This is a coup: the Homeland Security takeover of US elections

This is a coup: the Homeland Security takeover of US elections

On a scale of importance from 1 to 10, with 10 being the most important, this breaking development is a 500.

by Jon Rappoport

January 8, 2017

On Friday, the traditional day of the week for quietly releasing big news that will hopefully be ignored by the public—and also obscured by the Fort Lauderdale Airport shooting—the chief of Homeland Security announced that his office will be taking over US elections.

If you can’t see the coup in progress, you need to keep looking until the message comes through.

Read carefully—ABC News reports. My comments are in brackets:

“Citing increasingly sophisticated cyber bad actors and an election infrastructure that’s ‘vital to our national interests’, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson announced Friday that he’s designating U.S. election systems critical infrastructure…”

[Also known as: “we’re taking over.”]

“’Given the vital role elections play in this country, it is clear that certain systems and assets of election infrastructure meet the definition of critical infrastructure, in fact and in law’,” Johnson said in a statement. He added: ‘Particularly in these times, this designation is simply the right and obvious thing to do’.”

[Also known as: “we’re taking over.”]

“The determination came after months of review and despite opposition from many states worried that the designation would lead to increased federal regulation or oversight on the many decentralized and locally run voting systems across the country. It was announced on the same day a declassified U.S. intelligence report said Russian President Vladimir Putin ‘ordered’ an influence campaign in 2016 aimed at the U.S. presidential election.”

[Also known as: “we needed an excuse, a fake cover story for our takeover, and Russia is it.”]

“Such a change [in who controls the US election process] does not require presidential action [or Congressional approval], and only requires the secretary [of DHS] to first consult with the assistant to the president for homeland security and counterterrorism.”

[Also known as: “this is a coup by the White House.”]

“Johnson said election infrastructure included storage facilities, polling places and vote tabulation locations, plus technology involved in the process, including voter registration databases, voting machines and other systems used to manage the election process and report and display results.”

[Also known as: “We’re taking over every significant aspect of the national election process.”]

“The designation [of US elections as critical infrastructure] allows for information to be withheld from the public when state, local and private partners meet to discuss election infrastructure security — potentially injecting secrecy into an election process that’s traditionally and expressly a transparent process. U.S. officials say such closed door conversations allow for frank discussion that would prevent bad actors from learning about vulnerabilities. DHS would also be able to grant security clearances when appropriate and provide more detailed threat information to states.”

[Also known as: “we can intercede in the election process and determine its outcome without any need to pretend we’re being transparent; only people we approve will know the details of how we run elections; secrecy works.”]

“The Obama administration has proposed international cyber rules for peacetime that would expressly note that countries shouldn’t conduct online activity targeting critical [US] infrastructure, which will now also include election systems.”

[Also known as: “in case there is any doubt, elections systems in America will be property of the federal Executive Branch.”]

This is a coup.

This is equivalent to declaring a national state of emergency, including martial law: the DHS, if it deemed it necessary, could utilize armed agents to enforce the new directive and take over states’ offices that resist.

Election-processes belong to the states. But not anymore.

And of course, with this awesome new power, the DHS could intercede, behind the scenes, in the voting process and rig elections.

There is an additional aligned factor at work in this op: the proposed elimination of the Electoral College—yet another measure designed to “federalize” the election process.

Most people are entirely ignorant of the fact that the Constitution was a pact among states. With reluctance, the independent states agreed to relinquish certain specified powers to the newly created central government, while retaining all other powers.

The Electoral College was, therefore, a natural invention, because the states would maintain crucial influence in determining the outcome of presidential elections. State Electors would cast their presidential votes based on which candidate won in their state.

Eliminating the Electoral College now would add one more layer of federal control over the whole country, and take control from the states. More centralization.

Imagine it. Only the popular vote counts. The states are dumped. And on top of it all, the Dept. of Homeland Security has the power to run the election process as a piece of “critical infrastructure.”

Rigging the vote in New York and California, plus a few other populous states, would decide the election. And in time, no one would think about “New York” or “California” as separate entities—because they wouldn’t be. They would just be “more land and people” that are part of “wholly unified” America.

This is perfect for the “unity politicians” who spout empty rhetoric every chance they get—“we’re all in this together.” As I tirelessly point out, such slogans are nothing less than covert ops, and their goal is roping in as many dullards as possible under a messianic banner of A Better Life for All under a Beneficent Government.

Also known as: we the rulers decree, you the people submit; your survival depends on us; we give and take as we will, and that shall be the whole of the law.

Eventually, why have presidential elections at all? Just allow the DHS to determine which candidate will best serve the needs and desires of the controllers.

It’s cleaner, simpler, and more direct.

It’s a coup.

Will Trump cancel it?

Obama is basically challenging him to do it—which would create one more firestorm in the press directed at Trump.

“See, the new president just stopped the DHS from protecting our sacred free elections. Trump is exhibiting more treasonous cooperation with his Russian masters…he’s leaving the door wide open for their secret invasion against our liberties…”

The timeline is clear. One: Hillary will surely win the election. Two: Trump won the election. Three: Trump won because Russia “hacked the election” in his favor. Four: We must protect our national election process from foreign hacking. Five: Homeland Security must put itself in charge of national elections.

Stay tuned.

A coup just occurred.


  1. Here we go. This is very troubling Very

  2. Anyone recall the State of Georgia recently complaining DHS had been detected trying to hack Georgia’s election system by had been detected by the security people Georgia had retained to prevent hacks? Huh.

    • thetinfoilhatsociety says:

      Yes, and I also remember there was a state elections coordinator who wrote a letter to DHS as well as the FBI and someone else asking why, who gave them permission, and if there were any disciplinary actions.

    • Mr Darcy says:

      Yes, I remember. I vote in Georgia.

  3. DHS has lots of help…..fact – Facebook’s Privacy Team sent me a notice, complete with a cute little graphic of a man pointing to a piece of paper nailed to a tree with a thumb’s up on it. The message said “Dana, you recently liked a post by Donald J. Trump. We want to make sure you know who can see when you interact with posts.” According to Facebook, I should hide my opinion, you know, self-censor.

  4. Eliza Ayres says:

    The Dept. of “Homeland Security” needs to be ripped apart and scattered to the winds.

    • Best idea I have seen today Eliza. It would solve many problems. When 9/11 is exposed and the people realize DHS was created because of a false flag attack, the opportunity may exist to rid ourselves of DHS entirely.

  5. AllLivesMatter says:

    At this point, Obama’s America is far more dangerous than Russia is to our election process or state of freedom and safety.

  6. Terry Schiller says:

    This news provided a temporary cure for my constipation.

  7. BreakawayConsciousness says:

    The plot sickens. Stay tuned.

  8. Theodore says:

    Here is the DHS press release

    Statement by Secretary Jeh Johnson on the Designation of Election Infrastructure as a Critical Infrastructure Subsector

    Release Date:
    January 6, 2017

    For Immediate Release
    Office of the Press Secretary
    Contact: 202-282-8010

    I have determined that election infrastructure in this country should be designated as a subsector of the existing Government Facilities critical infrastructure sector. Given the vital role elections play in this country, it is clear that certain systems and assets of election infrastructure meet the definition of critical infrastructure, in fact and in law.

    I have reached this determination so that election infrastructure will, on a more formal and enduring basis, be a priority for cybersecurity assistance and protections that the Department of Homeland Security provides to a range of private and public sector entities. By “election infrastructure,” we mean storage facilities, polling places, and centralized vote tabulations locations used to support the election process, and information and communications technology to include voter registration databases, voting machines, and other systems to manage the election process and report and display results on behalf of state and local governments.

    Prior to reaching this determination, my staff and I consulted many state and local election officials; I am aware that many of them are opposed to this designation. It is important to stress what this designation does and does not mean. This designation does not mean a federal takeover, regulation, oversight or intrusion concerning elections in this country. This designation does nothing to change the role state and local governments have in administering and running elections.

    The designation of election infrastructure as critical infrastructure subsector does mean that election infrastructure becomes a priority within the National Infrastructure Protection Plan. It also enables this Department to prioritize our cybersecurity assistance to state and local election officials, but only for those who request it. Further, the designation makes clear both domestically and internationally that election infrastructure enjoys all the benefits and protections of critical infrastructure that the U.S. government has to offer. Finally, a designation makes it easier for the federal government to have full and frank discussions with key stakeholders regarding sensitive vulnerability information.

    Particularly in these times, this designation is simply the right and obvious thing to do.

    At present, there are sixteen critical infrastructure sectors, including twenty subsectors that are eligible to receive prioritized cybersecurity assistance from the Department of Homeland Security. The existing critical infrastructure sectors are:

    Commercial Facilities
    Critical Manufacturing
    Defense Industrial Base
    Emergency Services
    Financial Services
    Food and Agriculture
    Government Facilities
    Healthcare and Public Health
    Information Technology
    Nuclear Reactors, Material, and Waste
    Transportation Systems
    Water and Wastewater Systems

    Entities within these sectors all benefit from this designation and work with us closely on cybersecurity. For example, we have developed joint cybersecurity exercises with numerous companies within the communications, information technology, financial services and energy sectors to improve our incident response capabilities. We have also streamlined access to unclassified and classified information to critical infrastructure owners and operators in partnership with information sharing and analysis organizations. Moreover, many critical infrastructure sectors include assets and systems owned and operated by state and local governments, such as dams, healthcare and public health, and water and wastewater systems.

    Now more than ever, it is important that we offer our assistance to state and local election officials in the cybersecurity of their systems. Election infrastructure is vital to our national interests, and cyber attacks on this country are becoming more sophisticated, and bad cyber actors – ranging from nation states, cyber criminals and hacktivists – are becoming more sophisticated and dangerous.

    Further, our increasingly digital and connected world has reshaped our lives. It has streamlined everyday tasks and changed the way we communicate. But, just as the continually evolving digital age has improved our quality of life, it has also introduced an array of cyber threats and implications.

    Cybersecurity continues to be a top priority for DHS, as it is for state and local election officials across the country. This designation enables the states, should they request it, to leverage the full scope of cybersecurity services we can make available to them.

    # # #

  9. Greg C. says:

    This coup will be put down in a matter of weeks. As I predicted last time, with the attempted coup of the electors, it will fail. It’s all meaningless rhetoric without an administration to make it happen. It’s the old guard’s final attempt to appear in control. Pathetic, really.

    • Marilyn Guinnane says:

      You are right on top of things, Greg. But have you seen that Dr. Steve Piecenezak or whatever his name is, on various sites? He’s been talking about a “peaceful revolution” happening now. He was on Alex Jones’ show very recently. He is, I’m convinced, one of the black hats. He’s saying that we don’t need Congress any longer—after all, they’re a bunch of lying swine anyway—all we need is executive orders, says the good psychiatrist. What I want to know is who died and made this dude king? Moreover, Jones showed his true colors in not even arguing with Dr. Steve. I mean, I was witnessing someone advocating the overthrow of our Constitution, which is treason, and Jones just sort of went along with it. He should have thrown him off his program, if he were the man we’re supposed to believe he is.

      • IMNAHA says:

        Right on v/v Steve P. , with one BIG exception: the original Contitutional Republic was overthrown in 1871 and replaced by a Corporation check out this the attached link; I have never seen this refuted and recently was confirmed thru a slip of the tongue by a Congressman.

        There’s also a video of this same article on youtube.

      • Mr Darcy says:

        You have misquoted what Dr Pieczenik said. Watch the interview again. He says–quite plainly–that power should–and will–return to the states. Watch it again.

      • Jacqueline says:

        I saw this and felt it was a bizarre interview. Jones continued to interrupt him before he could conclude a salient point, and always those which I construed as critical. Dr. Steve stated that the Republic had been restored, complements of the CIA. Not sure I buy that one, as other sources spoke of the FBI, NSA, and Pentagon as a group opposing the CIA – agency wars. And there was the reported NYC gunfire attack on the NSA building by the CIA (if that’s even true – God only knows what’s really going on anymore).

      • Greg C. says:

        Dr. P. sounded intriguing to me when I first him talking to Alex. He sounds very intelligent, and his accomplishments are amazing. But he does disturb me, particularly when he writes about the holocaust, claiming that the facts were grossly exaggerated. What possible bearing would that have, even if it were true, on the present? Seems to me he just panders to creating sensation.

        His take on congress is all wrong. Corruption comes from the top down, and so it will be with anti-corruption. Obama had a great deal with the corruption in congress, precisely by channeling power around them, or threatening to, whenever necessary. They responded in kind, by making secret deals and alliances. We need to normalize the channels of power, while draining the swamp.

    • Mr Darcy says:

      I agree. They do not have the manpower to enforce this. It is not a matter of only 50 states, it is a matter of 3000+ counties. And the states can easily return to older technology for voting. France uses handwritten ballots to this day. And no absentee voting, either. This “problem” is too easily “solved” for the voting officials in more than 3000 jurisdictions to submit to it, and they will not submit to it. This is doomed to early death.

      • Greg C. says:

        Exactly. Paper ballots, and then scanned images of paper ballots that can be recounted, and verified by voters online by using your ballot serial number, so that you can see your ballot and see how the computer tabulated it. And open source tabulation software.

        No early voting, no voting by mail like in Oregon, and close the polls at the proper time. And picture ID required to vote! So simple, hack-proof, and practically fraud-proof, without having to play spy-vs.-spy at the federal level.

  10. Marilyn Guinnane says:

    It would appear that we’ve experienced a number of coups in this country, the first (that I’m aware of) was in 1913 with the implementation of the Federal Reserve, which is wholly unconstitutional. Then JFK’s murder was a coup, as well. And now Fatherland Security is seizing the reins. You know, I’ve never bought the slop that “we” are God’s favorite country. But at this juncture, you have to think that the Creator had a hand in Donald Trump winning the election. Trump is one powerful man. He is a lion. I think, as well, that the Founders may have had a hand in getting him to run, with their ghostly whispers in his ear: ‘You are needed. Run for president. You will win.’

    • marysong says:

      I like that! Yes a lion! With the blessing of God!

    • Correct Marilyn… As for people calling to ignore DHS – that’s more pure BS. Others here who’ve called for total dismantling of DHS are also correct.

      It’s not just DHS ( who’ve now declared to pretty much claim Presidential/C iC powers) it’s ALL of the acronymic morons that need to be scooped out & ditched with finality.

      My bet is in the cleaning one will discover many, many ‘work visa’ people to be exported back to their origins – & their assets should be frozen. Free & disgusting ride over… Bing*

      12 days to go & this is going to get worse – much much worse – DO NOT pay attention to those who nay-say this event. THIS coup is for you, and against EVERYTHING we’ve worked for and earned; everything we’ve lost via Bush/Obama.

      When DHS was formed it was enacted specifically for this purpose; suppression of the genuine citizens of these United States – those of us who worked decades, paid our dues & taxes – so people like Jeh Johnson could ultimately place a stranglehold on us. It’s just too ugly to think about! And now here it is.

      Trump – may be able to walk it back and more – however what if that doesn’t or can’t happen?
      The possibility of the last of the foregoing sentence becomes greater as each day passes to the 20th.

      This coup is very, very dangerous.

  11. marysong says:

    One of George Bushs’ thousand points of light is now reaching us? I feel the pain. What a bunch of traitors!

  12. Old Hickory says:

    If they successfully get a Constitutional Convention convened… .

    Oh, here is another shot across the bow, “It Begins: Scholar Calls For Technocracy To Replace American Government” ( It links to the full article from the “The Washington Post”.

  13. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    May this be peacefully resolved.

  14. Kosh says:

    The best thing trump can do, is to turn the system against those who created it. Make Homeland security “his”. And rig the next elections against hillary.

    • Mr Darcy says:

      Bingo. Use the FBI to bring perfectly legitimate and lawful cases against members of Congress, the bureaucracies, and the so-called “press” to gain their willing cooperation. If he doesn’t make a few examples–high-profile examples–out of some Big Hitters–then he might as well go home now and forget the whole thing because they will NEVER get off his back, and they will do anything they have to–lawful or not–to upset his plans and to imprison us under their tyranny. He can also appoint as many SCOTUS justices as he pleases rather than waiting for these so-called “vacancies.” The Constitution does not stipulate any number of justices, so he needn’t wait for “vacancies” to “tip the balance.” He can–and should–do it now. And he ca go on TV and tell all 50 states that they have the power and the authority to use that power to set up banks of their own and to issue gold and silver coin as money within their states. Just ignore the Fed. Do an end-run around them, since abolishing it is clearly not going to happen. Just go an TV and TELL the governors and general assembiles to use their powers under the Constitution. We don’t have to wait. Nor do we need to extreme danger that a new Constitutional Convention would pose. The old one ain’t bloke and don’t need fixin’. But it DOES need to be used.

  15. IMNAHA says:

    IMHO this tricky little maneuver is simply a codification of what has been our election system for at least a century: an entertaining exercise that fills the coffer$ of the media mogul$ but at the Federal level is predetermined by the corporations that own the U.S. If people weren’t so innumerate in this country they could figure this out on a simple spreadsheet program.

  16. From Quebec says:

    The more they try, the more people will realize that Donald Trump is the real deal.

    Thank you, you idiots for being so stupid. You are awakening everybody to your incredible corruption.

    You will fail and we will applaud.

  17. Schlüter says:

    „President Elect Trump: Has His Struggle for Survival Already Begun?“:
    New Year regards

    • From Quebec says:

      Good grief! How can you read such a STUPID article.. Only anti Israel crowd would enjoy that kind of crap

      Tbe Donald isn’t afraid of anyone. Just wait and see when he enters the White House

  18. toejam says:

    I suppose whereas the people have consented to be probed, felt up, pinched and spindled at the airports by DHS they won’t mind having their favorite pols selected for them by Department of Hands on your Ass.

  19. billy says:

    So the DHS is going to demand all state elections move to a paper ballot format because that makes us the safest against hacking, and that’s the pure and blameless goal of this DHS action, to make us safe, right?

  20. Sunshine says:

    Nice. TSA lines at the voting booths. Men in uniform brow beating and frisking everyone if they step more than a foot out of line. Oh, maybe they can bring in those big full body wave machines too, just in case a voter tries to smuggle in their own pen, or baby formula to the voting booth. No pat downs allowed.

  21. willardy says:

    I think Trump had plans on dumping the DHS. I hope he does.
    They sure haven’t done much to stop a lot of the attacks here.

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