Jonathan Pie on the Berkeley protests and the moral decline of the Left

Spot on!

Why Evolution Is True

Here’s comedian Tom Walker, in his role as newsman Jonathan Pie, ranting about Milo Yiannopoulos’s speech and the Berkeley protests, claiming (correctly) that the Berkeley violence “hands the moral high ground to Trump.” This is serious satire, not just pure comedy.

Pie’s only error: blaming UC Berkeley on the protests and justifying Trump’s threat to rescind federal money to the University. In fact, the University did everything it could to keep the peace, including hiring extra police and publishing a letter from the Chancellor defending the free speech but calling for protest to be peaceful. It’s time to stop blaming Berkeley for the violence—unless, that is, you think that (like some of the professors), they should have rescinded Milo’s invitation to speak from the Berkeley College Republicans.

h/t: Gregory

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