The Coming Crisis in Central Banking 


From Armstrong Economics, by Martin Armstrong

Federal Reserve 1951 Accord

The question of when will central banks fail is a popular one that comes in. Suffice it to say, the turmoil will hit Europe first. While so many people blame the Fed for all sorts of things, you must realize that Roosevelt usurped the Fed during the Great Depression and imposed a single interest rate administered from Washington. It was during April 1942, when the Department of the Treasury requested the Federal Reserve formally to commit to maintaining a low interest-rate peg of 3/8% on short-term Treasury bills. The Fed also implicitly capped the rate on long-term Treasury bonds at 2.5%. This became the known as the “peg” with the express goal to stabilize the securities market and allow the federal government to engage in cheaper debt financing of World War II, which the United States had entered in December 1941. Today, we have…

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