Washington Post can’t stop faking the news: U.S. electrical grid “penetration” story a complete fabrication

Image: Washington Post can’t stop faking the news: U.S. electrical grid “penetration” story a complete fabrication

(NaturalNews) In a desperate effort to discredit Donald Trump and create mass hysteria across America’s gullible left, the Washington Post has, for the last several months, deliberately engaged in a shameless campaign of fabricating fake news stories.

Even as each story is proven to be based on pure fiction, the Washington Post rolls out yet more fake stories to try to justify their previous fake stories. The latest example of that came on Friday, when the WashPost completely fabricated another delusional paranoia episode in a story that claimed “Russian hackers penetrated U.S. electricity grid through a utility in Vermonth, officials say.” Click here for the current version of that story (which has already been radically altered from the original story).

Fanning the flames of delusional paranoia even higher, Vermonth Sen. Patrick Leahy “…took the rhetoric to a whole new level by asserting a diabolical Russian plot to shut down the U.S. electrical grid in the middle of winter…a move that would most certainly kill off half the state’s population in an instant,” reports Zero Hedge.

Glenn Greenwald from The Intercept adds this observation:

The article went on and on in that vein, with all the standard tactics used by the U.S. media for such stories: quoting anonymous national security officials, reviewing past acts of Russian treachery, and drawing the scariest possible conclusions (“’The question remains: Are they in other systems and what was the intent?’ a U.S. official said”).

The media reactions, as Alex Pfeiffer documents, were exactly what one would expect: hysterical, alarmist proclamations of Putin’s menacing evil.

Reuters even picked up on the story, reporting the same false narrative the Washington Post fabricated, claiming: “A malware code associated with Russian hackers has reportedly been detected within the system of a Vermont electric utility.”

The problem with all this? The Washington Post’s original story was completely fabricated.

The Washington Post made it all up

They made it up. This is how the Washington Post now engages in “journalism.” As Zero Hedge explains:

Alas, there was just one minor problem, namely that the entire article was completely fabricated.  Apparently the esteemed “journalists” of the Washington Post didn’t even bother to contact the Burlington Electric Department to confirm their bogus story…and why should they…it fit the “Russian hacking” narrative so perfectly therefore it must be true, right?

Well, apparently not.  The quick spread of WaPo’s “fake news” story forced the Burlington Electric Department to issue a clarifying statement assuring worried residents that, indeed, their electricity grid had not been hacked, but rather a single “laptop not connected” to the grid had been found to have a malware virus.

In other words, the electric grid wasn’t “penetrated” by Russian hackers. What really happened is that somebody found a virus on a laptop.

Yeah, that’s it. And the virus they found can be downloaded by anyone. It’s not a super secret Russian spy virus. It’s just a readily available off-the-shelf virus on a regular laptop that wasn’t even connected to the grid.

Washington Post alters headline, adds editor’s note admitting the entire story was bogus

Caught in yet another totally fabricated lie, the Washington Post began to backpedal on its original story. It also added this editor’s note:

Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that Russian hackers had penetrated the U.S. electric grid. Authorities say there is no indication of that so far. The computer at Burlington Electric that was hacked was not attached to the grid.

In other words, the Washington Post just “made s##t up” and called it “news.”

Glenn Greenwald at The Intercept immediately ripped the WashPost for getting caught yet again completely fabricating false news:

There was no “penetration of the U.S. electricity grid.” The truth was undramatic and banal. Burlington Electric, after receiving a Homeland Security notice sent to all U.S. utility companies about the malware code found in the DNC system, searched all its computers and found the code in a single laptop that was not connected to the electric grid.

Apparently, the Post did not even bother to contact the company before running its wildly sensationalistic claims, so Burlington Electric had to issue its own statement to the Burlington Free Press, which debunked the Post’s central claim (emphasis in original): “We detected the malware in a single Burlington Electric Department laptop not connected to our organization’s grid systems.”

So the key scary claim of the Post story — that Russian hackers had penetrated the U.S. electric grid — was false. All the alarmist tough-guy statements issued by political officials who believed the Post’s claim were based on fiction.

Even worse, there is zero evidence that Russian hackers were even responsible for the implanting of this malware on this single laptop. The fact that malware is “Russian-made” does not mean that only Russians can use it; indeed, like a lot of malware, it can be purchased (as Jeffrey Carr has pointed out in the DNC hacking context, assuming that Russian-made malware must have been used by Russians is as irrational as finding a Russian-made Kalishnikov AKM rifle at a crime scene and assuming the killer must be Russian).

As the actual truth emerged once the utility company issued its statement, the Post rushed to fix its embarrassment, beginning by dramatically changing its headline.

The Washington Post now exists as a propaganda fiction rag that routinely fabricates delusional scare stories as click bait

The Washington Post is now officially a “click bait” rag. The “journalism” conducted by the paper is laughable and insulting to any intelligent person. They didn’t even bother to call the Burlington power company to confirm anything before running their fabricated scare story that dredged up fictional “facts” out of thin air.

The WashPost did do us one big favor in all this, however: It demonstrated yet again how mainstream media publishers are the kings of “fake news.”

This isn’t a one-time thing, either: The WashPost keeps getting caught again and again, knowingly and deliberately fabricating false news to scare America half to death. I’ve dubbed this practice “journo-terrorism,” and in an article describing journo-terrorism, I explain the real agenda of the Washington Post, NYT and CNN:

Their job in the leftist ecosystem of psychological warfare is to unleash vast fields of mental landmines that innocent American stumble into, setting them off and blasting apart their cognitive constructs. Once the old belief systems are eliminated, new beliefs are inserted through “info-doctrination” — i.e. repeated, daily news streams consisting of fear and lies that create “trigger conditions” in the minds of those being hypnotized.

It’s fascinating that planting actual land mines on battlefields is often considered a “crime against humanity,” but when journo-terrorists plant cognitive land mines across the psychological battlefield of America, it’s all “fact checked” into reality by Politifact, Snopes or the Washington Post. Suddenly the land mines are perfectly acceptable to the leftists. It is these land minds that are right now responsible for the massive psychological trauma being experienced by the crying, wailing leftists whose brains have been shattered by journo-terrorism from MSNBC, CNN, the NYT, the LA Times and so on.

That’s why I continue to call for the prosecution of anti-American journo-terrorists who are deliberately working to subvert America through the spreading of bogus, fabricated propaganda that’s knowingly created to harm America’s interests and terrorize its citizens.

We must stop the psychological terrorism being carried out by radical left-wing journo-terrorists

Journo-terrorism is psychological warfare, and it is being deliberately carried out every single day at the Washington Post, NYT, CNN, MSNBC and other “fake news” media outlets. These acts of journo-terrorism pose a grave danger to the American psyche and are deliberately pursued to undermine our Republic through the spreading of false fear.

These acts of journo-terrorism by the Washington Post are not mistakes. They are deliberate. They are premeditated. They are scripted with an intended purpose… and that purpose is rooted in subversion and the ginning up of baseless hysteria for political aims.

Free speech aside, the Washington Post is now knowingly yelling “fire” in a crowded room… even when there’s no fire. They’ve gone far beyond anything resembling “free speech” and have solidly become subversive enemies of the American people. Let us hope the new administration will do something to stop them before they are able to carry out more damaging propaganda campaigns against the American psyche.

Video: The Deep State


The fact that there is a ‘Deep State’ should not be in question.

There has been much talk about the Deep State, and their interest in holding on to their power. I don’t think that there are too many people who really understand who the ‘Deep State’ is and how much power they really have.

Please watch the following video, if you have any doubts about this ‘Deep State’:

It’s long. I know. So, just watch the first hour, if you don’t have any more time than that. And then, share it with everyone that you know.

YouTube shortlink: https://youtu.be/U1Qt6a-vaNM

Source: My Take on 2017 – Part One

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New Android Malware Hijacks Router DNS from Smartphone

Source:  http://thehackernews.com/2016/12/android-dns-malware.html


Another day, another creepy malware for Android users!

Security Researchers have uncovered a new Android malware targeting your devices, but this time instead of attacking the device directly, the malware takes control over the WiFi router to which your device is connected to and then hijacks the web traffic passing through it.

Dubbed “Switcher,” the new Android malware, discovered by researchers at Kaspersky Lab, hacks the wireless routers and changes their DNS settings to redirect traffic to malicious websites.

Over a week ago, Proofpoint researchers discovered similar attack targeting PCs, but instead of infecting the target’s machines, the Stegano exploit kit takes control over the local WiFi routers the infected device is connected to.

Switcher Malware carries out Brute-Force attack against Routers

Hackers are currently distributing the Switcher trojan by disguising itself as an Android app for the Chinese search engine Baidu (com.baidu.com), and as a Chinese app for sharing public and private Wi-Fi network details (com.snda.wifilocating).

Once victim installs one of these malicious apps, the Switcher malware attempts to log in to the WiFi router the victim’s Android device is connected to by carrying out a brute-force attack on the router’s admin web interface with a set of a predefined dictionary (list) of usernames and passwords.

“With the help of JavaScript [Switcher] tries to login using different combinations of logins and passwords,” mobile security expert Nikita Buchka of Kaspersky Lab says in a blog post published today.

“Judging by the hard coded names of input fields and the structures of the HTML documents that the trojan tries to access, the JavaScript code used will work only on web interfaces of TP-LINK Wi-Fi routers.”

Switcher Malware Infects Routers via DNS Hijacking


Once accessed web administration interface, the Switcher trojan replaces the router’s primary and secondary DNS servers with IP addresses pointing to malicious DNS servers controlled by the attackers.

Researchers said Switcher had used three different IP addresses –, and – as the primary DNS record, one is the default one while the other two are set for specific internet service providers.

Due to change in router’s DNS settings, all the traffic gets redirected to malicious websites hosted on attackers own servers, instead of the legitimate site the victim is trying to access.

“The Trojan targets the entire network, exposing all its users, whether individuals or businesses, to a wide range of attacks – from phishing to secondary infection,” the post reads.

“A successful attack can be hard to detect and even harder to shift: the new settings can survive a router reboot, and even if the rogue DNS is disabled, the secondary DNS server is on hand to carry on.”

Researchers were able to access the attacker’s command and control servers and found that the Switcher malware Trojan has compromised almost 1,300 routers, mainly in China and hijacked traffic within those networks.

The Bottom Line

Android users are required to download applications only from official Google’s Play Store.

While downloading apps from third parties do not always end up with malware or viruses, it certainly ups the risk. So, it is the best way to avoid any malware compromising your device and the networks it accesses.

You can also go to Settings → Security and make sure “Unknown sources” option is turned off.

Moreover, Android users should also change their router’s default login and passwords so that nasty malware like Switcher or Mirai, can not compromise their routers using a brute-force attack.

Mohit Kumar - Hacking News
Entrepreneur, Hacker, Speaker, Founder and CEO — The Hacker News and The Hackers Conference.

Despite getting the vaccine, this 8 year old relies on prosthetic limbs after losing his legs to meningitis


Image: Despite getting the vaccine, this 8 year old relies on prosthetic limbs after losing his legs to meningitis

Source: NaturalNews.com
Ethan A. Huff
January 1, 2017

If vaccines are really responsible for eradicating communicable disease as is often claimed, then why did eight-year-old Kye Vincent lose his legs and left hand? This is the poignant question some are asking after reports of Kye’s successful prosthesis went public, indicating that, despite young Kye’s compliance with childhood vaccine requirements, he still contracted meningococcal septicaemia, more commonly known as meningitis.

According to the U.K.’s Daily Mail Online, Kye developed meningitis earlier this year, even though he had earlier received a vaccination for meningitis as recommended by public health authorities. The disease ravaged the poor boy’s body, forcing his doctors to put him into an induced coma to increase his chances of survival. Kye survived, but the deadly bacteria took both of his legs and one of his hands, all of which had to be removed.

It was a terrible…

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Our First Year Homesteading


Source: Guildbrook Farm | Simple Sustainable Living
January 1, 2017

The year 2016 was our first official year homesteading. On The Dirt, we review some of the events that led us to start homesteading, what steps we took our first year, why we are taking it slow, and our homesteading plans for 2017.

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America’s $33 Mercenaries, Film and Review

Tales from the Conspiratum

Source: America’s $33 Mercenaries


Dr Stuart Bramhall

Posted: January 2, 2017
Press TV (2013)
Film ReviewThis is a Press TV documentary about the $33 third world mercenaries lured into the Iraq war by private US private security companies like Blackwater and Triple Canopy. Unbeknownst to the American public, shortly after the 2003 invasion and occupation, the Pentagon began using private security firms to recruit private mercenaries to serve on the front line. In 2008, 70,000 of the western combatants were mercenaries, with 10% from the US and 90% from developing countries like Peru, Uganda and India.

The mercenaries were contracted through extremely profitable private security agencies like Triple Canopy (later renamed Special Operations Consulting), who charged the US government $15,000 a month per mercenary and paid the mercenaries $1,000 a month ($33 a day). By 2011, SOC discovered they could recruit mercenaries from poorer countries for $11 a…

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Contaminated food from China now entering the U.S. under the ‘organic’ label

Tainted food

(NaturalNews) The Chinese food production industry is one of the world’s least-regulated and most corrupt, as has repeatedly been proven time and again. Now, it appears, there is no trusting anything that comes from China marked “organic.”

Natural Health 365 reports that several foods within the country are so contaminated that Chinese citizens don’t trust them. What’s more, the countries that import these tainted foods are putting their citizens at risk.

U.S. Customs personnel often turn away food shipments from China because they contain unsavory additives and drug residues, are mislabeled, or are just generally filthy. Some Chinese food exporters have responded by labeling their products “organic,” though they are far from it.

There are several factors at play which make Chinese claims of organic unreliable. First, environmental pollution from unrestrained and unregulated industrial growth has so polluted soil and waterways with toxic heavy metals that nothing grown in them is safe, much less organic. Also, there is so much fraudulent labeling and rampant corruption within the government and manufacturing sectors that it’s not smart to trust what is put on packaging.

In fact, farmers in China use water that is replete with heavy metals, Natural Health 365 noted in a separate report. In addition, water used for irrigation also contains organic and inorganic substances and pollutants. Chinese “organic” food is so contaminated that a person could get ill just by handling some of it.

‘Dirty water’ is all there is

The report noted further:

“This is reality – all of China’s grains, vegetables and fruits are irrigated with untreated industrial wastewater. The Yellow River, which is considered unusable, supports major foodproducing areas in the northeast provinces.”

Many Chinese farmers won’t even eat the food they produce, if you can believe that. That’s because it’s clear that China’s water pollution issues are so pronounced that it threatens the country’s entire food supply.

Chinese farmers have said there is no available water for crops except “dirty water.” As part of the country’s industrial prowess, it is also one of the largest producers (and consumers) of fertilizers and pesticides, Water Politics reported.

The site noted further that as China’s industrial might grows, so too does the level of contaminants in the country’s water supply. Lakes, rivers, streams and falling water tables are becoming more polluted by the year.

In addition to man-made pollutants, animals produce about 90 percent of the organic pollutants and half of the nitrogen in China’s water, say experts at the Chinese Academy for Environmental Planning. There are times when water is so polluted it turns black – yet it is still used to irrigate crops, and of course, that affects so-called organic farming operations as well.

These nine foods are particularly vulnerable to becoming tainted, Natural Health 365 noted:

Fish: Some 80 percent of the tilapia sold in the U.S. come from fish farms in China, as well as half the cod. Water pollution in China is a horrible problem, so any fish grown there are suspect.

Chicken: Poultry produced in China is very often plagued with illnesses like avian flu.

Apples and apple juice: Only recently has the U.S. moved to allow the importation of Chinese apples, though American producers grow plenty for the country and the world.

Rice: Though this is a staple in China and much of the rice in the U.S. comes from there, some of it has been found to be made of resin and potato.

Mushrooms: Some 34 percent of processed mushrooms come from China.

Salt: Some salt produced in China for industrial uses has made its way to American dinner tables.

Black pepper: One Chinese vendor was trying to pass off mud flakes as pepper.

Green peas: Phony peas have been found in China made of soy, green dye and other questionable substances.

Garlic: About one-third of all garlic in the U.S. comes from China.

Shop wisely.







  • Avatar

    Why are we allowing our hired help to poison us? Let Trump know the facts and ask him to stop the insanity: reorganize FDA; stop the chemtrails, etc.

  • Avatar

    Chemtrails and pollution make our foods including organic, non-organic. We cannot escape the contamination. Prez Trump needs to have a list of items that are “bad” for america and make america virtually uninhabitable.

    • Avatar

      what to eat
      i eat less and less food, almost nothing from the supermarket, standard stores.
      i am going with powder (supplement if you will) from markus rothkranz.
      powder from (sun dried ususally) vegetable and fruits ususally from the wild, high in mineral, not poor soils as at commercial farms.

      just with green formula, sea/irish moss, vitamin c (1 tbsc 1000mg), age free, protein powder you get probably everything. if you think you need more carbs, get organic banana (has a peel) or brown rice from good sources. I also get pure vitamin b12 shots 2-4 times (1000mcg) a year as i want it.

      if times get worse in future, he ofters also a book as an app to know which plants you can eat in forest. it is time to stop to buy unhealthy food from the supermarkets with low minerals/nutrtients.

      chemtrails, yes, that is a problem, our sky is large and so we deal with tons of it, not some miligrams of poison what they sprey and call geo engineering project to reflect sun beams and stop climate change. stopping one problem and causing another one is not right.

      • Avatar

        Some of the powdered supplements have high levels of the heavy metal lead. It could come from foods from China, or from the lead residue in fracking waste water grown in the USA.

  • Avatar

    The best investment you can make is a greenhouse and supply your own food . Trade and barter with like minds. Boycott the likes of Wholefoods = a total scam on organic food. Do not reward the criminals by doing business with them.

    • Avatar

      at least don’t support china food as long as they don’t change much.
      whole food and organic is great. but as always, scamer are around everywhere.
      so it is never 100% safe, neither in western world nor in east asia.
      we have to get active to make a change, by doing nothing, it get worse, not better.

  • Avatar

    The US needs to bring back all manufacturing and agriculture to the US where pollution can be strictly monitored.

  • Avatar

    DOLLAR STORES! ! ! Be so aware of any food bought in these stores, canned, dried, frozen or otherwise. . . HEADS UP!!!

  • Avatar

    Modified food starch will be the new cancer hazard. My toxicologist tested this substance and some of the Modified starch is encoated in plastics like silicones. It could be part of the agenda to transhumanize us. Filling the bodies with silicone fiber optics combined with chemtrail nanobots. The person who warned me worked for the military! Everyone do the “red wine spit test” on youtube. Everyone is spitting out nano goo which is silicone gel that makes the nano implants. Notice how modified starch, corn, etc. is in all food now. Even sodas. Why do they suddenly need to put modified starch in soda??!!! Plastic nanobots!

  • Avatar

    Buy local if possible. Locate farmers that you can buy from. That’s the only meat I eat. Learn to dowse.

  • Avatar

    Under the TPP, it could be that our food supply goes to the lowest bidder. Low food prices at the expense of all else.

    • Avatar

      Among other things. The TPP has 29 chapters…only five deal with trade. The rest is about taking away our national sovereignty on internet, the justice system , environmental rules, worker rights, etc.

  • Avatar

    If an ingredient is from China the whole product might still have a US or Canada designation. Congress destroyed what little food information we had available. Clean sweep, vote all the incumbents out!

  • Avatar

    …who would eat ANYTHING coming from China?? There is a store in my neighborhood that sells “honey” that is made in China… I would not believed it if I didn’t see it for myself. China is the super power of counterfeit goods. I barely buy clothes made there.

  • Avatar

    If this is true someone Please tell me just what are the Chinese eating??? Seems to me they would be starving by now.

  • Avatar

    Isn’t this the country that added melamine to dairy products to bring its watered down dairy products resulting in death. Growing up, my family used melamine dishes to eat dinner from. Chinese food products for all. They are well regulated.

  • Avatar

    Seems once again there’s the need for everyone to understand how important it is to GROW YOUR OWN FOOD! 🙂 Watch the Back to Eden garden tours on YouTube! You’ll be amazed. 🙂

    • Avatar

      Not just grow our own food but COOK our own food.

      • Avatar

        Of course, if you cook foods you eat. MANY people who have a Back to Eden garden say their produce tastes so good there’s no need to cook OR add dressings or sauces to foods like leafy greens, asparagus and even BEETS! 🙂

        But you are right, we can’t rely on anyone else to grow foods the way God designed them. EVERYTHING is not as it seems today and it’s ALL an assault on our bodies and health.

  • Avatar

    Sun gaze for 45 minutes at Sunrise and Sunset and STOP the need to eat at all. Draw your energy from the Sun through your Pineal gland and say FAAK you to big corps

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    If you need safe organic food just buy it from Russia. Ukrainian food is now being poisoned by Monsanto. Just like in USA.

    • Avatar

      Thanks to Hillary who spent billions overthrowing the Ukraine gov so a fascist gov could be installed. Then Biden went over to promote fracking there and in other countries. US leaders want to pollute all the earth. Also, Biden secured a seat on the Board of the largest gas company there. Russia doesn’t allow chem trails, doesn’t have capital punishment and interceded in Syria when we were taking out the third of seven Mid East Countries that we planned to overthrow. Tell me how bad Russia is.

    • Avatar

      I also read Russia is going to emerge as a large producer of organic fruits & vegetables.

  • Avatar

    Is there a way to tell food source country of origin? Funny how our clothes and other products are required to have COO labels but not our food!😖😠😏

  • Avatar

    Very informative article! It’s getting harder and harder to find safe food, even from outside of China. I do believe tough that, in the average, buyers of food imported from China run a higher risk. I’m also concerned about the fact that in the U.S. efforts are underway to lower organic standards. If it goes on like this, the certified-organic label might eventually become worthless.

    • Avatar

      Learn to dowse. I shop at a farmers market…

      • Avatar

        Great idea. However, I wonder how salespeople and other customers would react to seeing me using a pendulum. The same is true for a Geiger counter to see if a product has been impacted by Fukushima radiation (or another source). I know, it shouldn’t matter. I should give up seeking approval. Well, I guess dowsing could also be done after a purchase. I could then avoid buying a toxic product again. Or it could even be done before entering a store to buy specific products.

  • Avatar

    We ship them our toxic fracking crap, and they send us their toxic food crap.
    What a world!
    Thank you for bringing this to light!
    When are we going to become more than voices crying in the wilderness?

  • Avatar

    Even when it comes to growing your own foods, can you trust the dirt you buy at Home Depot or Lowes isn’t tainted with toxic metals as well?

13 Year-Old Boy Permanently Disabled from Chicken Pox Vaccine Wins His Case in Vaccine Court

Tales from the Conspiratum

Image result for vaccine Source: 13 Year-Old Boy Permanently Disabled from Chicken Pox Vaccine Wins His Case in Vaccine Court


Source: Missy Fluegge

Dec 31, 2016

A young man was recently awarded compensation in the United States Court of Federal Claims Vaccine Court, for injuries he sustained after being administered the hepatitis A and varicella vaccinations in 2009.  After five long years of litigation, Health and Human Services (HHS), the Respondent in all vaccine injury cases, conceded that the varicella vaccination did in fact cause RD’s vaccine injury, transverse myelitis, which has left him a tetraplegic.

In November 2014, HHS conceded that the vaccination caused RD’s injuries.  Even with this concession, his case continued for another year in the damages phase, during which time the parties continued to negotiate the amount of damages that RD would receive for his injuries.  Although he was compensated for his suffering and injuries, the monetary award will never…

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