Canada Only: Psst, Want some Free Cannabis Seeds?

Luv it!

Tales from the Conspiratum

We recommend planting them at City Hall, in front of the local police station, in storefront planters, and other highly visible public places.

Go here:

Source:Free Cannabis Seeds – Overgrow Canada

Get Free Seeds


Dana Larsen has five million cannabis seeds‎ to give away. Register now to get your 100 free seeds.

We have 50,000 packages of 100 seeds each to give away by mail and in person. We will start shipping seeds in mid-February and will end the campaign on April 20.

This year we’re giving away only one variety of seeds, a strain we’ve named “Freedom Dream”. This variety is grown industrially for seed production.‎ The seeds are not feminized, and will be roughly half males and half females. Freedom Dream plants will grow to about five feet tall. Females will ‎produce flowers with a very low THC level, and around 8-12% CBD if…

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