Inside job? DNC docs were leaked, not hacked – US Intel vets

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Published on Dec 17, 2016

Anonymous allegations that Russian government hackers interfered with the US elections are “evidence-free,” several retired intelligence professionals argued in an open letter. Any hack would have been noticed by the NSA, which has stayed silent, they say.

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Seth Rich lost his life to expose the crooked DNC. Even if it was “hacked”, the content isn’t in question. The bitch is a criminal. Seth Rich was shot and killed in the back so maybe Hillary should take her dog out for a nice long walk down the sidewalk for a couple of blocks and lets see what ends up in her back.
Bear Ted E.
Seth Rich… Hitlery and co killed him for that.
Rod Long
Of course Hillary isn’t accepting responsibility for losing, she’s a Democrat and deflection is the only thing they know.

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