Americans Are Too “Idiotic To See How Enslaved They Are” Even As the Gates of Hell Open Up


The Ugly Truth about Airbnb, Uber and Task Rabbit

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The Most Revolutionary Act

raw deal

Raw Deal: How the “Uber Economy” and Runaway Capitalism are Screwing American Workers

by Steven Hill

St Martin’s Press (2015)

Book Review

Raw Deal is about all the creative ways Wall Street and Silicon Valley have invented to exploit American workers since the 2008 meltdown escalated the wholesale destruction of US jobs.  As of 2015 the US economy had shed a total of 12 million jobs, a figure that is increasing rather than decreasing.

The book mainly focuses on so-called sharing platforms, such as Airbnb, Uber, Task Rabbit and their imitators. However author Steven Hill also includes chapters on the phenomenal growth of permatemp “contract” labor, the burgeoning System D or gray labor market (where employers pay cash under the table) and the steady replacement of workers by robots, computers and apps.

The Myth of Worker Independence

For me, the most valuable chapters expose the total fraud being perpetrated on…

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Facebook shuts down pro Le Pen posts as French election nears

LOL, prediction: Le Pen for the win!

Jon Rappoport's Blog

Facebook shuts down pro Marine Le Pen posts as French election nears

by Jon Rappoport

April 16, 2017

Well, sure. Wouldn’t you? The woman is running for the presidency of France. She wants to reverse the tide of immigration in her country, so she must be a racist, and whatever she says or whatever anyone else says in support of her is, automatically, fake news, mindless, evil, and the population must be protected from that infection. This is how free speech works. It’s free unless it could do harm, unless certain minds might be taken in by it, and apparently Facebook is stepping up to the plate. Mark Zuckerberg is long overdue for a Nobel Peace Prize.

Zero Hedge: “The first round of French elections will be held on April 23rd, prompting Facebook to shut down pro Le Pen accounts, which they deem to be ‘fake’.”

“In addition to…

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Happy Easter everyone, learn the Paschal greeting, even in Klingon!

Source: Wikipedia

The Paschal Greeting, also known as the Easter Acclamation, is an Easter custom among Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, and Eastern Catholic Christians. Instead of “hello” or its equivalent, one is to greet another person with “Christ is Risen!” or “The Lord is Risen!”, and the response is “Truly, He is Risen,” “Indeed, He is Risen,” or “He is Risen Indeed” (compare Matthew 27:64, Matthew 28:6–7, Mark 16:6, Luke 24:6, Luke 24:34).[1][2]

In some cultures, such as in Russia and Serbia, it is also customary to exchange a triple kiss of peace on the alternating cheeks after the greeting.

Similar responses are also used in the liturgies of other Christian churches, but not so much as general greetings.

Indo-European languages

  • Greek – Χριστὸς ἀνέστη! Ἀληθῶς ἀνέστη! (Khristós Anésti! Alithós Anésti!)
  • Slavic languages
    • Church Slavonic – Христóсъ воскрéсе! Воистину воскресе! (Hristos voskrese! Voistinu voskrese!)
    • Belarusian – Хрыстос уваскрос! Сапраўды ўваскрос! (Chrystos uvaskros! Sapraŭdy ŭvaskros!)
    • Bulgarian – Христос възкресе! Наистина възкресе! (Hristos vâzkrese! Naistina vâzkrese!) or in Church Slavonic: Христос воскресе! Воистину воскресе! (Hristos voskrese! Voistinu voskrese!)
    • Croatian – Krist uskrsnu! Uistinu uskrsnu!
    • Czech – Kristus vstal z mrtvých! Vpravdě vstal z mrtvých!
    • Macedonian
      • Traditional (as per Church Slavonic) – Христос воскресе! Навистина воскресе! (Hristos voskrese! Navistina voskrese!)
      • Vernacular – Христос воскресна! Навистина воскресна! (Hristos voskresna! Navistina voskresna!)
    • Polish – Chrystus zmartwychwstał! Prawdziwie zmartwychwstał!
    • Russian – Христос воскрес! Воистину воскрес! (Christos voskres! Voistinu voskres!)
    • Rusyn – Хрістос воскрес! Воістину воскрес! (Hristos voskres! Voistynu voskres!)
    • Serbian – Христос васкрсе! Ваистину васкрсе! / Hristos vaskrse! Vaistinu vaskrse! (Christos vaskrse! Vaistinu vaskrse!) or Христос воскресе! Ваистину воскресе! / Hristos voskrese! Vaistinu voskrese! (Christos voskrese! Vaistinu voskrese!)
    • Slovak – Kristus vstal z mŕtvych! Skutočne vstal (z mŕtvych)! (although the Church Slavonic version is more often used: Christos voskrese! Voistinu voskrese!)
    • Slovenian – Kristus je vstal! Zares je vstal!
    • Ukrainian – Христос воскрес! Воістину воскрес! (Khrystos voskres! Voistynu voskres!)

Ukrainian Easter card

  • Albanian (Tosk) – Krishti u ngjall! Vërtet u ngjall!
  • Armenian – Քրիստոս յարեա՜ւ ի մեռելոց: Օրհնեա՜լ է Յարութիւնն Քրիստոսի: (western dialect: Krisdos haryav i merelotz! Orhnyal e Haroutyunen Krisdosi!) Քրիստոս հարյա՜վ ի մեռելոց: Օրհնյա՜լ է Հարությունը Քրիստոսի: (eastern dialect: Khristos haryav i merelotz! Orhnyal e Harouthyoune Khristosi!) – (Lit: Christ is risen! Blessed is the resurrection of Christ!)
  • Germanic languages
    • Anglic languages
      • English – “Christ is risen! Truly, He is risen!” or “Christ is risen! Indeed, He is risen!” or “He [or ‘The LORD’] is risen! He [or ‘The LORD’] is risen indeed!” or “Christ has risen! Indeed, He has!” or “Christ is risen! He is risen, indeed!”
      • Rastafarian – Krestos a uprisin! Seen, him a uprisin fe tru!
    • Danish – Kristus er opstanden! Sandelig Han er Opstanden!
    • Frisian – Kristus is opstien! Wis is er opstien!
    • German – Christus (or: Der Herr) ist auferstanden! Er ist wahrhaft (or: wahrhaftig) auferstanden!
    • Icelandic – Kristur er upprisinn! Hann er sannarlega upprisinn!
    • Low Franconian languages
      • Dutch – Christus is opgestaan! Hij is waarlijk opgestaan! (Netherlands) or Christus is verrezen! Hij is waarlijk verrezen! (Belgium)
      • Afrikaans – Christus het opgestaan! Hy het waarlik opgestaan!
    • Norwegian
    • Swedish – Kristus är uppstånden! Han är sannerligen uppstånden!
  • Italic languages
    • Latin – Christus resurrexit! Resurrexit vere!
    • Romance languages
      • Aromanian – Hristolu unghia! Daleehira unghia!
      • Catalan – Crist ha ressuscitat! Veritablement ha ressuscitat!
      • French – Le Christ est ressuscité! En verité il est ressuscité! or Le Christ est ressuscité! Vraiment il est ressuscité!
      • Galician -Cristo resucitou! De verdade resucitou!
      • Italian – Cristo è risorto! È veramente risorto!
      • Portuguese – Cristo ressuscitou! Em verdade ressuscitou! or Cristo ressuscitou! Ressuscitou verdadeiramente!
      • Provençal[disambiguation needed] – Lo Crist es ressuscitat! En veritat es ressuscitat!
      • Romanian – Hristos a înviat! Adevărat a înviat!
      • Romansh – Cristo es rinaschieu! In varded, el es rinaschieu!
      • Sardinian – Cristu est resuscitadu! Aberu est resuscitadu!
      • Sicilian – Cristu arrivisciutu esti! Pibbiru arrivisciutu esti!
      • Spanish – ¡Cristo resucitó! ¡En verdad resucitó!
      • Walloon – Li Crist a raviké! Il a raviké podbon!
  • Baltic languages
    • Latvian – Kristus (ir) augšāmcēlies! Patiesi viņš ir augšāmcēlies!
    • Lithuanian – Kristus prisikėlė! Tikrai prisikėlė!
  • Celtic languages
    • Goidelic languages
      • Old Irish – Asréracht Críst! Asréracht Hé-som co dearb!
      • Irish – Tá Críost éirithe! Go deimhin, tá sé éirithe!
      • Manx – Taw Creest Ereen! Taw Shay Ereen Guhdyne!
      • Scottish – Tha Crìosd air èiridh! Gu dearbh, tha e air èiridh!
    • Brythonic languages
      • Breton – Dassoret eo Krist! E wirionez dassoret eo!
      • Cornish – Thew Creest dassorez! En weer thewa dassorez!
      • Welsh – Atgyfododd Crist! Yn wir atgyfododd!
  • Indo-Iranian languages
    • Persianمسیح برخاسته است! به راستی برخاسته است!‎ (Masih barkhaste ast! Be rasti barkhaste ast!)
    • Hindustani – येसु मसीह ज़िन्दा हो गया है! हाँ यक़ीनन, वोह ज़िन्दा हो गया है! – یسوع مسیح زندہ ہو گیا ہے! ہاں یقیناً، وہ زندہ ہو گیا ہے!‎ (Yesu Masih zinda ho gaya hai! Haan yaqeenan, woh zinda ho gaya hai!)
    • Marathi – Yeshu Khrist uthla ahe! Kharokhar uthla ahe!

Afro-Asiatic languages[edit]

  • Semitic languages
    • Arabic (standard)المسيح قام! حقا قام!‎ (al-Masīḥ qām! Ḥaqqan qām!) or المسيح قام! بالحقيقة قام!‎ (al-Masīḥ qām! Bi-l-ḥaqīqati qām!)
    • Aramaic languages
      • Syriacܡܫܝܚܐ ܩܡ! ܫܪܝܪܐܝܬ ܩܡ!‎ (Mshiḥa qām! sharīrāīth qām! or Mshiḥo Qom! Shariroith Qom!)
      • Neo-Syriacܡܫܝܚܐ ܩܡܠܗ! ܒܗܩܘܬܐ ܩܡܠܗ!‎ (Mshikha qimlih! bhāqota qimlih!)
      • Turoyo-Syriacܡܫܝܚܐ ܩܝܡ! ܫܪܥܪܐܝܬ ܩܝܡ!‎ (Mshiḥo qāyem! Shariroith qāyem!)
    • East African Languages
      • Tigrigna – (Christos tensiou! Bahake tensiou!)
      • Amharic – (Kristos Tenestwal! Bergit Tenestwal!)
    • Hebrew (modern)המשיח קם! באמת קם!‎ (Hameshiach qam! Be’emet qam!)
    • Maltese – Kristu qam! Huwa qam tassew! or Kristu qam mill-mewt! Huwa qam tassew!
  • Egyptian
    • Coptic (Bohairic) – ΠιχρίςΤος αϥτωΝϥ! ϦΕΝ οΥΜεθΜΗι αϥτωΝϥ! (Pi’Christos aftonf! Khen oumetmi aftonf!)

Kartvelian languages[edit]

  • Georgian – ქრისტე აღსდგა! ჭეშმარიტად აღსდგა! (Kriste aghsdga! Cheshmaritad aghsdga!)

Northwest Caucasian languages[edit]

  • Abkhazian – Kyrsa Dybzaheit! Itzzabyrgny Dybzaheit!

Dravidian languages[edit]

  • Tamilகிறிஸ்து உயிர்த்தெழுந்தார், மெய்யாகவே அவர் உயிர்த்தெழுந்தார்.
  • Malayalam – ക്രിസ്തു ഉയിര്ത്തെഴുന്നേറ്റു! തീര്ച്ചയായും ഉയിര്ത്തെഴുന്നേറ്റു! (Christu uyirthezhunnettu! Theerchayayum uyirthezhunnettu!

Eskimo–Aleut languages[edit]

  • Aleut – Kristus aq ungwektaq! Pichinuq ungwektaq!
  • Yupik languages – Xris-tusaq Ung-uixtuq! Iluumun Ung-uixtuq!

Mayan languages[edit]

  • Tzotzil – Icha’kuxi Kajvaltik Kristo! Ta melel icha’kuxi!
  • Tzeltal – Cha’kuxaj Kajwaltik Kristo! Ta melel cha’kuxaj!

Austronesian languages: Malayo-Polynesian[edit]

  • Carolinian – Lios a melau sefal! Meipung, a mahan sefal!
  • Cebuano – Si Kristo nabanhaw! Matuod nga Siya nabanhaw!
  • Waray – Hi Kristo nabanwaw! Matuod nga Hiya nabanhaw!
  • Chamorro – La’la’i i Kristo! Magahet na luma’la’ i Kristo!
  • Fijian – Na Karisito tucake tale! Io sa tucake tale!
  • Filipino – Si Kristo ay nabuhay! Totoo, Siya nga ay nabuhay!
  • Hawaiian – Ua ala aʻe nei ʻo Kristo! Ua ala ʻiʻo nō ʻo Ia!
  • Indonesian – Kristus telah bangkit! Dia benar-benar telah bangkit!
  • Kapampangan – Y Cristo sinubli yang mebie! Sinubli ya pin mebie!
  • Malagasy – Nitsangana tamin’ny maty i Kristy! Nitsangana marina tokoa izy!

Austroasiatic languages: Mon-Khmer[edit]

  • Khmer – Preah Christ mean preah choan rous leong vinh! trung mean preah choan rous leong vinh men!
  • Vietnamese – Chúa ki-tô đã phục sinh! qu̓a thật ngài đã phục sinh!


Basque – Cristo Berbiztua! Benetan Berbiztua!


Japanese – ハリストス復活!実に復活! (Harisutosu fukkatsu! Jitsu ni fukkatsu!)


Korean – 그리스도 부활하셨네! 참으로 부활하셨네! (Geuriseudo Buhwalhasheotne! Chameuro Buhwalhasheotne!)

Na-Dené languages[edit]

  • Athabaskan languages
    • NavajoChrist daaztsą́ą́dę́ę́ʼ náádiidzáá! Tʼáá aaníí daaztsą́ą́dę́ę́ʼ náádiidzáá!
  • Tlingit – Xristos Kuxwoo-digoot! Xegaa-kux Kuxwoo-digoot!

Niger–Congo languages[edit]

  • Ganda – Kristo Ajukkide! Kweli Ajukkide!
  • Swahili – Kristo Amefufukka! Kweli Amefufukka!
  • Gikuyu – Kristo ni muriuku! Ni muriuku nema!

Quechuan languages[edit]

  • Quechua – Cristo causarimpunña! Ciertopuni causarimpunña!

Turkic languages[edit]

  • Turkish – Mesih dirildi! Hakikaten dirildi!
  • Uyghurئەيسا تىرىلدى! ھەقىقەتىنلا تىرىلدى!‎ (Əysa tirildi! Ⱨəⱪiⱪətinla tirildi!)
  • Azeri – Məsih dirildi! Həqiqətən dirildi!
  • Chuvash – Христос чĕрĕлнĕ! Чăн чĕрĕлнĕ! (Khristós chərəlnə! Chæn chərəlnə!)
  • Uzbek – Масих тирилди! Хақиқатдан тирилди! (Masih tirildi! Haqiqatdan tirildi!)

Sino-Tibetan languages[edit]

  • Mandarin – 基督復活了! 他確實復活了! (Jidu fuhuo-le! Ta queshi fuhuo-le!)

Uralic languages[edit]

  • Estonian – Kristus on üles tõusnud! Tõesti, Ta on üles tõusnud!
  • Finnish – Kristus nousi kuolleista! Totisesti nousi!
  • Hungarian – Krisztus feltámadt! Valóban feltámadt!

Constructed languages[edit]

  • International auxiliary languages
    • Esperanto – Kristo leviĝis! Vere Li leviĝis!
    • Ido – Kristo riviveskabas! Ya Il rivivesakabas!
    • Interlingua – Christo ha resurgite! Vermente ille ha resurgite! or Christo ha resurrecte! Vermente ille ha resurrecte!
  • QuenyaTengwar Rendering (Hristo Ortane! Anwave Ortanes!)
  • Klingon – Hu’ta’ QISt! Hu’bejta’!
  • Toki Pona – jan sewi Kolisu li tawa tan moli! ni li lon: ona li tawa tan moli!
  • Dothraki – Khal Asvezhvenanaz yathoay! Me Yathoay Me nem nesa!
  • Dovahzul – Saviik los alok! Rok los vahzah alok!