Russia: Ready to help Iraq fight ISIS

Tales from the Conspiratum

Now what is wrong with this offer USA?  The offer is really meant for the US. Methinks this is Trump’s first real test on the world stage. What he will do with that offer will determine his foreign policy for the next four years.

Source: Russia: Ready to help Iraq fight ISIS — Puppet Masters —

Sukhoi jet fighters SU-24 and SU-27 could come in handy!

One of the major challenges facing Syria — assuming that the ceasefire holds, and some kind of political settlement can be reached, which is quite an assumption — is the fact that it shares an enormous, porous border with a country that has its own very serious problem with gun-totting weirdos zooming around in Toyotas. We are of course speaking of Iraq.

No long-term peace in Syria is possible without some…

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