The Central Bank Is Ready & Prepared To Trigger The Economic Crisis – Episode 1223 


From X22 Report

IMF Chief says Greece needs to strike a deal. Varoufakis says that austerity is a cover story conducting class warfare. Farmers in Greece can’t take as riots flare up. Marine LePen says she will introduce a new franc is she wins. Trade war has begun Mexico stops sugar exports.ADP job number surge. Caterpillar investigated for tax and accounting manipulation. US Productivity slows after election. GDP revised even lower. Central bank preparing and ready to trigger the economic crisis. Russia and China ready to do away with the dollar. Senator Graham and Whitehouse want the wire tap documentation from the FBI and other agencies. CIA Vault 7 leak shows they spy using everyday devices violating peoples rights.The entire country should be protesting in the streets demanding the arrest of these government employees, but we see nothing. Are we really free in this country or is it an illusion…

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