Three Of The President’s Associates Are Under Investigation (Russia)

Another insightful post! Mr. Trump, release your taxes!!
I recently spoke with Lada Ray, a Russian analyst/ insider, she’s privy to the inner circle of international power players.
Latest intel about Trump: CIA is looking into Trump’s financial dealings with Russian proxies, hacking of Hillary’s servers, and Moscow’s support of Trump’s campaign.
It turns out that 2 Russian intelligence officers who worked on cyberoperations and a Russian computer security expert have been arrested and charged with treason for providing information to the US, according to
multiple Russian news agencies.
Russian media reports link the charges to the disclosure of the Russian role in attacking state election boards, including the scanning of voter rolls in Arizona and Illinois, with parallel hacking attacks on the DNC and the email of John Podesta!
One US official said the FSB (Russian intelligence), were initially reluctant to disclose their certainty about the Russian role for fear of setting off a mole hunt in Moscow.
This public disclosure of the arrests, and the severity of the Russian treason charges may compromise Trump’s administration.
CIA head of Russian operations said it was “very reasonable to connect the arrests to the American intelligence findings”. The operative also warned, “The rule of law doesn’t apply in Russia, and they manipulate the law to do whatever they want to spin the narrative. So what they call treason may not be what we consider treason.”
These arrests, according to Russian newspapers Kommersant and Novaya Gazeta were made in early December, and amounted to a purge of the cyberwing of the FSB – the main Russian intelligence and security agency.

This information is somehow prevented from being leaked to the western press, but US intelligence knows all about it, which is one of the reason Trump does NOT want to allow US intelligence in presidential meetings and briefings!!

Just a taste of what’s to come in Lada’s webinar, I’d highly recommend if you could attend:

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donald-cartoon-few-of-the-things-rigged093016coletoon-123From the beginning of his campaign in 2015, the republican President Donald Trump’s stance towards Russia has been a major departure from what has been the US policy for the past 25 plus years. He kept talking Russia’s language when he would speak about weakening NATO and the lifting of sanctions against Russia that the US had advocated and enacted.

Then he denied that his surrogates managed to delete the section from the republican platform regarding the US assisting Ukraine with arms, so that its citizens could withstand Russia’s aggressive moves. There were witnesses to all of this activity who have publicly countered the president’s claim that he had nothing to do with this change to the platform.

We already know that the Intelligence Community has been investigating Russia’s hacking of US websites associated with both campaigns and its efforts to meddle in US presidential elections in order to influence the outcome. But it…

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For those interested, the Executive Order on Refugees is now up on the WhiteHouse website…

Thank you KP, for this update!

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trump_eo_regarding_immigration_header_1The document finally showed up on the WH EO page. I was going to just post a link, but this has turned out to be a full post, as I was going through the text, looking for a highlight or two. Below I put a few from the document that stood out to me.

I know that at some time in the planet’s timeline there will be NO borders, NO immigration anything for anywhere, NO “banning” of anyone from anywhere. I have many many many comrades who come from other countries, and the idea of them “having to leave” I would never want. Nor is anything like that in this document, from what I saw. On top of which, we all know this whole “terrorism” deal is such a created paradigm to try to keeps the planet in fear. Most people I know see right through it. But that is…

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