The story you are about to read has nothing to do with liberal bias, although the establishment media sure wants you to think that in order to keep everyone fighting amongst themselves on political lines (or racial lines, or sexual identity lines or any lines they can bait people into fighting with each other on right about now).

The establishment is really pushing the idea (and has been for months now) that we are living in a computer simulation like the one depicted in the film The Matrix.

Even Bank of America analysts were coming out saying there was a 50% chance it was true several months back… why would bank analysts be doing that?

Now the Daily Mail is pushing some “expert” opinion that definitely says the Trump presidency and Brexit may prove we are living in a simulated world. It starts all dramatically like this:

Recent political events have turned the world upside down. The UK voting for Brexit and the US electing Donald Trump as president were unthinkable 18 months ago.

In fact, they’re so extraordinary that some have questioned whether they might not be an indication that we’re actually living in some kind of computer simulation or alien experiment.

These unexpected events could be experiments to see how our political systems cope under stress. Or they could be cruel jokes made at our expense by our alien zookeepers. Or maybe they’re just glitches in the system that were never meant to happen.

The article continues by reasoning that if there are robots or aliens controlling our simulated world, look at how unethical that would be under these circumstances (as if all of a sudden now it’s morally wrong but was totally fine during the Obama years, the Bush years, the Clinton years, more Bush years, etc.).

The article goes on to say political scientists would have to run computer simulations to get data to test out their theories and that, “Brexit and Trump might be deliberate experiments designed to see what happens when key features of our world are put under strain.”

Continuing (and this is key):

Is the American constitution self-supporting, even when officials are malevolent or incompetent? Can Britain thrive outside the EU? Can democracy survive without protection from NATO?


But experiments in global politics in the real world wouldn’t just be prohibitively difficult and expensive. They would also be unethical. It’s wrong to make research subjects suffer without their informed consent.

Yes. They would be.

But you know who IS running a giant world simulation, one-to-one, with seven billion people in a computer simulated world RIGHT NOW?

The National Security Agency. That’s right. The NSA.

It is called the “Sentient World Simulation”. Here’s a little description from the blog Techemergence, written back in 2013:

…programs rely on keeping tabs on citizens and gathering data by tracking phone calls, credit card receipts, social networks, GPS tracks, Internet searches, Amazon purchases and E-Z pass records.

The program based out of Purdue University’s Synthetic Environment for Analysis and Simulation Laboratory is titled Sentient World Simulation. The simulator has taken the illegal spying that Snowden publicized, one step further. The program has amassed databases so profound they can now look so deep into a person’s life they can predict their thoughts and future actions with relative certainty. Although this system is incredibly intrusive and raises many moral concerns, it provides valuable insight into questions which could be extremely beneficial.

We had to know all that data they’ve been collecting off of everyone and storing in giant data warehouses like that $3 billion spy hub out in the Utah desert had to be for a reason beyond mere Big Brother, right?

In expansive, secretive data hubs built up across the country over the last decade and a half, we’ve been gamed.

They’ve had that system in place for years now. Think about it. Are things getting… better?

Right now we’re witnessing purposeful divide and conquer on a never-before-seen level. Lots of people believe we’re headed to a new civil war here in America and it isn’t just because of the election of Donald Trump. Some mainstream outlets have already declared the second civil war is here and being fought mostly online.

At the same time we’re also seeing Bilderberg-attending media firms like the Washington Post (who has recently changed its tagline to “Democracy Dies in Darkness” just by the way) publish blatantly misleading and downright false information in recent months, while promoting the idea the alternative media are just a bunch of Russian spies (also blatantly misleading to downright false). Sure, many knew they were pro-establishment propaganda anyway but now they are openly letting it be known that you can’t trust anything you are being told by them or anyone…the effect of which is to make people feel like they can’t trust anything at all. That’s what the entire “fake news” scandal did. Take people a little farther out of “reality” (whatever that means anymore).

I know it sounds crazy, but ever since the election, it is as if the system really wants to blur the lines defining reality to the point that no one knows what those are anymore.

Think about it. Most of us rely on the Internet, something intangible that can easily be hacked, to inform our daily lives outside our immediate vicinity. We put dozens of Internet-connected devices into our homes, despite the fact that anything connected to the Internet is ultimately vulnerable. While the surveillance state has been built up all around us especially since 9/11, now we’ve just been told we live in a world where the CIA can remotely operate our television to covertly record audio from our living rooms… That’s our new reality.

A reality where the government can virtually come into your living room any time it wants, and people’s baby monitors are getting remotely activated so that hackers can say creepy things to their babies in the middle of the night.

What’s next?

And once virtual reality is here and ubiquitous, then what?

If we aren’t already living in a simulation, it sure seems like the system wants to make sure and put us into one, doesn’t it?

In short, are we being pre-programmed for that eventuality right now?

Just a thought.

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