Lada thank you so much, you are such a precious resource of timely info, incredible insights and advice during these times of confusion, I very much appreciated your Live Webinar on Saturday esp with the Q&A, found it fun and vastly informative, your insider intel is second to none!!
I, and I’m sure all of your readers, will be waiting with bated breathe for your next event, your unbiased non-partisan “full disclosure” lecture is simply mind blowing with all the fascinating major topics you managed to cover in 3 hours, it was a whirlwind of new ideas which clarified so many issues for me. Thanks very much, I look forward to your next webinar and reports!!! God Bless you Lada. ❤

Futurist Trendcast


Hello, everyone!

Lada here. Thanks and big thumbs up to all those brave pioneers who boldly entered the unchartered territory of the first Live Lada Ray Webinar experience on Sunday, February 4, 2017! 😉 We appreciate your support!

Almost 90 people signed up for the live event. I thought it was a terrific first live webinar, with lots of interesting intel, predictions and more, revealed! In Part 2 we had a very extensive Q&A that went well beyond the topic of the webinar (below you can read the highlights and a list of live questions Lada answered in Part 2).

To improve our future webinar experience and to get rid of those pesky little glitches that a few of you may have experienced (yes, we’ve already emailed you, and we’ll continue looking into that), we will be sending out the feedback questionnaire in a couple of days. Please consider filling it…

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