Trump and US #Syria Attack: Hate to Say I Told You So!

Next few days should be tense, but interesting. I’m curious how Trump will spin it to appease his constituents. Or will he simply drop the facade and play the dutiful puppet role?
In any case he most certainly realizes that the empire strikes back, for the sake of existence/ relevance and to prop the phony dollar for a few years longer before the house of cards collapse.
I can see Hillary or McCain licking their lips for 2020, LOL. 😀

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I was actually planning to publish a completely different post. But we have breaking news that can’t wait: US attack against Syria.

Yep, hate to say I told you so since October 2016, or BEFORE US Elections, and then continued reiterating after. Should have listened to me…

CONFESSION: Granted, most of my followers and so many others who listen to me were so excited and had such high hopes for Trump that I didn’t have the heart to tell you the whole story – that most hopes, if any, will never materialize.

Even the relatively moderate amount of disclosures I made caused a certain ‘kill the messenger’ effect. I don’t need psychic attacks, cold shoulder and disbelief thrown at me (affects me terribly as a highly advanced empath) simply because I am trying to help and enlighten people. So, I spoonfed the truth to you all. Now that most of those who…

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