Fake News vs Truth: ‘Power Shortages’ and Crimean Bridge – How the West Sabotages Crimea

It’s only been a few years and Crimea is light years ahead of Ukraine under Russian leadership. US & EU are about to let go of Ukr due to diminishing returns. To quote Trump, “So sad”. 😀

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paleohippyoilprice.com/Russias-Power-Plant-Plans-In-Crimea-Hit-Sanction-Snag. The article explains how the West is hampering the powering-up of Crimea. Article also uses “annexation” wording. Some people just will never get it.


Dear readers, the referenced article is fake news and lame propaganda. And it’s written with an indecent kind of glee, which attests to the low calibration of the ‘journalists’ behind it.

The real truth:

Crimean power now is already enough to sustain the needs of citizens, plus the present tourism volume, which is going up and has reached 6-7 million guests a year. There were severe power shortages after the Ukraine ukro-nazis and Crimean Tartar Mejlis terrorists blew up powerlines to Crimea in December 2015. This left 2.5 mln people without power and heat for two weeks during winter.

I don’t recall the ‘liberals’ and ‘humanitarians’ in the West expressing indignation…

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Can President Trump Really Drive Up GDP Growth?


From Crush the Street, by Joshua Enomoto

It’s one of the hallmark promises of the Trump administration — drive up GDP growth to at least four percent annually. Even more impressive — or outlandish, depending on your perspective — is the proposed time frame. A proper economic stimulus plan can get our country back on the right track. According to the President, a 4% GDP growth rate can be accomplished over the next few years.

As usual, the White House is light on details, but the economic stimulus goal is certainly within the realm of possibility. I’d argue that it’s more than probable that President Trump can make the American economy great again. The worst of the aftershocks stemming from the 2008 global financial crisis is behind us. Yes, that is the result of kicking the can down the road, but in the interim, the broader economy has…

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Iraq War Architect, Paul Wolfowitz, is Becoming Optimistic on Trump 


Source: Liberty Blitzkrieg

So we tried that thing called regime change in Iraq, and failed miserably. We tried it in Libya, and now there are now active slave markets in the place. But we satisfied the objective of “removing a dictator”. By the exact same reasoning, a doctor would inject a patient with “moderate” cancer cells “to improve his cholesterol numbers”, and claim victory after the patient is dead, particularly if the post-mortem shows remarkable cholesterol readings. But we know that doctors don’t do that, or, don’t do it in such a crude format, and that there is a clear reason for it. Doctors usually have some skin in the game.

And when a blow up happens, they invoke uncertainty, something called a Black Swan, after some book by a (very) stubborn fellow, not realizing that one should not mess with a system if the results are fraught with uncertainty…

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Lada Ray Analytics: Revolution in FYRO Macedonia after Albanian installed as parliament speaker

Futurist Trendcast

It wasn’t my first choice to bring up such subject before the weekend. But Macedonia is boiling over. I believe important and volatile events are taking place in the countries that used to be parts of the former Yugoslavia, and people should know about them. My forecast is that the situation in the Balkans will continue heating up.

There are objective reasons for that: 1. A large number of people in the former Yugoslavia feel duped and they want to right the historic wrongs that were forced on them by the West; 2. The Balkans have historically been a very volatile and controversial region; it’ll continue being so during this Earth Shift.

The Balkans and former Yugoslavia are usually overlooked, silenced or completely misrepresented in the West; therefore, I feel that I need to explain what is happening.


A did a video about attempted color revolution in Macedonia – see…

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The REAL New World Order 


Source: Sprott Money, by Jeff Nielson

The REAL New World Order - Jeff Nielson

Regular readers are familiar with the Old World Order : the cabal of Western oligarchs who control not only our own puppet governments, but generally dictate events to most nations around the world. The vehicle used by these oligarchs to maintain their (economic) control over Western governments to keep them meek and submissive is the One Bank .

Regular readers are also familiar with this entity. The One Bank is a banking crime syndicate. Its dimensions have been previously defined in the computer modeling of a trio of Swiss researchers. The finding of that model is that by itself this crime syndicate controls roughly 40% of the entire global economy – all of the most important sectors.

What is one of the biggest problems for the One Bank? When you are a crime syndicate which controls 40% of the global economy, it becomes hard to…

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