What We Can Learn About Healthcare In Taiwan?

Problem is: lobbyists for big pharma blocking legislation that would allow the free marketplace to compete for cheaper/ overseas drugs. Same with the medical insurance companies, they want monopoly on premiums, not competition for cheaper services.
We as Americans are subsidizing these monolithic bloated industries with higher insurance rates and deductibles.
There are no easy solutions to this mess, and Trump will be the last person to disrupt the money train for his fellow elites.
I am not hopeful for “free” universal healthcare when hardcore capitalism is at stake.

Gronda Morin

Taiwan took the best ideas from 6 other countries including the USA

The source for the below information is from the 11/12/2014 report,  “Health Care Around the World: Taiwan & Its ‘World’s Best’ Medical System.” The post was authored by Scott Harrah and it is found on the website, “Health Care Around the World, Inter-national Medicine, Medicine in the news, Obamacare, UMHS News.”

How is it that Taiwan is rated the #1 country in the world for its healthcare delivery system while only paying 6.6% of its (GDP) gross domestic product on health care, as compared to 17% in the USA?

There is this inside joke from those working within the Taiwanese healthcare program that Taiwan officials learned about what not to do by studying  the US healthcare delivery system.

Taiwan #1

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“Taiwan is perhaps best known to Americans for inexpensive electronics, but the…

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