For those interested, the Executive Order on Refugees is now up on the WhiteHouse website…

Thank you KP, for this update!

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trump_eo_regarding_immigration_header_1The document finally showed up on the WH EO page. I was going to just post a link, but this has turned out to be a full post, as I was going through the text, looking for a highlight or two. Below I put a few from the document that stood out to me.

I know that at some time in the planet’s timeline there will be NO borders, NO immigration anything for anywhere, NO “banning” of anyone from anywhere. I have many many many comrades who come from other countries, and the idea of them “having to leave” I would never want. Nor is anything like that in this document, from what I saw. On top of which, we all know this whole “terrorism” deal is such a created paradigm to try to keeps the planet in fear. Most people I know see right through it. But that is…

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