Why Russophobia in the US Will Have Limited Shelf Life


From Strategic Culture Foundation


The first month of the Donald Trump presidency in the United States has been truly exceptional. A combination of circumstances created headwinds for the new president, unprecedented in recent American political history. At the epicentre lies the question of the US’ Russia policies, but on deeper reflection, it is the Trump presidency that is under attack.

The Democrats are almost in unison in rejecting the prospect of Trump being their president. They cannot get over the bitterness of unexpected defeat. They refuse to accept an orderly transition. The opinion polls almost uniformly highlight that America is a deeply divided house, split right down the middle. Consider the following.

A Gallup poll over the weekend puts Trump’s job approval rating at 40 percent while Rasmussen’s latest Daily Presidential Tracking Poll marks it up as 55 percent. Just about 8 percent Democrats evaluate his performance…

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