The focus of is to organize group meditations. As it grows it will expand to other aspects of meditation.

The first group meditation is planned for Feb 25th at 11:11. It will go for 22 minutes, ending at 11:33.

The goal of the meditation is to help resolve the pedophilia and human trafficking issues.

It was inspired originally by Mageant’s reddit post (

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The Science of Meditation

Meditation has the potential to literally transform the world. In 1978, what is known as the “Maharishi Effect” took place when a group of 7000 individuals over the course of 3 weeks were meditating in hopes of positively effecting the surrounding city. They were able to literally transform the collective energy of the city which reduced global crime rates, violence, and casualties during the times of their meditation by an average of 16%. Suicide rates and automobile accidents also were reduced with all variables accounted for. In fact, there was a 72% reduction in terrorist activity during the times at which this group was meditation.

Almost 50 studies have been done further confirming the benefits of global meditation and it’s direct impact on everything in the world, even so far as to have the results published in the Journal of Crime and Justice in 1981. We know meditation has endless health and psychological benefits, but it is now being explored by politics and sociology because of its undeniable energetic impact. Source: in5d – Proof That Group Meditation Can Change The World

In The Police-State-Versus-Freedom Arms Race, Freedom Seems To Be Winning

In the past 48 hours, two stories broke that illustrate how dominant technology has become in the age-old war between freedom and control:

Malware Lets a Drone Steal Data by Watching a Computer’s Blinking LED

(Wired) – A group of researchers at Ben-Gurion’s cybersecurity lab has devised a method to defeat the security protection known as an “air gap,” the safeguard of separating highly sensitive computer systems from the internet to quarantine them from hackers. If an attacker can plant malware on one of those systems—say, by paying an insider to infect it via USB or SD card—this approach offers a new way to rapidly pull secrets out of that isolated machine. Every blink of its hard drive LED indicator can spill sensitive information to any spy with a line of sight to the target computer, whether from a drone outside the window or a telescopic lens from the next roof over.


Conservative provocateur targets CNN with secret recordings

(CNN) – Conservative provocateur James O’Keefe is setting his sights on CNN.

O’Keefe said in a telephone interview with CNN on Wednesday that he has “a few hundred hours” of “secretly recorded material” from inside the network. “We’re calling it CNN Leaks,” he said, drawing inspiration from WikiLeaks’ document dumps.

He said “part one” would be published Thursday at about 10 a.m. ET. “This is all legally recorded information,” he said, declining to be more specific.

The first article illustrates the extraordinary – and increasing — power that cutting-edge tech offers governments to watch and otherwise control their citizens. Combine the above relatively-narrow-gauge application with the NSA’s existing ability to monitor pretty much every electronic signal, facial recognition software that can pick individuals out of crowds, algorithms that lip read, and tiny drones that can see without being seen, and the potential result is a police state that’s slicker, subtler and therefore scarier than anything envisioned in dystopian novels like Brave New World or 1984.

But the second story is the counterweight, illustrating how those same technologies are being used around the world to expose the secrets of the powerful. Where Daniel Ellsberg once had to spend months photocopying the Pentagon Papers and physically sneaking them out of his Defense Department office, today all that’s required for a major leak is one disillusioned or otherwise motivated insider with a thumb drive, laptop or smart phone.

In just the past few years, Sony’s emails were hacked and released, to the profound embarrassment of Hollywood; US military misbehavior was exposed by a lowly private named Bradley Manning; the Democrat National Committee’s emails – which exposed collusion between political operatives and mainstream media, among many other things — were published just in time to cost that party the presidency; and of course the great Edward Snowden, an outside contractor for the NSA, exposed the breathtaking illegality of US spying here and abroad.

Every big organization now lives with the knowledge that it’s one leak away from existential crisis — and that there is no fix. Doing big, bad things requires a lot of people with the ability to access and understand what you’re doing. And it only takes one of them with widely-available technology to expose you to the whole world.

With all the issues now dividing people – abortion, Israel, immigration, etc., etc. – this might be the most telling. Do you see Snowden and WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange as traitors or heroes? Because the worlds in which they end up one or the other couldn’t be more different.

Worst case scenario – will Ukro-Nazis seize power in Ukraine? End of Poroshenko?

Futurist Trendcast

We are continuing the Ukraine topic.

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Dear Lada, I have been following the developments in Ukraine of the past few days, and the preparations for what some dubbed as Maidan 3. I still read signals that “volunteers” are being bussed to Kiev. I agree with you that the traditional West-sponsored colour revolt is not possible, but that does not preclude the “spiders in the jar” scenario, and that the extremists like Avakov would not go for Poroshenko’s throat. Poroshenko may buy off some of the forces, but the armed thugs are very diverse, reporting to various strongmen, and some voiced their discontent with Poroshenko quite vocally. As there are several forces that would like to take the proverbial crown off Poroshenko’s head, it maybe so that they are balancing each other out for now, measuring…

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Everything you flush down the toilet ends up in your food: “Biosludged” film to expose the “greatest environmental crime” of biosolids

Image: Everything you flush down the toilet ends up in your food: “Biosludged” film to expose the “greatest environmental crime” of biosolids

(Natural News) It was after reading the book, Science for sale: How the US government uses powerful corporations and leading universities to support government policies, silence top scientists, jeopardize our health, and protect corporate profits, by David Lewis, Ph.D., that Mike Adams, the founder/editor of Natural News first started looking into an issue which Lewis has been speaking out against for two decades: biosludge.

What is biosludge, you ask? Biosludge (which conjures up visuals most people would probably rather never have to think about), is what’s left over after you flush the toilet and the “proceeds” settle at a wastewater treatment plant. This sludge is then minimally treated and given a brand-new name: biosolids. Biosolids are then sold as organic fertilizer for use on farms, playgrounds, parks and other public areas. (RELATED: Now that you know what biosludge and biosolids are, stay in the know with the latest developments at

The EPA, tricky as they are, would have you believe that the use of biosolids is a really good thing because it minimizes the use of chemical fertilizers (which they don’t have a problem with, anyway). The EPA’s website also quotes the National Academy of Sciences as saying, “The use of these materials in the production of crops for human consumption when practiced in accordance with existing federal guidelines and regulations, presents negligible risk to the consumer, to crop production and to the environment.”

Now, negligible means that something is so unimportant that it’s not worth even considering. Is this really true of biosolids? (RELATED: What other “negligible” damage to people and the environment is escaping the attention of most people? Find out at

Mother Earth News recently interviewed David Lewis, the author of the book that first caught Mike Adams’ attention. Dr. Lewis was formerly a senior microbiologist at EPA-ORD but was fired after publishing two articles in the journal Nature which questioned the safety of using biosolids.

The “existing federal guidelines and regulations” referenced by the National Academy of Sciences likely refer to the EPA’s Part 503 rule which regulates all things biosludge. The Academy insists that this rule is enough to ensure the safety of biosolids, but as Dr. Lewis pointed out in his interview, the 503 rule only regulates nine of the 27 heavy metals found in biosludge, while not regulating any toxic organic chemicals at all. These pollutants include endocrine disruptors, pesticides and the medications flushed down the loo by millions of Americans, among other things.

The EPA hides behind what it considers to be a lack of scientific evidence linking biosolids to any sort of harm. However, as Dr. Lewis pointed out, it has been proven that when the same chemicals in biosolids contaminate either air or water, they cause cancer and birth defects, as well as neurological and immune damage. What type of logic would lead an agency entrusted with protecting the environment to accept that this would suddenly not apply when it is soil that is being contaminated?

Interestingly (and disturbingly), the EPA’s explanation is … magic!

As explained by Dr. Alan Rubin of the EPA’s Office of Water:

“Sludge magic [means] there are unique properties in the biosolids matrix that sequester metals [and] organics [and] significantly reduce, if not eliminate, movement of pollutants from the biosolids out to the environment. The processes, some of them are understood, some of them are not that well understood, but the whole thing taken together is called magic.”

Though that explanation is likely to make you want to roll in the aisles laughing, the fact is that the use of biosolids is no laughing matter. Be sure to watch Adams’ riveting new documentary, Biosludged, due for release later this year. You certainly won’t get the truth from the agency sworn to protect our environment, but scientists like Adams and Lewis are exposing this money-making racket for what it is.


New CDC study blows away vaccine propagandists’ claim that methylmercury is dangerous but ethylmercury is safe

Image: New CDC study blows away vaccine propagandists’ claim that methylmercury is dangerous but ethylmercury is safe

(Natural News) On January 18 of this year, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a press release outlining guidelines regarding the eating of fish for women who are pregnant or who are trying to get pregnant, breastfeeding mothers and young children.

The new guidelines caution these vulnerable groups from eating seven types of fish which are known to contain high levels of mercury: king mackerel, bigeye tuna, marlin, orange roughy, shark, swordfish and tilefish from the Gulf of Mexico.

Interestingly, while noting its responsibility to ensure the safety of the country’s food supply, that very same press release also notes that the FDA protects public health by, among other things, assuring the “safety, effectiveness, and security of … vaccines and other biological products for human use.”

So, the FDA is directly involved in determining the safety of both food and vaccines, including mercury levels in both. (RELATED: See how well the FDA is doing its job at

And yet, for many years, both the FDA and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have continued to insist, in the fact of all logic, that while mercury in fish is very dangerous, the mercury in vaccines (in the form of thimerosal) is perfectly safe.

Their consistent argument has been that while methylmercury, such as is found in fish, is very bad, the ethylmercury found in vaccines is fine.

Now, two of their very own scientists have published a study confirming the exact opposite of that statement. The meta-review was conducted by John F. Risher, Ph.D., and Pamela Tucker, M.D., of the CDC’s Division of Toxicology and Human Health Sciences, Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, and was published last month in the journal Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology.

The study found that thimerosal is extremely toxic to humans, even at very low doses, and that it is actually more dangerous than methylmercury in some cases. It is, for example, more damaging to cell mitochondria than methylmercury.

One would expect that since the study was conducted by the CDC’s own scientists, its recommendations would have changed. Not so; the website and vaccination schedules remain unchanged.

One of the significant findings of the review was that methylmercury and ethylmercury carry very similar levels of toxicity for humans. Their chemical properties are alike, and they both cause serious disruption and damage to the development and functioning of the central nervous system. The CDC’s website continues to insist that the “two types of mercury to which people may be exposed—methylmercury and ethylmercury—are very different.” [Emphasis added]

The CDC has also consistently claimed that ethylmercury leaves the body very quickly, with the website asserting: “Thimerosal contains ethylmercury, which is cleared from the human body more quickly than methylmercury, and is therefore less likely to cause any harm.” What did the study find? Not only does ethylmercury not leave the body quickly, but it also metabolizes into very damaging neurotoxic forms.

Since doctors and pediatricians all over the country rely on the CDC to provide up-to-date recommendations based on sound science, the failure to amend their earlier statements with this new evidence in mind means that the agency is directly responsible for placing the health and welfare of millions of children at risk.

Boyd Haley, chairman emeritus of the University of Kentucky Chemistry Department, and one of the world’s foremost authorities on mercury toxicity, calls this study “a nuclear bomb detonating over the CDC.” He notes that the study should be making international headlines. Of course, that just isn’t happening. (RELATED: To see what else the mainstream media is hiding, check out

“This scientific paper is … one of [the] most important pieces of research to come out of the CDC in a decade,” said Paul Thomas, a pediatrician with 30 years of experience. “It confirms what so many already suspected: that public health officials have been making a terrible mistake in recommending that we expose babies and pregnant women to this neurotoxin. I regret to say that I gave these shots to children. The CDC led us all to believe that it was perfectly safe.”

And shame on them for that.


GOOGLE blacklists Natural News… removes 140,000 pages from its index… “memory holes” Natural News investigative articles on vaccines, pharma corruption, fraudulent science and more


Image: GOOGLE blacklists Natural News… removes 140,000 pages from its index… “memory holes” Natural News investigative articles on vaccines, pharma corruption, fraudulent science and more

Source: NaturalNews
Mike Adams
February 22, 2017

Late last week, I received a direct threat that warned if I did not take steps to destroy Alex Jones and InfoWars, I would be targeted for destruction in a campaign of smears, censorship and defamation.

Instead of giving in to the enemy, I refused to take the bait and went public with details of the threat, warning everyone in the new media that sinister forces were now being pursued to undermine and silence every anti-establishment (and pro-Trump) voice on the internet.

True to form, today the entire Natural News website has been blacklisted by Google, entirely without warning. This is just one of many censorship events that have all taken place over the last few days:

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