Electoral voters now subjected to brutal wave of death threats and intimidation psyops… “faithless” votes being coerced to throw the election

Image: Electoral voters now subjected to brutal wave of death threats and intimidation psyops… “faithless” votes being coerced to throw the election

(NaturalNews) If a thug points a gun to your head, hands you a piece of paper, and says, “Sign this contract,” is the contract legally binding?

Of course it isn’t. It was coerced under the threat of violence, and no court in the nation would uphold the contract as legally binding.

Yet right now, electoral voters all across America are being essentially held at gunpoint, threatened with being killed if they don’t change their votes to oppose Donald Trump. The dishonest mainstream media is further amplifying the coercion by running an organized psyop campaign of disinfo (“psyop” means psychological operations) which falsely claims the Russians “hacked” the election, despite the complete absence of a shred of evidence to support the narrative.

The Russian hack conspiracy delusion has already been completely discredited. It turns out the DNC emails were leaked by a democrat insider who supported Bernie Sanders. The handing over of the emails took place in a wooded area in Washington D.C. and had nothing whatsoever to do with the Russians.

“Electors around the country are being harassed with a barrage of emails, phone calls and letters — and even death threats — in an effort to block Donald Trump from being voted in as president by the Electoral College on Monday,” reports the NY Post today.

The NY Post also reports:

Reports of GOP electors being badgered have been reported in numerous states, including Georgia, Idaho, Tennessee, Arizona, Utah and Michigan.

For Michael Banerian, a senior at Oakland University in Michigan and a Republican elector, the harassment comes with a dark side.

He said he’s been getting death threats via email, snail mail, Twitter and Facebook.

“Somebody threatened to put a bullet in the back of my mouth,” Banerian, 22, told The Post on Wednesday.

Leftists are “kidnapping” electoral voters and holding them for ransom

What you may not know is that these death threats are a coordinated campaign to threaten electoral voters into throwing the election. Yet the very existence of such persistent, coordinated death threats means that We the People must correct the electoral votes, knowing that many such votes will be cast under the threat of being killed. Thus, electoral votes cast under threat or violence are not legally binding. They may be “reclaimed” by the courts and corrected to represent the will of the voters in their states.

In essence, the political left — organized by international terrorist money man George Soros and people with ties to both the White House and Hillary Clinton — has “psychologically kidnapped” the electoral voters, and they’re demanding a kind of “ransom” or they will be killed. That ransom is a vote for anyone other than Donald Trump.

In other words, this is a “political mugging” where the radical left is holding a gun to their heads and saying, “Your vote or your life.”

And if they manage to switch 37 electoral votes through such death threats, the left will declare a “victory” for America, proclaiming the very people they threatened with being killed as being “heroes” for saving the country.

Unbelievable, isn’t it? This is right out of the Kim Jong-Un playbook for how to run a brutal dictatorship, which is probably why the radical left loves it so much. If you do what they want, you’re heralded as a national hero. If you don’t do what they want, you get a bullet in the head.

This really is the way liberals exert power, by the way, which is precisely why the DNC leaks happened in the first place: Some Bernie Sanders supporters were so angry at the Clinton collusion and corruption, they decided to expose the DNC by handing over leaked emails to Wikileaks. The democrats only have themselves to blame for losing the election because the truth came out.

Lawless democrats have no respect for real democracy… they’re pushing America toward a civil war they will quickly lose

What these tactics reveal is how lawless democrats have no respect whatsoever for the laws of this nation. Acting as crybullies and domestic terrorists, if they don’t get their way, they threaten to shoot everybody who disagrees with them. (Sound familiar? Look up the history of China’s “Cultural Revolution.”)

That’s the kind of behavior we see from totalitarian dictators in places like Cuba, North Korea or Communist China. And it’s perfectly aligned with the tyrannical philosophy of the political left: If they don’t get their way, they threaten to kill everyone who opposes them.

I’ve got news for those who espouse such threats of violence, coercion and lawlessness: We the People will stop you by invoking the Second Amendment to protect the Republic. And after we stop you, we will imprison you and charge you with crimes of treason. From there, the courts can decide what punishment is appropriate for your crimes.

Once President Trump is sworn into office, I hope he unleashes a massive investigation into all those who made death threats against the electoral voters. Those individuals must be arrested, imprisoned and charged with serious felony crimes, including sedition. Putting a gun to the heads of electoral voters is a very serious thing. It threatens the sanctity of the entire Republic. Such threats cannot go unpunished.

Hey, we can finally put all those FEMA camps to good use!

In observing all this, I’ve come to realize the radical left is going to push America into a civil war. But I also believe a civil war won’t last very long because the left will be very quickly defeated by a combination of police, military and armed American patriots fighting alongside law enforcement.

It turns out all those FEMA camps will come in handy after all: That’s where we can put all the left-wing terrorists and traitors who tried (but failed) to overthrow the country. There, we’ll pump in broadcasts of Sean Hannity and Michael Savage until we break the NLP hypnosis programming the left-wingers have been subjected to for the last eight years under Obama, a master of linguistic subterfuge.

Over time, some of them might be rehabilitated to the point where they can rejoin society as sane, rational citizens instead of the mentally ill crybullies they are today. After all, we want to help these people heal their mental illness wherever possible. Unlike the radical left which wants to kill everyone they don’t agree with, conservative Americans are far more interested in saving lives and uplifting our fellow brothers and sisters, no matter what sort of psychological trauma they were subjected to by CNN, the Washington Post and the New York Times.

Remember: The same kind of psyop the media is running right now against the electoral voters has been pursued for years against liberals and progressives. That’s why they are so traumatized by reality: They’ve been poisoned, programmed, hypnotized and traumatized by the left-wing media for as long as they can remember!

It’s time to finally set all Americans free from the psychological prisons that have been built for them by the corrupt political left. That effort begins anew on January 20, 2017, which is precisely why the radical left is planning to stage a mass uprising on that day. They last thing the left wants is Americans who aren’t subjected to a daily dose of left-wing propaganda.

Stay tuned to NaturalNews.com and NewsTarget.com for more details as all this moves forward. I’m also launching a new live broadcast show in 2017 to cover breaking news in real time.


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    Michael Moore on TV called for sedition, rioting, disruption and he should be arrested for attempting to in site riots

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    We’re almost there – SEQUESTER them and their families!!!

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    It is time that penalties outweigh any attempts at threatening anyone with death threats.
    Lock them up for 25 years and throw the key away. Threats have consequences.

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    Proven Nazi Collaborator George Soros and ThevCkunton Crime Family are orchestrating these nefarious and felonious efforts; lock them up.

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    The people threatening the electoral college voters are simultaneously threatening every single American who voted for Trump. Think about it!

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    If the extreme left and the globalists were a foreign country we should be going after them!

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    The NYT, WAPO Boston globe press couldn’t sway the people
    The Mainstream media fake polls couldn’t sway the people
    The president and his wife couldn’t sway the people
    Hollywood couldn’t sway the people
    The Soros paid protestors and riots couldn’t sway the people
    The recount failed and fake new attack both failed.

    The people did what they wanted imagine that !
    Next the will say the Aliens interfered with the elections because the aliens like

    Trumps idea of world peace which ensures them clean water, soil in their underground caverns then the people will gather around the aliens in support of diversity and life

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    All of this comes from an absurdly silly electoral system you have in the U.S. Why the hell would anyone need that electors vote again, to express the choice of the majority of people from each state ? If that majority chose a candidate, why not consider the state votes as definitely belonging to that candidate ? Why would it be needed that other people vote again to confirm what has already been voted ?? Incomprehensible !!!

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    Why aren’t those making the threats being arrested? We know it is coming from a group of criminal Clinton operatives and paid trolls. So why is law enforcement not doing something about it? We know that the creature Attorney General Lynch will not prevent these people from being threatened or killed, but it can still be done at a local level where the electoral college people reside. Local and state police should investigate and bring these people to justice.

    I am still reeling over the disappearance of Julian Assange. He was begging for help before he disappeared and got no assistance. Are we now going to stand by and watch our electors also killed OR coerced into electing one of the most dangerous criminals of our times?

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    Mike, very good Article, As always you spelled it out, and these will be the same people we will be dealing with out there in the business world, trustworthy ? I don’t think so, and they, if some how God help us not, that they will keep threating , tricking, lie, and some of there leader’s known to kill any one that gets in their way, These will the same people following Hilary & Obama to call for our heads ,so to speak, or will it not just be an expression? Mike many of the Watcher’s are uncovering the dark side of the Elite Left, were told that they are using Black Magic to Change things in this Country & World, don’t think for a minute Guys this is Fantasy, it is very ! real to the core, they have pulled out all the Trick’s in their little Bag to regain The Power, Pray as never before in Jesus Name for we are , as God said, “In a Spiritual Warfare not of Flesh & Blood, but evil wickedness In HIGH PLACES”, “Put on the Whole armor of God that you might fight the evil of this World”, God saw what would be ahead for Us. Blessing’s In Jesus Pray !

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    Facebook makes its announcement about “fake news” just in time to refute all the “real news” about all this coming out in the alternative media. How coincidental, and strategic.

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    I think that The CIA is just a little bit better equipt to determine who did the hacking than you are my friend 🙂

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      The only thing the CIA is better at than anyone else is LYING. It’s ALL they do! A league of sociopaths.

    • Avatar

      FBI knows the CIS story was falsified by Lolita Express Clinton’s.

    • Avatar

      HAHA! Really? The CIA is NOT to be trusted, EVER. They were responsible for the assassination of JFK, they topple governments around the world at will, they assassinate other world leaders and dictators when it suits them and their masters (Soros), they undermine freedom movements, they quash uprisings that go against their masters (Soros and others), and on and on and on. The CIA is one of the dirtiest agencies in the world, if not the dirtiest, they have blood on their hands and they really don’t care about that blood. Truth isn’t a part of the Lexicon of CIA agents, the Truth is what they tell you it is! Don’t you understand? Please wake up and start seeing Reality instead of the Psyop they’ve sold to you. The CIA is better equipped – Dude, that would be hilarious if it wasn’t so darn scary…

    • Avatar

      Are you sure YOU think ?

    • Avatar

      Jimvancise, CIA Wolf tending to the Hen house , equip with the pack !

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    If the leftie crybabies want to be warmongers, they’ll REALLY be asking for their sanctuary cities after they tangle with us. We’ll dispose of them fruitballs in no time at all.

  • Avatar

    I’m with you and a whole bunch of others who voted for Trump I’m sure ! Yeah the libs have this crazy idea that some how if they steal the election, we are going to sit idly by, nope not by a long shot!! Honestly who would oppose us? I don’t think there would be that many police who would willingly , try to stop us from destroying them, hell most of them probably voted for Trump! National guard probably not ! A bunch of libs with signs, that”s not going to win against a bunch of well armed pissed off conservatives! As many pissed of Generals that Trump is hiring, I believe the military would be on Trumps side! But I wouldn’t capture them , they would be traitors to the constitution and subject to execution if caught! Screw them for putting us through that hell! It’s gone far enough!

  • Avatar

    We can worry about the cares of this world and remain in a state of fear and distress…


    We can use the most powerful gift we’ve been given: PRAYER.

    Prayer got Trump elected and it CAN keep him protected. Always remember the effectual fervent prayers of the righteous availeth much, weighing heavily on God’s heart!

    • Avatar

      And don’t forget to pray for the electoral college and their families. They have no protection.

      • Avatar

        Amen! I was listening to one of my favorite Bible teachers the other day and he said he has a friend who sets an alarm on his watch to go off once every hour so he can pray without getting too overwhelmed by the busyness of everyday life. That’s an EXCELLENT IDEA I’m incorporating into my daily life. Would you like to join me by practicing the same? 🙂

    • Avatar

      Amarind, Your so right! just look what happened when that Map turned Red almost all of it all Red ! Trump Red, & the many that prayed night & day for Donald Trump to have Victory, that was Victory for the People in Jesus Name, before our votes didn’t count as they said, But our Prayers with God did get counted ! & stopped the Stealing of the Vote from Trump to the point He would Not! lose, they haven’t given up the Tricks still trying, we must keep Praying in Jesus Name to stop their regaining the Power seat from Trump & Pray for Trump & His Family for God’s Protection for they who hate Him are wicked !

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