The Nasty Truth About the CIA


From New Eastern Outlook, by Gordon Duff

67345342342Telling the truth is a dangerous thing as many know, illegal in fact. Doing so with circumspection, using allegory and a touch of irony is always best, but requires wit and even intellect, something in short supply. That said we move forward.

I have been in discussion recently, with intelligence officials from the Reagan era, military, FBI counter-intelligence and unnamed others and have reached some startling conclusions. You see, recent events have pushed the envelope as to what can be spoken of and “leaked.” There is also enough anger out there, and there is nothing more dangerous than old angry people, that what was once held back can now be spoken of.

Ronald Reagan took office in January 1981. The CIA was beginning a war in Central America, was running operations across Africa and was deeply involved in issues in Egypt and…

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