Russia’s booming ‘Trumpomania’

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Tales from the Conspiratum

Source: Russia’s booming ‘Trumpomania’ | Russia | Al Jazeera

Mansur Mirovalev

Mansur Mirovalev is a Moscow-based writer and video journalist who covers wars and peace in the former Soviet Union.

Feb 12, 2017

No other US president has been seen so positively in a country that long challenged Washington’s post-WWII supremacy.

A street vendor shows traditional Russian wooden dolls Matryoshka depicting Donald Trump and Barack Obama at a souvenir street shop in St Petersburg, Russia [Anatoly Maitsev/EPA]

Ryazan, Russia – The name Godless Street, a legacy of Soviet-era persecution of religion, did not sound right to some residents of this ancient Russian city. So, historian and publicist Sergei Bizyukin came up with a new one.

How about a Donald Trump Street, he thought in late November, days after the American billionaire’s unexpected presidential election victory? Bizyukin’s online petition – whose motto “Let’s make Ryazan great again” mimicked Trump’s…

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