18. TRUMP vs CLINTON: How Will Electors Vote on Dec. 19?

Elector Rebellion on Dec. 19? Can Hillary Still Win Presidency?

Soros financed protests. NWO collapse and the fight of the US elites.

Trump already making a difference, before taking office? Trump’s pre-White House moves: appointment of Rex Tillerson of ExxonMobil to the post of the Secretary of State, Airforce 1 Boeing Tweet, IBM promises jobs and ‘made in America.’ Fed rate hike.

Who is trying to sabotage Trump’s presidency? Trump’s assassination?

Oil vs clean energy, and more…

Plus, Lada Ray predictions.

Appointment of Rex Tillerson of Exxon Mobil to the post of the Secretary of State and the clash of the US elites:

Recall what I said in ESR16: the elites that get it and don’t want to be left behind during the Great Earth Shift are…

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Obama-Backed Electoral College Coup Underway As CIA Moves In (This Is NOT A Drill)

Nwo Report

obama-ss-window-computer-cdpSource: Elliot Bougis 

This is not gossip.

This is not a drill.

This is real.

This is happening.

Just days before Donald Trump is officially and finally elected by the Electoral College, Lame Duck Obama, the DNC head honchos, and the CIA are staging a coup in the Electoral College. This idea is so arrogant and so dangerous that even liberals acknowledge it.

The goal is the same as always: “Never Trump!”

The challenge is also the same: if he doesn’t get 270 official electoral votes on December 19, he will not be the officially elected President.

The House of Representatives will then choose a President from the possible candidates: Trump, Clinton, or the insidious CIA spook known as Evan McMullin.

As Zero Hedge reports, on Monday the Clinton campaign, by way of its top political adviser John Podesta, promoted the effort by members of the Electoral College…

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Tracking Bill Passes Congress Targeting Those with “Mental Disabilities”

Tales from the Conspiratum

Source: Tracking Bill Passes Congress Targeting Those with “Mental Disabilities” | The Freedom Articles

Makia Freeman

Dec 15, 2016

tracking bill microchipping

Tracking bill HR4919 has just passed US Congress targeting those with mental & developmental disabilities. Is this the start of legal human microchipping?

A Tracking Bill disturbingly

passed Congress on Dec. 8th, 2016, and is now on its way to the US Senate. Bill HR 4919, titled “Kevin and Avonte’s Law of 2016”, contains clauses which establish the creation of a legal tracking system for Americans. The tracking bill introduces “tracking devices” which are “non-invasive” and “non-permanent” (although per the frog in the slowly boiling pot, these programs always begin out slowly and end up becoming tyrannical). Under the guise of helping “missing Americans with dementia and developmental disabilities”, the tracking bill allows the Attorney General (head of the Department of Justice, which is part of the Executive governmental branch) to…

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The Great Fear That Putin & Trump Will Have THIS Conversation



Jon Rappoport
December 13, 2016

The press, the federal bureaucracy, Congress, and other assorted power players and leeches are deathly afraid that Trump will go off-script in his communications with key foreign leaders.

Worse yet, he will do it without the usual gaggle of reporters on the scene. He will therefore ignore and insult the “owners of the news” yet again.

He will pay zero attention to the State Department bureaucracy, which of course is dedicated to Globalism.

He will get on the phone with Putin, and this will happen:

Trump: I was thinking we should get together and sit down and talk. Just you and I.

Putin: Why not?

Trump: No staffs. I’d bring two or three people.

Putin: No big ceremony. No months of planning. No protocol. No build-up.

Trump: Exactly. And no reporters.

Putin: That goes without saying. Where would we do it?

Trump: Maybe…

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Gallup: Support For Electoral College Surges After 2016 Presidential Election


d46bffd8-7832-4835-895e-9f89680f51aeDemocratic leaders have suddenly discovered that the Electoral College is anti-democratic and have called for its elimination.  I have long been a critic of the Electoral College, though I understand the concerns of those who fear that the loss of the institution would reduce presidential elections to the choice of states like California and New York.  However, the interesting result of this election (where Hillary Clinton won the popular) was a ground swell of calls for the elimination of the Electoral College.  The hue and cry for reform gave hope for critics (despite the obvious opportunism and hypocrisy from some quarters) but a recent Gallup poll indicates that an inverse move has also occurred as many have come to appreciate the counter-majoritarian impact of institution in this election.  The net results appears to be an increase in support for the Electoral College.

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