White House Leakers & ‘Soft Coup’ Agenda In The Process Of Being Exposed – Episode 1209

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From X22 Report

hhgregg looking to start closing stores. Demand for gasoline is declining which indicates that we are in a recession.  Trump comes out with his economic forecasts which are way above economists. Trumps strategy is to flush out the corporate media and have them report that the economy is worse than reported. The corporate media is very afraid that Trump will start using alternative economic facts. Greenspan admits gold is insurance for a failing economy and failing currency, everyone should own gold for the long-term. Trump is introducing a new travel ban. The deep state is now pushing to have Trump removed using the 25 Amendment. Leaks from the White House was done on purpose to flush out the leakers. Obama is behind the soft coup and he is now pushing the agenda with Soros.  German intelligent agencies investigated Russia interference with the elections and press and found…

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