Twitter Sues … The United States???

What was that agency thinking? They should know better than to challenge the first amendment. I’m sure the late night comedians are having a field day with this, Of course it will all fall on Trump. 🙂

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Now, I know on the surface this may seem to be humorous … Twitter is suing the U.S. government!  But it goes deeper … much, much deeper … all the way to our basic freedoms of speech and press.  Here’s the story …

“Twitter Inc. on Thursday filed a federal lawsuit to block an order by the U.S. government demanding that it reveal who is behind an account opposed to President Donald Trump’s tough immigration policies.” Reuters, 06 April 2017

Anybody hearing drumbeats and jackboots yet?

twitter-3The Twitter account in question is @ALT_USCIS, which is an anonymous profile account criticizing Don Trump’s immigration policy. It stands for United States Citizenship and Immigration Services and was reputedly started by federal employees of that agency. The person or people behind the account in questionare said to be a current employee of Citizenship and Immigration Services and has regularly posted messages at odds…

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World War 3: Trump Begins Paying His Penance to Rothschilds*

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World War 3: Trump Begins Paying His Penance to Rothschilds*

By Baxter Dmitry

The Rothschilds bought out Donald Trump decades ago, and now the President is repaying the globalists by doing the New World Order’s bidding.

As soon as Trump pulled the trigger on Thursday, liberal guests on MSNBC and CNN were gushing praise and John McCain and Hillary Clinton were slapping him on the back.

Let that sink in.

Make no mistake, the U.S. presidential election was rigged even before the first ballot was cast. The Rothschilds were up to their old tricks – funding both sides of the war in order to fuel chaos, derive maximum profit, and ensure they retain ultimate influence when the new order emerges.

Guest after guest is gushing. From MSNBC to CNN, Trump is receiving his best night of press so far. And all he had to do was start a war.

— Sam Sacks (@SamSacks) April 7…

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Trump and US #Syria Attack: Hate to Say I Told You So!

Next few days should be tense, but interesting. I’m curious how Trump will spin it to appease his constituents. Or will he simply drop the facade and play the dutiful puppet role?
In any case he most certainly realizes that the empire strikes back, for the sake of existence/ relevance and to prop the phony dollar for a few years longer before the house of cards collapse.
I can see Hillary or McCain licking their lips for 2020, LOL. 😀

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I was actually planning to publish a completely different post. But we have breaking news that can’t wait: US attack against Syria.

Yep, hate to say I told you so since October 2016, or BEFORE US Elections, and then continued reiterating after. Should have listened to me…

CONFESSION: Granted, most of my followers and so many others who listen to me were so excited and had such high hopes for Trump that I didn’t have the heart to tell you the whole story – that most hopes, if any, will never materialize.

Even the relatively moderate amount of disclosures I made caused a certain ‘kill the messenger’ effect. I don’t need psychic attacks, cold shoulder and disbelief thrown at me (affects me terribly as a highly advanced empath) simply because I am trying to help and enlighten people. So, I spoonfed the truth to you all. Now that most of those who…

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St.Petersburg Metro Bombing Tribute: Heroes and Grace Under Fire

Thanks for piecing the whole puzzle, now we know why Churkin had to die, a well orchestrated attack.

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Grace and Humanity under fire

The terrorist act in St. Petersburg Metro reportedly took 14 lives and injured a large number of people.

The bombed train Driver 1st Class Alexandr Kaverin (Машинист петербургского метро Александр Каверин) received much praise and became an instant celebrity after he reacted correctly and quickly in the face of danger. He managed to take the train out of the tunnel filled with smoke and drive it to the next station. Per reports, his actions saved many lives.

Also received commendations and state awards: Metro inspector who discovered the second bomb at another station Ploszhad Vostania  «Площадь Восстания». The second bomb was found in the fire extinguisher at that station. Due to the inspector’s quick actions it never went off. Another award was given to the station manager on duty, who prevented panic and organized the orderly evacuation of passengers.

Account of the event by salt-of-the-earth…

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The United States Launches All-out War on Syria

United States Hypocrisy

And so it begins, the direct U.S. war on Syria. Without having any proof that the Syrian government is the one responsible for the chemical weapons attack (and plenty of reason to think this is once again the rebels staging an attack to bring about foreign intervention), Trump has launched a U.S. military operation against the Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad and by extension Russia. With this latest development in the bloody Syrian conflict, which has already killed more than 207,000 people and displaced millions upon millions more, it appears that the bloodshed has only just begun.

As previewed earlier tonight, the US has launched air strikes against Syria, with NBC reporting that under instructions from President Trump, US ships have launched over 50 Tomahawk missiles, striking Syria. NBC adds that only tomahawks missiles fired, no fixed wing aircraft involved, for now. According to CBS, the U.S. launched about 60…

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