Are organic dairy products ‘humane’? And Lada’s tips on going vegan

It’s no wonder the health of a nation is in decline, citizens of the world eat mindlessly and ingest the energy of fear, pain, suffering along with their food. We have been losing our humanity, empathy and compassion… slowly new generations are awakening and sharing a new paradigm of conscious eating and being. There’s always hope and it starts with every one of us. 🙂

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In response to my previous post: The truth about the cruel price of your meat and milk,

timtolzmann   January 24, 2017

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Are organic dairy products an alternative?

Lada’s answer:

They are likely better, but unfortunately still commercial, and therefore, the same applies: animals are artificially impregnated and babies are sacrificed so humans can have their milk. Organic doesn’t guarantee – and doesn’t really imply – ‘humane’ or ‘fair’ to animals.

I’ve tried our local organic, ‘humane’ yogurt and eggs for a while, which are sold at our local organic health food coop. I trust the people and the store very much. It’s one of the best health food markets I’ve ever seen, and I’ve shopped everywhere.

I’m not an egg person at all, but I did want some yogurt in my diet. But recently I stopped doing that as well. Alas…

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