Russia Has Now Become Mum About Our US President

Gronda Morin

Image result for photos of putin in russia President Putin

It seems as if all of Russia’s efforts to influence U.S. politics to be more favorable towards it, have been for naught.

Here is the rest of the story:

On 2/18/17, Andrew Roth of the Washington Post penned the following article, “If Russia tried to influence the U.S. election, things aren’t going as planned.”

A funny thing happened in Russia this past week:  President Trump’s face, once ubiquitous on the talk shows and evening news programs that tack closely to the Kremlin’s political agenda, was suddenly absent. Gone.”

“Like they flipped a switch,” said Alexey Kovalev, a journalist at the Moscow Times who covers Russian state media.”

“It’s not hard to guess why. Engulfed in scandal over contacts between senior aides and Russian officials, the Trump administration has sought to put daylight between itself and the Kremlin.”

“In a single week, Washington has complained that Russia is violating a…

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