Did Trump Surrender to Deep State or is this a Civil War?


From Armstrong Economics, by Martin Armstrong


There is a civil war going inside the White House. There is the Steve Bannon clash with the president’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, who’s taken on an increasingly prominent portfolio in the West Wing. Bannon has complained that Kushner and his allies are trying to undermine his populist approach and institutionalize Trump. I was concerned about this possibility because it was Kushner who brought in Goldman Sachs.

But this is going deeper. The people Trump has installed are being circumvented by the bureaucracy. Trump’s campaign staffers are at war against the establishment GOP types embedded within federal agencies. Some of Trump’s people are being targeted with potential career-destroying leaks. Trump’s attack on Syria was to placate the neo-cons. But the intel on the claimed chemical attack is bogus and questionable to say the least. This raises the question: Will the intelligence community protect the country or sabotage…

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BREAKING: ‘US most unpredictable state in the world’ – Russian Foreign Ministry


Source: The Duran, by Adam Garrie

Russian-US relations continue to sink after Donald Trump’s illegal attack on Syria.

Foreign Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has said that yesterday’s missile strike demonstrates that the US is the ‘..most unpredictable state in the world’ and that the illegal missile attack on Syria had nothing to do with finding out the truth behind the recent chemical weapons attack near Idlib.

In an interview with Rossiya-1 Zakharova said,

“I think it has been confirmed one more time that the policies and everything that currently happens in the US prove a disappointing fact: it is the most unpredictable state. And if there is something predictable in the US, it is the unpredictability of its foreign policy.”

Zakharova alluded to the fact that America’s internal ‘deep state wars’ have now been internationalised:

“I would call it the game of American thrones. It is a war of…

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