Source: http://www.blacklistednews.com/25_Years_of_Neocon-Neoliberalism%3A_Great_for_the_Top_5%25%2C_A_Disaster_for_Everyone_Else/56401/0/38/38/Y/M.html

It cannot be merely coincidental that the incomes and wealth of the top 5% have pulled away from the stagnating 95% in the 25 years dominated by neocon-neoliberalism.

One unexamined narrative I keep hearing is: “OK, so neocon-neoliberalism was less than ideal, but Trump could be much worse.” Let’s start by asking: would Syrian civilians agree with this assessment? The basic idea in the “OK, so neocon-neoliberalism was less than ideal, but Trump could be much worse” narrative is that the modest problems created by neocon-neoliberalism will pale next to what Trump will do, implying jackbooted Waffen SS troops will soon be marching through America on Trump’s orders.

This narrative is yet another example of American parochialism: since neocon-neoliberalism didn’t cause American cities to be bombed and its institutions demolished, it’s really not that bad.

Try telling that to the Iraqis, Libyans and Syrians who have been on the receiving end of neocon-neoliberalism policies. The reality is very unpleasant: for those targeted by America’s neocon-neoliberalism, nothing worse is imaginable, because the worst has already happened.

The cold reality is America’s 25 years of neocon-neoliberalism has been great for the top 5% and an unmitigated disaster for everyone else in the U.S. and the nations it has targeted for intervention.

Those defending the Democratic Party’s 16 years of neocon-neoliberalism (Clinton and Obama) and the Republican Party’s 8 years of neocon-neoliberalism (Bush) are defending a system that benefited the few at the expense of the many.

Rather than admit the past 25 years have been catastrophic for the bottom 95%, the apologists speak darkly of fantastical visions of a Nazi America as a diversion to the grim truth that they have blindly supported an evil Empire that has stripmined the bottom 95% in America and laid waste to entire nations abroad.

Neoconservatism’s malignant spores hatched in the Reagan years, and spread quickly after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Stripped to its essence, Neoconservatism is American Exceptionalism turned into a global entitlement: it’s our right to intervene anywhere in the world we choose to defend what we perceive as our interests, and it’s our right to impose our version of democracy and a market economy on other peoples.

Self-interest melds seamlessly with moral superiority in neocon-neoliberalism. The moral justification is: since ours is the best possible system, we’re doing you a favor by tearing down your institutions and imposing our system on you. The self-interest is: garsh, the “market” we imposed extracts your resources and benefits our banks and corporations. Amazing, isn’t it, how “free markets” benefit everyone?

But not equally. The claim of neoliberalism is: everything is transformed for the better when it is turned into a market. Once buyers and sellers can meet in a transparent marketplace, everybody prospers and everything becomes more efficient.

Stripped to its essence, neoliberalism is: the markets we set up are rigged to favor those at the top. All that talk about free markets is just public-relations cover to mask an intrinsically rigged quasi-market that has features of “real” markets while beneath the surface, it’s rigged to the advantage of big players at the top of the wealth-power pyramid.

Neoconservatism and neoliberalism are both inherently global, and so globalization is the necessary outcome. There is no market that cannot be skimmed for outsized profits once it has been globalized, and so once bat guano becomes a global tradeable commodity, Goldman Sachs establishes a bat guano trading desk. (This is a spoof, but you get the point.)

Neoconservatism entitles the U.S. to have an “interest” (as in profitable interest) in every nook and cranny of the planet. Policy changes in Lower Slobovia? It’s in our “interest” to monitor those changes and intervene if the policies are “not in our interests.”

Neocon-neoliberalism is brilliantly evil because it masks its true objectives behind such warm and fuzzy PR. Those looking for enemies of the people will find them not on the streets of America in cartoonish display but in the corridors of financial and policy power.

Dear apologists of the status quo: do you understand you’re defending this?

Notice how the wealth of the bottom 90% nosedived once neocon-neoliberalism became the de facto policy of Democrats and Republicans alike. No wonder Obama’s two terms seemed like  Bush terms 3 and 4–in terms of a continuation of neocon-neoliberalism, they were.

Yes, profound changes in technology, automation, and geopolitics have influenced finance and wealth, but it cannot be merely coincidental that the incomes and wealth of the top 5% have pulled away from the stagnating 95% in the 25 years dominated by neocon-neoliberalism:



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    I think Jews in ZOG’merica are nearer 1.8% of the population not 5%.

    Also, I saw you reached for the German national socialist slam with your SS invocation.
    If we hadn’t stomped Hitler, arm-in-arm with the red Communist army, America and the rest of the White world would not be flitting back and forth between what the commie left wing jews want and what the warmonger right wing jews want.

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      Well…you did at least properly name the dialectic, two wings of the same zio-bird.

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      It would have been similar to today anyway, we would have been under the thumb of the Gestapo or a similar group, the oppression of the common people, doesn’t change much, as history shows no matter what the Biggest big brother is called, he seems to treat his smaller siblings about the same.

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      The 5% NEO-LITES disregarded the 95% in every sense of the word.
      They were NEO-COLONIALISTS internationally and Merchantilists here.

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    Brilliant analysis, bookmarking this to spread on other comment sites.

    Short of the Yellowstone volcano exploding, there’s no way to quickly undermine the neoliberal state imperium.

    Trump is going to massively fail and disappoint his voters. Here’s just one example of the scams his administration will try to pull off.


    “dynamic scoring” is just a fancy way of justifying massive increases in the national debt — increases that would result from Trump’s plan to spend $500 billion on infrastructure development while carrying out dramatic tax cuts.

    According to an analysis from the Tax Policy Center, that tax plan would exacerbate income inequality and deprive the government of much-needed cash for operations…

    In other words, he will try to pull off a financial shell game that, if the Democrats proposed it — would cause the GOP to rebel.

    This is just one detail in a set of mutually-contradictory promises that will upend the new government.

    But he’s promising things that can unite the left and many Trump supporters:

    — Universal health care
    — large public projects to stimulate the economy
    — the necessity for government it “interfere” in the “free market,” whack big capitalist enterprises into line and create a national economic policy/plan
    — detaching from NATO and getting US forces out of “protecting” the world

    Many of us on the left agree with these things: Trump can’t and won’t make them happen, but we can unite with those who will be disillusioned to elect people who will make them happen. The Deep State is going to try to remove Trump and he’s got no ability to fight back, he has no real political allies except a lot of very rich guys. They’d much rather have a poodle like Pence, he can be handled in the usual fashion.

    But forces have been set loose that the Deep State can’t control.

    see more

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      Pence will be the president. He’s the hardline neo-con insider. Trump will never be allowed into the inner circle. His job was to distract the angry white people. I suspect he will be allowed to work on his personal little crony empire.

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        It will be interesting to see how they get rid of Trump. He’s a loose cannon: I don’t think the powers that be wanted him elected, but he steamrollered them all. There are several political dynasties plus the neocons plus the intelligence services that want him gone.

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          If TPTB had not chosen trump he would never be allowed near the White House. The whole election was nothing more than a farce played on the gullible American public, and a magnificent reality show engineered by government to engender fear, false hope, and pseudo-nationalism aimed at further dominance of the American people.

          Trump was an obama for a different demographic. His xenophobic appeal to the American public gained him tremendous popularity as minorities and illegal immigrants were blamed for the woes of the middle class. It’s not a coincidence TPTB introduced trump to the ‘voters’ through reality TV. The so-called ‘negative press’ he constantly received from MSM was a form of reverse psychology as it drove the pitchfork mob straight into his camp.

          Trump will prove to be the biggest con-job in American history.

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            I agree heartily with your last sentence, but don’t think they are a well-oiled as you do. They can and have been surprisingly inept, the leadership class is seriously divided and increasingly tells itself what it wants to hear rather than facing unpleasant things.

            Some of this is generational, the decline of the Bush aristocracy from Prescott to Jeb — steely-eyed cobra to Pillsbury Dough Boy — is a good example. The newer aristocrats are parodies in many cases of their predecessors.

            Rivalries and cross-purpose agendas abound. Compare tat to the Chinese leadership, a tight-knit group of people — about 300.

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              I predicted early-on that trump was the chosen one. I based my prediction on the fact that with all their negative coverage of trump, MSM never brought up the fact that trump got his start through his NY mob connections. Roy Cohn specifically. It was very easy to google.

              I also a pattern with the GOP. Reagan was the fresh-start outsider. Bush Sr. was the neo-con insider who turned out to be the de facto president. Bush Jr. was the new outsider while neo-con Cheney was the acting president. It will be the same with Trump/ Pence.

              Knowing the mentality of trump’s base made the child psychology angle easy to figure. Couple that with the hatred for Clinton and you can see he was meant to be. (I won’t even mention how trump was israel’s darling.)

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                Good points.
                You just might be right.
                For the time being however, I still think the PTB improvised when Hillary self-destructed in full view of the voting public, so they decided belatedly that Trump was someone they could work with, with a little effort.

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            My own take is that Hillary was the designated POTUS for the PTB. Trump upset the apple cart, but then the PTB decided that they could probably work with Trump. After all, Trump was no Ron Paul, so they gave him a pass.

            This is merely an educated guess, since we don’t have any recordings of the secret meetings held by the PTB.

            Your take might be true. I wouldn’t rule it out completely.

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        Trump seems pretty…perfect for both Red Team and Blue Team. The Chicken Hawks are getting their generals. The Blue Team looks like its going to get its spending and, lets face it, they all new ACA was getting ready to turn into a really bad dirty bomb very soon. Blue Team needed the opposition party to disarm it for them. Blue Team had to retool, their corruption had just built up to Lena Dunham crotch level stink.

        Red Team was losing ground to some liberty candidates – small numbers, but still a few people that had a quacky view about small government and liberty. There is only so many of those they can absorb before the party has real problems. Trump allows the party to be restored to it’s rightful place (“opposition party”) as the nationalist, law and order, party of defense. The populism window dressing is good theatre. There is no threat to the welfare state, corporate state, fiat currency state, surveillance state, prison state, propaganda (education) state, or military state.

        From my vantage all seems well in the left/right progressive party. They’ve had wonderful theatre, retired their last crop of wealthy elite politicians and have a new crop to enrich. The parties have divisions and fake differences they can both push. Meanwhile, every part of government will get larger.

        Someone please tell me, where is the government revolution, the end of days for US politics as we once knew them? At best I see Red Team throwing a few bones to the liberty crowd – meanwhile they will absorb, kill, or somehow dispose of any true dissenters in their mix. I really do expect some celebrations over the advancement of liberty. But I’m not buying they are real or permanent.

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          Excellent analysis. Trump was a NY Democratic elitist long before he thought to be a champion for Red Team’s evangelical base. Trump’s victory can be seen as a “White Rose Revolution” financed by Wall Street and the Military Industrial Complex with the repercussion being a “Brown Rose Revolution” led by colored minorities. It’s been obvious for a while TPTB want civil unrest.

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            Have you noticed the communists coming out of the woodworks on the internet lately? I find Marxist far more dishonest than your typical brainwashed Red Team/Blue Team. They will actually assert (without sarcasm) that using force and not using force is a DUBIOUS distinction when discussing an issue. All I can think of is….do they feel that way about sex?

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              As a major political movement, communism’s heyday has come and gone though I still encounter a few noisy extremists. It’s the rise and acceptance of fascism I find troubling. Just as obama quieted the anti-war left, trump seems to be quieting the anti-police state right.

              I thought it notable that during the recent election, neither candidate bothered paying lip-service to restoring individual liberties lost or even rolling-back the surveillance apparatus. Even Sanders came off as more of a fascist than a communist.

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      Yep,this budget plan is brutal stuff and I just figured out why. It was drafted by Koch Brother funded and controlled Heritage Foundation.

      (The Koch Brothers’ net worth is $99 Billion up from $39 in 2008)

      A proposal unveiled on Capitol Hill would slash federal spending over the next decade, gutting some of the programs most beloved by liberals.

      The proposal aligns closely with a budget plan drafted last year by conservative think tank the Heritage Foundation, where both Vought and Gray previously worked. Many of the cuts in the Trump plan were also included in a budget proposal pushed by the Republican Study Committee (R.S.C.) caucus last year, which would have decreased federal spending over the next 10 years by $8.6 trillion but was not voted on by the House. Still, such draconian budgets are rarely popular, even among many Republicans. As New York magazine notes, a similar budget proposal was shot down in 2015 by a Republican-controlled House by a vote of 132 to 294

      A Blueprint for Balance: A Federal Budget for 2017
      By The Heritage Foundation

      …Congress needs to drive down spending – including through reform of entitlement programs – to a balanced budget, while maintaining a strong national defense, and without raising taxes.

      …They can do this by immediately reducing discretionary spending and taking meaningful steps to reduce mandatory spending by reforming those programs.

      The Heritage Foundation has received funding from organizations with connections to the Koch brothers.

      see more

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        No surprises there, thanks for the research.
        The idea that a single “think” (I use that word with hesitation for the HF) tank kis writing the federal budget is in itself astonishing and an indication of how America will sink under Trump’s ignorance and reality-show dazzle.

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          You;re welcome.

          Well, they were writing up ‘guidelines’, which is one the reasons think tanks exists (they help the gov. for free). But you’re right, I have never heard this explicitly done for the federal budget

          Cheers !

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          “America will sink under Trump’s ignorance .”
          — Trump doesn’t have anything to do with his administration’s decision making process. Chabad-Lubavitch’s Kushner is Trump’s closest handler, but he is surrounded by sharks at all the major posts, Trump’s job is to gesticulate for the camera, and create media distractions,

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    Eight years ago an entirely different group of Americans were dancing in the streets and crying with happiness because their savior had taken the highest position in the land. Eight years of the imbecile and his criminal cohort had finally come to an end. The crimes of 911 would be exposed and punished, illegal wars of aggression would be a thing of the past. Nuclear disarmament, health care for all and a revitalized economy would bring peace and prosperity. The rule of law would be restored, and America would once again be the shining example of democracy the rest of the world would try to emulate.

    Instead the decline accelerated. Bitter partisanship, mass surveillance, and a host of new false flag events took the country further into a dark fantastic horror. Murder by drone, covert support for fanatical extremists, profitable ecocide, the absolute immunity of criminal banksters and arrogant militaristic posturing took the world ever closer to the ultimate abyss.

    And now we have Trump. Same shit, different day.

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    “Those defending the Democratic Party’s 16 years of neocon-neoliberalism
    (Clinton and Obama) and the Republican Party’s 8 years of
    neocon-neoliberalism (Bush) are defending a system that benefited the
    few at the expense of the many.”
    This crap has been going on since, our country was concieved, … see list @ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/…

    When I was young I was told to be a success, chose a field that you want to work in, find a master in that field and copy him, improve on his methods when you find a way.
    That is what the people in control have been doing, Bankers follow Rothschild and finance wars for profit, politicians try to follow the great conquerors throughout history, borrowing from the likes of Rothschild to finance, pillaging for profit and power, while stealing from those they have conquered so as to live like kings.. That is why we are constantly at war and paying bankers to live as slaves, or at least indentured servants.

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    Such a farce to try and scam us with the top 5% reach and nonsense. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Look you are almost us too! HA ha ha ha ha ha ha. A service based corporate place is a working class nightmare and prison. Bring on the Trumpfuror!

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    Jan 16, 2017 U.S. military–industrial complex is willing to risk nuclear war with Russia

    Author and activist David Swanson discusses the anti-Russian media frenzy, attributing it to the Democrats’ desire to explain why Donald Trump won the presidential election without blaming the Democratic Party or the political establishment as a whole. He also addresses the geopolitical animosity toward Russia, spurred by war-profiteers.

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    “25 Years of Neocon-Neoliberalism Great for the Top 5%, A Disaster for Everyone Else” But of course, that was the objective ALL ALONG!! From Reagan onwards, the folks promoting Reaganomics, Trickle Down Economics–or whatever name given to it knew all along that their “economics” wouldn’t create jobs or grow the nation’s economy in any way. The actual outcome of these economic policies of the Reaganites, neo-cons we see today is EXACTLY the outcome they wanted! As much as I dislike George Bush Sr., he had this one pegged, right on the money. He called Reagan’s economic policies “voo doo” economics. (Now I want EVERYONE to delete from their memory banks that yours truly, Pablo said something nice about one of the Bushes).

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    The cold reality is America’s 25 years of neocon-neoliberalism has been great for the top 5% and an unmitigated disaster for everyone else in the U.S. and the nations it has targeted for intervention.


    see more

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    ” There is no democracy, there never was, it is the illusion created to lull simpletons into a morphed state of imbecility and self delusion, ballot boxes are shiny toys with which to fool the deluded.” Dr. Joseph Chiappalone
    ” You can’t just leave those who created the problems in charge of the solution.” Tyree Scott

Summing up 8 years of Barack Obama


It’s hard to argue with Barack Obama’s jump shot. I can’t imagine Rutherford B. Hayes having that kind of game.

Or his swagger. Comedic timing. Even charisma.

And there have been plenty of times over the last eight years when, in all seriousness, those qualities have truly mattered.

I can’t imagine anyone not getting goose bumps when President Obama sang Amazing Grace during the eulogy of Reverend Clementa Pinckney in 2015 after the horrific church shooting in Charleston.

During his presidency he had thrust upon him the impossible task of consoling an entire nation over and over again. Personality truly mattered.

But tangible, productive results are an entirely different story, and that’s what I want to examine today.

I’ve read a number of articles this week which glowingly praise President Obama’s accomplishments. Others offer scathing critiques.

Most tend to focus on the Affordable Care Act (ACA), i.e. Obamacare, suggesting that reforming healthcare is one of his most important legacies.

Maybe so.

There are undoubtedly millions of people who now have medical insurance that never had insurance before.

And that is certainly a noble accomplishment.

The problem is that focusing on this single metric is a terrible premise.

Millions of people are no longer uninsured. Check. But that’s where their thinking stops.

What’s the overall quality in the system? What’s the cost?

Those metrics are conveniently overlooked.

Not even two months ago, the Obama administration was forced to publicly acknowledge that healthcare premiums will rise by an average of 25% in just a single year under Obamacare.

Plus, many consumers will only have a single option to choose from as a number of major insurance companies scale back insurance policies they offer.

The administration also admitted last year that overall healthcare spending continues to rise, surpassing $10,000 per person for the first time ever.

Then there’s a question of quality and efficiency.

In 2016, a Johns Hopkins study concluded that the number of preventable medical errors has soared in recent years and is now the third leading cause of death in the United States.

Obviously no one can blame Barack Obama for this trend.

But that’s precisely the point: it’s impossible for any program to be successful when the way you define success is so fundamentally flawed.

Obamacare focuses on one thing: coverage. Are more people insured? Yes. And in their mind, that makes it successful.

But anyone who looks at the big picture will reach an entirely different conclusion.

Premiums rose. Overall spending increased. Quality didn’t improve. Americans aren’t getting healthier.

(Not to mention the matter of that $2 billion website…)

However noble the intentions, it’s hard to consider these results a major success worthy of an enduring legacy.

Then there’s the issue of jobs. President Obama has been credited with ‘creating’ more than 11.3 million jobs.

This entire premise, of course, is total nonsense.

It’s not like the President starts businesses and hires people. The only jobs the President creates are in government.

It’s the private sector that create jobs.

And for a guy who once told entrepreneurs, “you didn’t build that,” (referring to their businesses), he sure is quick to take credit for 11.3 million jobs created.

But OK, let’s play along and give him credit: creating 11.3 million jobs is a very noble accomplishment.

Once again, however, this metric for success is flawed.

What’s the quality of those jobs? At what cost?

Total “goods-producing” jobs, i.e. workers who make stuff, actually declined under the Obama presidency.

Manufacturing jobs, construction jobs… even utilities and media jobs… all fell over the last eight years.

Bear in mind that the US was already at the peak of recession when President Obama took office, with unemployment surging.

Yet today, goods-producing jobs are even below those dismal figures from 2009.

So what jobs were created?

A good chunk of them are in healthcare, which sort of highlights the earlier point that Americans aren’t getting healthier since they need even more workers to care for them.

Additionally there were a lot of jobs created in the federal government.

Plus a full 2 million of those new jobs have been waiters and bartenders.

I’m serious.

At the beginning of the Obama presidency in 2009, there were 9.5 million waiters and bartenders in the United States.

Today there’s 11.5 million waiters and bartenders.

So it’s not like all these millions of workers who supposedly owe their jobs to President Obama are out there discovering the cure for cancer.

Then you have to look at cost.

Despite these 11.3 million new jobs, the number of food stamp recipients in the Land of the Free Lunch increased by 13.9 million during the Obama administration.

Plus, during his 8-years in office, the Obama administration spent a record $28.7 TRILLION and registered a $10 trillion increase in the national debt.

This means that every job President Obama supposedly created cost the American taxpayer $885,000 in debt. Per job.

This is a pretty pitiful return on investment.

And that’s really the bottom line. Debt lasts.

One day his Supreme Court justices will retire. Obamacare may be repealed. History will forget about his charisma and charm.

Edward Snowden may eventually return home. The 500,000+ pages of regulations his administration issued will be replaced.

And even the families of all the innocent victims who were accidentally killed in his drone strikes may move on with their lives.

But the debt will still be there.

Consider this: in the last two weeks alone, the Treasury Department has auctioned off tens of billions of dollars worth of debt in the form of 30-year bonds.

This means that a child who won’t even be born until 2030 will have some high school summer job in late 2046, and an increasing chunk of his income will be taxed to pay off the debt that Treasury Department borrowed a few days ago.

That’s a legacy which outlasts everything else.

Missile veers towards USA: UK govt accused of Trident malfunction cover up

Futurist Trendcast

Britain’s 50-year-old Trident nuclear deterrent (or attack?) system located on four subs off the shore of Scotland is subject of the latest scandal. The whistleblower who reported that the system was outdated and dangerous was dishonorably discharged, while the repeat missile test failures were covered up.

UK’s PM Theresa May is facing some uncomfortable questions, which, as you’ll see here, she refuses to answer time after time.

Link to the snippet of that BBC interview: four times in a row May refuses to answer the question whether she knew of the missile testing problem!

But the way I see it, this scandal, believe it or not, isn’t about the failed test, or public safety, or the fact that those four malfunctioning nuclear subs could at any moment turn the coast of Scotland, into Chernobyl + Fukushima of Western Europe. They seem to not care so much about that. If that…

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Having already signed a (mostly symbolic) executive order on Obamacare on Friday night, urging US agencies to “waive, defer, grant exemptions from, or delay the implementation” of provisions deemed to impose fiscal burdens on states, companies or individuals, Trump is preparing to unload a volley of many more executive orders. Courtesy of Axios, which quotes “one of the best-wired Republican lobbyists in town”, here is a preview of the initial round of Trump executive actions, some of which may hit as soon as Sunday afternoon:

  • Look for a possible hiring freeze at executive branch
  • 5-year lobbying ban on transition and administration officials
  • Mexico City policy, which prevents foreign NGOs from getting U.S. family planning money if they provide abortions with non-U.S. funds. (It’s already illegal to use U.S dollars on abortions.)
  • Task the Defense Secretary and joint chiefs to come up with plan to eviscerate ISIS
  • Report on readiness, and something cyber security related
  • Border/immigration: Something on sanctuary cities, expand E-Verify, an extreme vetting proposal
  • Trade: Withdraw from TPP and a thorough review of NAFTA

Axios also notes that “the Mexico City executive order could come as soon as today.”

Furthermore, watch for dozens of EPA executive orders coming down the pike. “Says a Trump source: “EPA has clean water-related and some 30,000 foot regulatory ones lined up [immediately]…We have dozens for the EPA…Starting Monday through the month of February. We have to roll them out gradually.”

As we laid out before, here is a brief summary of what Trump can (and can not do) on day one. Exhibit 3 lists the President’s “Contract with Voters”, which includes several items that can be accomplished through executive action but involves significant legislative activity as well.

gs ex 3

Next a table breaking down the upcoming Budget process:

The “budget reconciliation” process allows the majority party to instruct various committees to pass legislation to achieve certain fiscal targets, for example to reduce the deficit by a certain amount over the next ten years. These instructions, along with spending and revenue targets, are included in the annual budget resolution that Congress is supposed to pass by April of each year. Legislation passed pursuant to these instructions enjoys procedural protections in the House and Senate; most importantly, it is immune to filibuster in the Senate and thus needs only 51 votes to pass. The budget resolution can provide instructions to pass as many as three reconciliation bills, one dealing with tax or revenue changes, one dealing with spending changes, and one dealing with the debt limit. This year, tax reform is likely to be addressed through reconciliation, as are changes to the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”). It is possible that congressional leaders might also consider using this process to address infrastructure funding, certain entitlement program reforms, or the debt limit increase that appear to be necessary by Q3.

A Multi-Step Budget Process :

gs ex 5

Finally, here again are the main differences between the House tax plan and that of the president.

gs ex 7

Delivered by The Daily Sheeple





by Sarah Cronin

Indiana passed a bill on Wednesday that authorizes police officers to shut down highway protesting “by any means necessary.” S.B. 285, as it is known, obliges a public official to dispatch all available officers within 15 minutes of discovering any assembly of 10 or more people who are obstructing vehicle traffic.

The bill then authorizes the responding officers to clear roads “by any means necessary.”

Critics are calling it the “Block Traffic and You Die” bill, an apt name for a bill that has co-opted the phrase “any means necessary,” used famously in speech delivered by Malcolm X during the Civil Rights movement, turning it into a threat against government dissent (with no apparent awareness of the irony).

S.B. 285 is among a collection of increasingly hostile ‘anti-obstruction’ laws that have been quietly submitted in states around the nation over the past few months. A report by The Intercept published Wednesday tracked five such anti-protest laws introduced by Republican lawmakers in different states, four of which are currently pending.

One of the most disturbing among them is House Bill N. 1203, a bill introduced earlier this month by North Dakota lawmaker Keith Kempenich in response to the Dakota Access Pipeline Protests. The bill would exempt motorists who hit demonstrators with their cars from any liability in cases where the victims were “obstructing vehicular traffic on a public road, street, or highway.” This twisted take on protest criminalization comes short of condoning manslaughter as a viable means of crowd control.

Also this month, Minnesota State Representative Kathy Lohmer led the effort on submitting H.F. 322, a bill that would re-classify obstructing highway traffic from a misdemeanor to a “gross misdemeanor” and would authorize government units to sue protesters for “public safety response costs related to unlawful assemblies.”

The proposed legislation is strikingly reminiscent of Washington State Senator Eric Ericksen’s proposal to punish protesters as ‘economic terrorists,’ which Anti-Media first reported on in November.

All of the proposed laws share a common trait in that they were all adopted in response to a major protest event in that state. H.F. 322 was submitted shortly after a judge dismissed the riot charges against protesters who took to the St. Paul Interstate last July in a demonstration against the police shooting of Philando Castille. Ericksen’s “economic terrorism” bill announcement came just days after anti-fracking protesters blocked railroad tracks in Olympia, Washington. DAPL protests inspired both the Indiana and North Dakota bills.

These retroactive responses on behalf of Republican state lawmakers are also seen as preemptive strikes against the threat of increased protests during the Trump presidency.

As ACLU staff attorney Lee Rowland expressed in an interview with The Intercept, these so-called ‘obstruction bills’ are but thinly disguised efforts to squash any government dissent.

A law that would allow the state to charge a protester $10,000 for stepping in the wrong place, or encourage a driver to get away with manslaughter because the victim was protesting, is about one thing: chilling protest,” Rowland said.

Growing tension between government officials and protesters is expected to come to a culmination on Inauguration Day in D.C., where there will already be many barriers in place to limit demonstrations.

First and foremost is the Federal Grounds and Buildings Improvement Act of 2011, known as H.R 347.

H.R.-347 is a revision of a 1971 federal trespassing law that made it a crime to “willfully and knowingly” remain in an area under Secret Security protection. H.R. 347 removes the word “willingly,” a legal technicality that effectively lowers the bar on the mental state required to be found guilty under the law.

As explained by the American Civil Liberties Union:

“Under the original language of the law, you had to act ‘willfully and knowingly’ when committing the crime. In short, you had to know your conduct was illegal. Under H.R. 347, you will simply need to act ‘knowingly,’ which here would mean that you know you’re in a restricted area, but not necessarily that you’re committing a crime.”

Under current federal law, protesting in proximity to an elected official under the protection of the Secret Service, which includes President Trump, is a crime punishable by fine and up to ten years in jail.

Protesting during Trump’s inauguration comes with additional complications as the National Park Service reserves a large portion of the inaugural parade route along Pennsylvania Ave and in Freedom Plaza for ticket sales under the exclusive discretion of Trump’s Presidential Inaugural Committee (PIC). This means the PIC can refuse to allow protesters along the route.

An activist group called Act Now to Stop War and End Racism (Answer) has been engaged in a legal battle with the National Park Service since 2005, arguing the privatization of the Inauguration is an attempt to “sanitize” the streets of dissent.

While the National Park Service has been controversially setting aside tickets for the PIC since 1980, the issue garnered more attention this year when it was discovered that the sidewalk in front of the Trump International Hotel, a significant site for protesters, would be a part of PIC’s ticket-only area.

Adding another level of bureaucracy, the Washington Post reported the hotel and plaza in front are actually under the control of Trump’s real estate agency, meaning protesters would have to literally ‘ask permission’ to remain in the space.

As the week comes to an end, it becomes apparent that dissent is being criminalized not only nationwide but on multiple fronts. Increased regulations are appearing that limit the public spaces that can be lawfully occupied in protest. Meanwhile, legislation is also being introduced to increase the negative consequences for newly unlawful protests. Should more states follow suit with Indiana, demonstrators will soon find themselves paradoxically protesting for their right to protest at all.

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    I disagree with the essential message of this article. I know it’s a very difficult issue however, I think if you protest along a street that’s fine; in the street, no. People have been trapped, harassed, pulled from their cars and beaten. Look at the mob doing property damage in DC and other places today. That’s what I believe we’re talking about. How do you, an honest citizen going about your business or simply trying to get to your home and a mob surrounds your car; banging on it, gesturing threateningly. I have seen this done repeatedly by those who support HRC when they caused awful problems at Trump rallies. I do not believe this law is on the slippery slope to tyranny. On the contrary, the mobs have been allowed to run wild in the streets; literally, and that is not conducive to a civil society.

    • Avatar

      Spot on.

      • Avatar

        AGREE, Protest is one thing but turn into riot and I feel the gov should start shooting once turn violent. Have snipers ready to take out garbage, no question asked

        • Avatar

          Should Walmart install snipers in their stores to shoot shoplifters, following your logic?

          • Avatar

            Walmart is a private business on their OWN property, any protestors on Walmart property MUST, MUST have permission to be on that property or can be FORCEFULLY REMOVED by law enforcement! A shoplifter is NOT involved in a violent act–it IS a criminal act but is NOT targeted at harming others physically. ANY school kid understands that–DIDya’ even go to school?

            • Avatar

              I guess I didn’t go to the same law school that you did, or else, I didn’t sleep through the module on private property law in public domains.

              • Avatar

                Even YOU have a ‘right’ to allow or disallow ANYBODY on your property unless they have a legal right to-that means a utility observing their right of way tolerance or law enforcement by warrant. The problem with these situations such as what happened in DC Friday, local officials are reluctant to act–leaving law enforcement taking the brunt of hostilities or someone unfortunate enough to be caught up in the violence without their intent. IT SHOULD NOT BE TOLERATED–violent attack should be MET WITH VIOLENT REACTION from law enforcement. IF the ‘bully’ isn’t met with resistance, the bully only becomes a larger problem. Once a law is broken, ‘protest’ becomes an unlawful act requiring police action. Remember, the POLICE are not there to protect YOU particularly–THEIR DUTY IS TO UPHOLD LAWS OF COMMUNITY/CITY/STATE who employed them.

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      With common sense we can enforce current laws…this can be done with
      common sense law enforcement, attorneys, and judges. (I know) I know
      what you are thinking….but we do not need more laws to bind us down we
      need to enforce existing laws with the ability to do the right and
      honorable thing.

      Could it be we have become so morally corrupted
      and mentally challenged we cannot govern ourselves unless there is a law
      for every conceivable action or reaction? If that’s the case….or
      freedom is gone….I repeat our freedom gone…the elites have achieved
      their goal…your are a number, a human resource, with a shelf life
      determined by our Overloads who will evaluate the worthiness of your
      existence terminating you at their pleasure.

      Welcome to tomorrows Godless world of Technocracy

      Daniel www.knowingforyourself.com

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      You don’t need a law for this. It’s not the police or the government that lets the mobs run wild on the streets. It’s you.
      Hit a couple of these people going 65 or roll over them going 10 and there will never be another protest on the freeway. But everyone wants big daddy government to solve there problems for them.

    • Avatar

      Yep. Your right to……whatever, ends when you start violating the rights of others. Trespass, inpeding traffic, assault, etc. are not free speech.

      • Avatar

        As painful as this may be to our sense of liberty when we feel it is time to make a stand and speak out, you are right. We do of course already have laws in place to cover this starting with the Supreme Law of the Land. There is no right to interfere with the rights of others to perform the travel they need to get to work, feed their families…stay alive. I’m pretty sure most protesters would step aside for an ambulance to pass. How do they know someone else isn’t on a critical mission?

    • Avatar

      alice, I gave you an up-bump because I mostly agree with your post. we do need to understand the difference between protesting an rioting. the first is not only our right, but our duty. the latter is simply crime.
      there is a lot at play here. when a government acts badly, we have a legal right under the constitution to seek redress. the slippery slope comes when we allow our, supposedly representative, government to dictate to us the terms of seeking redress.
      when a criminal commits a crime, we do not give him/her the power to write laws to protect him/herself from prosecution. so why do we allow the government to make laws to protect themselves when they act illegally, inhumanely or otherwise unconstitutionally?
      we have allowed America to go along way down that road already. so far, in fact, that your wish of a truly civil society may well be nothing more than illusion until the powers that currently be are properly curtailed and treated as the as the high criminals that they so truly are.
      we either have a government of constitution fearing representation to facilitate our day to day lives, or we have masters who only exist to facilitate the machinations of those who only exist by “fleecing the flock”.

      • Avatar

        Most people appreciate the difference between a protest and a riot. But too many types of protests, especially when most of the protestors are of a certain minority status, turn into riots almost as predictably as night follows day. But the law can’t say “protesting allowed for white, middle-class only.”

        • Avatar

          damn well right the law can’t say that. are you suggesting that it should?

          • Avatar

            You fail to appreciate the vast differences in the races. Whites appear to be the only group capable of peaceful protest. Yes some are violent, but in every non white country on earth, protests are violent. What is essentially a police state is needed to keep order and peace in a multicultural society. You can have freedom or you can have diversity. You cannot have both. History proves this over and over. Look at the footage of the old inaugurations. No hint of this type of paramilitary and draconian security/police state. Because it was a white nation. The browner it gets, the more security you see. Be honest with yourselves and acknowledge the problem. Diversity destroys freedom. This is an immutable fact of the universe and until it is confronted and discussed openly, the police state will continue to grow.

            Calling me an eeevil mean nasty ole racist doesn’t change the facts. Just so you know.

            • Avatar

              ooooooh, the irony is so delicious! at the same time you were writing: “whites appear to be only group capable of peaceful protest” the most massive peaceful protest the world has ever seen was being carried out all across this world. not saying I agree with their “concerns” but it was massive, it was peaceful and it was multi-racial. and it just blew the absolute shit out of your cute little theory. and once again, because it is so delicious: this was happening while you wrote that.
              thing is, all whites are not alike. just take you and me as a patent example of that. if you want to make it about groups, you should really throw in with those little socialist snowflake assholes that you so love to hate because of the ones who are non-white among them. they are the ones who are the most vehemently anti-individual. so much like you, if you would just give them a chance. I mean look at them, they even manufacture facts out of thin air to fit their bullshit narratives just like you do.
              calling you an eeevil mean nasty ole racist may not change the mind sludge that you believe to be facts. but that’s ok, cuz calling you such truthful things is very cathartic for me. 🙂

            • Avatar

              One would need to be pretty much totally blind to be unable to see the differences between the races.

        • Avatar

          Of course, that wouldn’t be profiling, would it?

    • Avatar

      I know, just like those blacks that pulled out the white man, beat him almost to death and then stole his car… oh sorry, they were Hillary supporters on welfare and the white man was a Trump voter…. oh yeah, real life not your fantasy of Trump voters becoming 3rd world monkeys jumping on cars and beating people up. Thanks for your jewish media revision though, it was entertaining.

    • Avatar

      Its about time these type of laws were inacted. Protesting is one thing. But destroying property and harming people or threatening people for disagreeing with you is going too far!!!!

  • Avatar

    Trump signals an accelerated expansion of the police state.

    • Avatar

      Versus the acceleration under the previous two presidents?

      No doubt, I get that feeling too, but as far as I’m concerned if you’re hanging out in the middle of a highway and you get hit the driver shouldn’t be at fault. Yeah, if people are going out of their way to run over protestors/rioters that’s one thing, but forcing them to stop and expose themselves to danger for fear of legal reprisal is another.

    • Avatar

      Ha,ha,ha,. Try to pull your head away from msm and get some actual facts. Nothing could be worse than the dictator that thank God is GONE!

      • Avatar

        Obama is history. Time to stop whining about him and clinton. The neo-cons are back in power. And with the neo-cons in control of the house, senate, and presidency, they’re going to have no one but themselves to blame.

        • Avatar

          You are correct. The difference is, we republicans WILL hold trump accountable unlike the left who supports criminals, no matter how corrupt they are.

          • Avatar

            The Republicans will be in control of the house, senate, and presidency and the republicans will:
            1) hold trump accountable
            2) tell him what to do

            That’s redundant.

            • Avatar

              People who are skeptical are right to be so. Hope for the best but prepare for the worst. I think it is possible that Trump has been cast in the roll of a Herbert Hoover where he will take the blame for things that have been set in motion long before he got there. Herbert Hoover is demonized to this day for causing the Great Depression when it was a decade of reckless and irresponsible policies that were the real cause. Hoover had only been President for months when things began to fall apart. The Dems where able to use this shifting of the blame slight of hand to discredit conservatism for almost 2 decades and usher in the beginning of the modern government dependence paradigm. Globally speaking I think the fuse is already lit for economic cataclysm.

              • Avatar

                Hoover was the last protectionist president and his policies contributed to the Great Depression. Running a business and running an economy are two entirely different things. I’m wondering where trump is getting his protectionist ideas from. It does look like he’s being set-up to fail.

                • Avatar

                  Kindly define protectionism, since it is apparent that you mean something totally different than most of us.

                  • Avatar

                    Protectionism refers to government actions and policies that restrict or restrain international trade. One should recognize that all government action means coercion, so that calling upon the US government to intervene means urging it to use force and violence to restrain peaceful trade.

                    A free market is absolutely critical to a free society.

                    “Protectionism is simply a plea that consumers pay higher prices so as to confer permanent special privilege upon groups of less-efficient producers, at the expense of more competent firms and of consumers. But it is a peculiarly destructive kind of bailout, because it permanently shackles trade under the cloak of patriotism.”
                    – Rothbard

                    • Avatar

                      I’ll have to assume that you missed the fact that the states of the union are considered to be independent countries in a confederation. The “civil war” was about the way that the southern states were being treated by the northern states, being forced to pay tariffs, in violation of the Constitution. Trade need not be international to be subject to protectionist policies. Anytime any government does anything to impede any trade, that is a protectionist policy and abridges free trade, destroying any free market that might have existed. Since free trade has been extinct in North America since, at least, the early 19th century, so has any semblance of an free market.

            • Avatar

              Redundancy is absent.

        • Avatar

          You are displaying an apparent inability to separate RINOs from neo-cons.

    • Avatar

      well that sounds inflammatory, so I am sure that you are aware of that and are prepared to lay out your case. if not then, please stfu about how the sky is falling. k?

      • Avatar

        The Republicans were responsible for introducing the Patriot Act and The National Defense Authorization Act. Neo-cons were at the helm during the largest false flag attack in American history. Trump was chosen for his divisive nature and the flames of civil unrest have been repeatedly fanned over the past few years.

        Republicans have always been the ‘law-and-order’ party. The US is one false flag away from martial and trump will be THE MAN to usher it in. Most likely the neo-cons will use America’s Islamophobia for their authoritarian crackdown.

        • Avatar

          The patriot act couldn’t have been passed without Democrat votes. There is plenty of blame to go around.

          • Avatar

            No doubt. I argue often that there is no substantial difference between the neo-cons and neo-libs.

            My point is, I’m astonished that anyone would think the Republicans are going to ‘see the light’ and change direction after a 150 year history of corporate welfare and crony capitalism.

          • Avatar

            Neither could have the Enabling Act have been without communist support.

        • Avatar

          ok, bush was president for all the bad shit legislation that you speak of. but both my state;s demo senators were more than happy to vote for all the shit.
          can you try again without the two party horse shit?
          as for the martial law bringing false flag. it is coming, I agree, but everyone was saying the same thing about Obama going to be the one to usher it in.
          neocons, progressives. all the same thing.

WINNING: Ten highly effective ways President Trump and Kellyanne Conway can win the war against the dishonest, America-hating left-wing news cartels

Image: WINNING: Ten highly effective ways President Trump and Kellyanne Conway can win the war against the dishonest, America-hating left-wing news cartels

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) It’s time to stop the left-wing media’s incessant “fake news” lying and its deliberate acts of “journo-terrorism” that seek to undermine America. Here are 10 fantastic ideas for the Trump administration to de-legitimize the lying left-wing media while promoting the independent media and all the whistle blowers inside federal agencies who are ready to go public.

America cannot flourish if the national psyche is being incessantly assaulted by a malicious left-wing media intent on destroying the Republic. Here are ten powerful ways to win the war against anti-American forces inside the media and defend the Republic against domestic enemies:

#1) Banish the left-wing media from the White House Press Corps. Why give them a seat at the table when all they do is LIE all the time? Send a powerful message that says, “If you deliberately FAKE the news, you don’t get to ask questions any longer.” America cheered when Donald Trump called CNN “fake news” at that recent press conference. (See more examples of mainstream media fake news at MediaFactWatch.com)

#2) Halt all interviews with the lying left-wing media. Why appear on their shows and bring them credibility when they’re determined to misrepresent the truth? Announce a new policy that says no member of the Trump administration will lend any further credence to systemic “fake news offenders” who are guilty of deliberately and maliciously spreading fake news. That list, of course, would include CNN, WashPost, HuffPost, NYT, MSNBC The Atlantic and a long list of other repeat offenders who routinely engage in journalistic malpractice. The Trump administration could even have a “three strikes and you’re out” policy where fake news purveyors are warned three times, then banished for a full year if they keep lying.

#3) Unleash anti-trust investigations into the mainstream media’s corporate monopolies. The entire mainstream media is run by just six or seven powerful, monopolistic corporations that almost all answer to the same globalists. I have firsthand knowledge of the fact that nearly every major media organization actively takes orders from a single source that tells them exactly what to print or say each day. There is no “diversity” in the mainstream media. It’s all a “news cartel” and it needs to be broken apart under anti-trust action.

#4) Invite the independent media to press conferences. The real media “of the People” is the independent media. We are the voices of truth, reason and credibility in America now. We are, in fact, the only ones who will report the truth about the Trump administration’s decisions and policies. (See Trump.news for examples.)

#5) Start rewarding whistle blowers inside the federal government who expose the corruption and criminality of agencies like the EPA, FDA, CDC, USDA and so on. A deep-rooted cesspool of statism and liberalism festers inside each of these agencies. If the White House rewarded whistle blowers — instead of having them arrested and imprisoned like Obama did — thousands of them would come forward to expose the incredible dereliction of duty that’s now commonplace inside these failed agencies. Even better, connect these whistle blowers exclusively with the independent media so that the indy media can be the first to break these stories. Only in the indy media will whistle blowers be allowed to tell their real stories. (Case in point: I’ve just completed a video interview with a science whistle blower from the EPA, and his revelations are so damning that they would be censored by any typical media outlet.) There are many amazing journalists ready to cover these stories, including Glenn Greenwald, Sharyl Attkisson, Ben Swann, Melissa Dykes, Jon Rappoport, Robert Scott Bell, Mike Adams (that’s me), Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, Mac Slavo and a long list of others.

See Censored.news for some of the most heavily censored websites on the ‘net (which means these sites are truly independent media).

#6) Hold live press conferences with the American people, where citizens can ask questions in real time. Bypass the dishonest left-wing media. Talk directly to the American people. This will de-legitimize CNN and the “fake news” media by making them largely irrelevant.

#7) Remove all CNN broadcasts from federally-funded airports across the nation. Why should taxpayers fund airports that broadcast fake news propaganda from CNN? By the way, without airports forcibly shoving CNN propaganda down the throats of viewers, CNN would hardly have any real audience at all. Most people who watch CNN, it turns out, do so unintentionally.

#8) Document the lies and distortions of the Obama regime. America needs an official report that covers all the outright lies of the Obama years, including lies about unemployment figures, lies about the national debt, lies about Iran and so on. Before we can move forward, we need to make sure the nation knows the truth about the malicious acts of Barack Obama, a person who actively sought to undermine America’s values, culture and economy.

#9) Announce a White House “fact-checking” organization to fact check the lies of the left-wing media (and its own lying fact-checkers who are really propaganda liars). Launch a new site called Factcheck.Whitehouse.gov (or something similar) and start calling out the fake news of the left-wing media. Better yet, ask me about how to run it and use Whitehouse.news, a domain name we already own and would be glad to donate to the cause. Because Whitehouse.news is a private domain name, it would survive any future changes in administrations. (We also run Trump.news.) For the record, my own company personally developed and runs the world’s most advanced multi-site “hack resistant” publishing technology that’s virtually immune to DDoS and hacking attacks. That’s why we already operate over 100 publishing websites with automatic content syndication while none of them run active code (meaning they are extremely difficult to hack or harm via DDoS attacks).

#10) Support the House Un-American Activities Committee investigations in communist influences that have infested the left-wing media. This idea comes from radio host Michael Savage who correctly points out that laws are already on the books to investigate and prosecute communists who actively seek to undermine America. Sounds like something that needs to be applied to Chris Cuomo at CNN, doesn’t it? (Seriously, we have to root out the communists who currently control much of the corporate media. They are a very real threat to the Republic and they are deliberately seeking to undermine America and replace it with a communist dictatorship. See the details from former KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov who described the entire plan of subversion to undermine and overthrow America.)

Stay informed about all this at Trump.news, MediaFactWatch.com and NewsTarget.com.

Here’s my own 10-point plan to help Make America Great Again:


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