The Great Fear That Putin & Trump Will Have THIS Conversation



Jon Rappoport
December 13, 2016

The press, the federal bureaucracy, Congress, and other assorted power players and leeches are deathly afraid that Trump will go off-script in his communications with key foreign leaders.

Worse yet, he will do it without the usual gaggle of reporters on the scene. He will therefore ignore and insult the “owners of the news” yet again.

He will pay zero attention to the State Department bureaucracy, which of course is dedicated to Globalism.

He will get on the phone with Putin, and this will happen:

Trump: I was thinking we should get together and sit down and talk. Just you and I.

Putin: Why not?

Trump: No staffs. I’d bring two or three people.

Putin: No big ceremony. No months of planning. No protocol. No build-up.

Trump: Exactly. And no reporters.

Putin: That goes without saying. Where would we do it?

Trump: Maybe…

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